–“Buddha was born to have the independent authority to prove the universe. Bodhisattvas have the authority to prove beings that in levels of training.″


Wednesday, November 1, 20177:01 PM(View: 8629)
Tathagata Meditation: The main purpose of meditation is to allow one’s mind to become perfectly still and empty. Once the mind is perfectly still, (Buddhist) intelligence is developed, and the body-mind becomes harmonious with and assimilated into the Universe. We should each be in charge of our own meditative sessions, and individuals should not mix praying in with their meditative performance, as this would reduce the value of the meditation.

As far as Tathagata meditation is concerned, only the Mahavairocana Tathagata Buddha can manage it completely. The other incarnations such as the Supreme Maitreya Buddha still follow the supremacy to guide the Tathagata meditation subject. The Maitreya Buddha used the appropriate time procedure to guide the Bodhisattva to practice the conduct and establish the subject, leading this Bodhisattva to acquire the supreme Tathagata meditation. Only then is this meditation the right Tathagata meditation. In other words, if the disciple’s instructor is not a Buddha, it is very hard for the disciple to acquire the true Tathagata meditation.

Even if a practitioner has obtained meditative and enlightened intelligence, he or she is still not yet liberated from manipulation. Why? This is because meditative intelligence is still manipulated meditation, and enlightened intelligence is not outside the scope of manipulated enlightenment. Therefore, one should practice by forgetting individual ego—that is, leaving manipulation and practicing no-holding and no-acquisition. When one acquires the dharma of no-acquisition and being manipulation-free, one can then absorb and integrate infinite intelligence, which leads to having what is called Prajñā intelligence. This person is acutely and comprehensively aware of every intelligent seed, acquires a first-rate realistic intelligent seed, and is completely liberated from manipulation. This person has reached the unique mind of worship and become the Buddha.

Written by Meditation Master Bodhisattva Di Như