–“Buddha was born to have the independent authority to prove the universe. Bodhisattvas have the authority to prove beings that in levels of training.″


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The guidance embraces visible teachings, meditative teachings, and still teachings; utilizing the means of Buddhist dharma is inseparable from the enlightenment of the human world. The faithful followers wore only Buddhist robes (yellow) in ceremonies. In everyday life, they still earned their livings in regular jobs. Every true Buddhist resided in his or her own home because the Dharma Constitution’s pagoda had not been built yet. He often said, “When Tao and secular life are unified, the Buddhist supremacy will last forever.” He allowed the organization of the faithful followers into four kinds, called the Four Followers:


❖    Tao believers
❖    Wealthy people
❖    Dharma protectors
❖    Attendants


Each kind had hundreds of faithful followers practicing in compliance with its performances, virtues, and conducts, which corresponded with their own conducts and vows. The dharma protectors specialized in preaching; the wealthy people cared for the Tao’s place and offered incense, lights, flowers, fruits, and so forth at the altars; the attendants served the Sangha Chief.[1] The Tao believers were the newcomers into Tao. Later, after the evaluation of their performance and vows, they would join whichever kind of follower fits them best. The guidance was intended to help the faithful followers establish a basis to simultaneously practice Tao conduct and Buddhist intelligence.

[1] The Sangha Chief is another appellation of Venerable Tịnh Vương (the Pure King), who is the incarnation of the Supreme Maitreya Buddha.