–“Buddha was born to have the independent authority to prove the universe. Bodhisattvas have the authority to prove beings that in levels of training.″


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When most people think about it, they believe Buddhism and science to be incompatible. On the contrary, when one achieves full insight into Dharma Tao, there is an immediate realization that science is indeed a part of Buddhism. How can this be so? Buddhism is the attainment of perfect enlightenment involving both humans and the Universe. In fact, scientists are only now realizing some of these truths through research and experimentation, while Buddhism revealed and taught them over 2520 years ago.

The practice of Buddhism involves the self-recognition of one’s nature to become aware of nature. Therefore, Buddhism fully understands the main nature of every erroneous species in the Universe. Buddhism gives answers to why each species was metamorphosed and born and changes in each lifetime. Burdened with that individuality and main nature, each species is metamorphosed, born, and gives rise to many different classes. The truth, though, is that each one should belong to its own class as follows: Humans, Fairy-Deities, and animals and plants all over the lands.

Buddhism clearly defines the original nature of all species. Prior to being erroneous, all species were equally endowed with a uniform original nature that completely embraced every characteristic. Because of their reflective thoughts, desires, and expectations, they behave differently and become dissimilar. It is this dissimilarity that gives rise to the division of high, low, large, and small. As a result, some places become places of gain, loss, good, or bad, and thus there are the Six Tao, which are Human creatures, Fairy-Dragon creatures, Divine creatures, Animals, Hungry Ghosts, and Hell. Once the distinctive formation begins, there are associated memories, classes, and levels. This has led to the caste distinction that is prevalent today. Each person is of his or her own nature, and each species is different from one another—they are metamorphosed and born in such a way.

If science can become aware of the reasoning above, then it will know that every naturally born species consists of main components that contain many subordinary elements. For example: when water is the main substance, air, fire, salt, and sugar have already existed in water; as for earth, if it is the main substance, it has water, air, fire, and all other substances as its subordinary elements. Buddhism previously said that before humanity or other species were formed, there was the complete origination, which comprehensively and equally embraced every nature; it is called the essential nature of the original truth. This essential nature of the original truth is of value beyond measure. Anyone who realizes this can then use his or her own original nature, which is endowed in human beings, to observe the Universe and to be its master. On the contrary, humanity as a whole behaves in the opposite manner. Rather than comprehensively utilizing one’s infinite natures, people tend to establish only one nature as their own characteristics and then let those main characteristics take control of them. This causes self-metamorphosis and birth into each species. This is why Buddhism says that each main substance contains so many subordinate substances. Science has recognized this, but can science comprehend the above reasoning?

Science looks at the Universe through the knowledge that the Universe is related to many scientific discoveries and is full of unknowns and mystery. Science also looks at human beings and admits that humankind’s essential nature is very scientific. On account of that, science aims at a glorious objective in the future. Many scientists strongly believe that a human can become a supreme being through knowing how to utilize his or her body and mind properly. Scientists engage themselves in studies and make use of their intelligence for research along with experimentation to reach that end; however, they can only attain a metaphysical level.

As far as human beings are concerned, why is humanity supreme? By the above explanation, humans are endowed completely with the original essence, which is otherwise called the fundamental nature. This fundamental nature is quintessential, clairvoyant, and immortal; it can comprehensively manage its subordinate substances completely. For that reason, when a person is noble and clear-minded, he or she turns toward a fine substance. From fine substance, one is compatible with space, and thus his or her thoughts are light and flowing. In contrast, when one is born among ordinary people or immersed in depraved and accumulated karma, one utilizes his or her given fine substance to practice. As a result, he or she can be metamorphosed and born to the Fairy-Deity’s plane or to another higher or lower land (among the Six Tao), which depends on his or her level of training in the absorption of the fine substance to begin the formation.

Science used the modern technologies to collect the primary element of fire, which is also a fine substance to make electrical energy. Science examines and formulates the primary elements of each substance, which are called the original substances. Each primary element of the specific substance has its subordinate elements, which are also called the original substances.