–“Buddha was born to have the independent authority to prove the universe. Bodhisattvas have the authority to prove beings that in levels of training.″


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A quick glance at the economic, social, and political events of all the countries in the world after the First and Second World Wars shows such an accumulative, serious situation that made learned people, scientists, and sociologists anxious and fearful.
Atomic bombing in
Nagasaki, 1945.
Many of them became pessimistic and believed that a Third World War caused by their inventions would soon break out, and at the same time, a signal of doomsday is drawing near. Alongside extreme human-caused damages were violently ravaging hurricanes, extremely strong earthquakes, prolonged droughts, and the worst floods of the century that killed countless human beings.
   The most notable thing is that the environmental pollution exists in soil as well as ponds, lakes, rivers and seas. The release of toxic gasses continues to damage the ozone layer more and more, day by day. Meanwhile, leaders of the technically advanced countries have not yet perceived the aforementioned dangers and are not really trying to put an end to it.
Only the abovementioned harms were the cause of many deadly diseases that spread through humans every day. Even more atrocious and extremely tragic than the consequences of the First and Second World Wars, the so-called revolutions, were the innocent people left in indescribable misery and loss.
    Many people of virtue and knowledge are concerned about the survival of humankind. They wonder how humankind has been continuously forced to live in such unstable and unbearable conditions. Where is the final destination? Is this the presage of the Destructive Life Period? 
   Is it the time of destruction or the Savior’s reincarnation? No one dares to affirm one to ease humankind’s anxiety. Especially in Vietnam, the Book of Oracles had promptly been spread throughout the country:  hurry and practice the Tao Dharma or be late; it is coming soon; Lord Maitreya was incarnated; keep faith and patiently wait. However, nobody could precisely tell the time when He came into being. At the same time, a lot of people laughed it off as folly because they thought of the above prophecies as an unfounded rumor and an illusion. They urged everyone to live from the labor of one’s two hands.

“Under one thousand years of Chinese domination, one hundred years of French domination, and fifty years of civil war every day”, anyone hearing it could understand that from their great ancestors, the Vietnamese had undergone so much sorrow and mourning, and the misery lasted from generation to generation. They have witnessed barbarous killings, wretchedness, poverty, famine, and imprisonment. They were heartbroken when their families were separated... their ancestors’ endurance is unmatched in the world, worthy of respect and admiration.
A picture of the Vietnam War.
In such an extremely severe and chaotic social situation, the learned people could clearly realize more and more that humankind has been depressed spiritually with the daily degenerations that were proceeding, making them believe that Lord Maitreya was about to appear. Extreme situations bring about change; it’s a matter of course.
   To praise the Shakyamuni Buddha’s words more than 2500 years ago, He (Lord Maitreya) preached thousands of truths and realities. Upon reading this, monks or nuns, Buddhist followers, sociologists, learned people, and invented scientists: Please form a delegation to visit Southern Vietnam to examine and verify this. You will see that night suddenly becomes day in this miraculous and mysterious world in which we live.
   It is very practical and neither illusionary nor vague. You will find a new source of life that is tranquilly joyful and full of happiness for the present and future lifetimes. If there is no path of reincarnation, why can many Tao practitioners remember who they were in their former lives? They also clearly noted what they did and where they lived, and then they made clear writing records. Sacred persons and Meditation Masters who remembered their past lives have documented them and scientists today have heard and seen many documents that have been left with demonstrations.
   Scientists experiment and examine external objects, but the Eastern Meditation Masters re-examine and discover within themselves to know the Universe.



The incarnation of the Supreme Pure King

is actually Lord Supreme Maitreya Buddha

returning to the world: 1918-1993,

named Tu-The-Tho,

to attest this dharma ending-age.

Tao Dharma practitioners and secular people should know that the intelligence and virtue of Buddhas are so transcendent, and that the Buddhas have brought the source of life and happiness to the Four Species, but they did not know it.
  The Authentically Enlightened One only made use of supernatural power as a necessary means. They did not want to use to disclose the miracles of the Universe to the arrogant secular people. When His work was finished, He left silently, undisturbed by the discussion about right and wrong by living beings. He did not to stay back to enjoy what He has done for the world, as long as He could completely help them to be safe and peaceful. In the Ullambana season of 1969, a.k.a. the 2513th year of the Buddhist calendar, thanks to a great opportunity, I became a disciple of Lord Supreme Pure King. One day, He called me and said:
   “Pháp Khả (the Dharma name of the author), you are a true Buddhist disciple, having root capability and a determined mind to seek for the Tao of complete liberation.  Now, before the witness of the Three Postures of Buddha, I am proclaiming the following verse so that you and all the future living beings will know I had incarnated in this life, I had appeared in this human world, and I have done every useful thing I could to completely save all living beings in this Destructive Dharma Period.”

TỪ  Đâu Ta đến
THỊ  Hiện cư nhân
DI  truyền bảo pháp
LẠC  quốc an khương
TÔN  giả cúng dường
PHẬT Vương minh chứng

Where did I come from?
Appearing as a layman
Transmitting the Precious Dharma
Bringing the country peace and happiness
I am offered by the Venerables
I am brightly attested by the King Buddha.

   After announcing these verses, Lord Supreme Pure King kept silent. The atmosphere around Him suddenly smelled of sandalwood incense rising fragrantly, and became extraordinarily solemn and warm. Connecting an initial word in these verses, we have this sentence: “TỪ THỊ DI LẠC TÔN PHẬT — Supreme TỪ THỊ  Maitreya Buddha.”

   I prostrated myself before Him, wondering in thoughtful confusion whether or not Lord Maitreya, in flesh and bone, is truly in front of me? I, along with all Tao practitioners and non-practitioner, whatever their religion, have to re-examine this. Lord Maitreya has appeared at the due time, in the right situation, and in the right Destructive Dharma Period. He had joyfully utilized His great power to endure difficulties and made complete use of Buddha’s power to transform the chaotic Destructive Life Period into the Superior Life Period.


In this rebirth, Lord Maitreya adopted the name of Supreme Pure King and opened the Tao Dharma at number 42, Hồng Bàng Street, Nha Trang, Vietnam. In the last years of His life, He moved to number 6, Huỳnh Thúc Kháng Street of the same city. Today the moment has come, when recording this rare and historical event, I look forward to human beings and true disciples, who realize that life is an infinite ocean of suffering and is fleeting, hoping they would courageously initiate their mind to seek the Tao of enlightenment and liberation from the birth-death transmigration. Even if you possess everything in the world, when you pass away, you will leave all behind and become empty-handed. Not knowing where we are going is an immeasurable suffering!



One day at the end of winter in 1969 in the wooden loft of number 42, Hồng Bàng Street Nha Trang, at 8 o'clock in the morning, Lord Supreme Pure King said, and I heard these words:


Painting of the traditional
leaf-house in Bình Định
where He was born.

From the Tusita Heaven, He worn a long, wide, beautiful sky-blue ceremonial robe, and was solemnly accompanied on both His sides by Devas, Dragon-Deity Dharma Protectors, Dharma Protector Bodhisattvas, and Bodhisattvas. He came down to this human world, and upon approaching the bordering atmosphere and seeing the red secular dust full of dirty substances densely covering everything, all of Devas, Dragon-Deity Dharma Protectors stopped and respectfully bowed to Him and dared not follow Him.
   He went straight to the province of Bình Định in Central Vietnam alone. He stood before the house waiting for a mother called Đỗ Thị Phụng, who was about to deliver. As soon as she gave birth to a son, He lightly leaned and entered into the baby's body. It was about 9 o'clock A.M. on the 24th day of the 12th month of the Lunar year of the Goat, 1918, (the 2462th year of the Buddhist calendar). At that time, the weather was changing to the beginning of spring.
His father Từ Như Ý
and mother Đỗ Thị Phụng. 
His father's name was Từ Như Ý, and he named Him Từ Thế Thọ. Every year, on the 24th day of the 12th month of the Lunar year, all the Dharma Constitution’s Four Kinds of Followers who were His true disciples gathered at His residence to celebrate His birthday—The Tao  Dharma Birthday. On this same day of the Pig lunar year, a.k.a. the 8th of February 1972, He once again told the secular world and His true disciples that Lord Maitreya was incarnate through a poem He wrote and also typed Himself. Its translated version is shown as follows:

In memory of The Year of the Goat - 1918.
In a beautiful day, with blue sky and sweet sunshine,
Small boats with white sails travel far, far away.
Nha-Trang’s seashore is elegant and tranquil this evening.
As I recount stories of the past.

That year winter just passed as spring draws near.
Fields were abundant with crops throughout the countryside.
People were rejoicing during the first three days of the Lunar New Year Festival,
Letting go their worries and fears.

Fifty-four years passed... How was the Lunar New Year Festival?
Every house painted white with a bamboo pole set up.
With two red scrolls at both sides of the door.
And splendid firecrackers yearning to be attested.

In that moment, people came to and fro.
Buying items to worship the gods.
Praying for miracles all over the country.
Real or unreal, it depends on perception of peace.

On the same brightly perfect twenty-fourth day.
Of the twelfth month of the lunar year.
I was alone on the clouds in the sky.
Being reborn in correspondence with this Inferior Life Period.

If I speak, my words will be in excess.
Today is a natural day of leisure.
They are complete in the Destructive Life Period.
As arranged by Tathagata, to play a scene.

True disciples are just my consolation.
This Dharma Constitution is at the same age of peacefulness and warmness.
While under the temple roofs,
Everyone joyful of restored enlightenment is what I long for.


                  -The Supreme Pure King.

                   The Tao Dharma Birthday: December 24th 
                   Lunar Year of the Pig (December 24th, 1972)

        * * *

Letting go their worries and fears.”
World War I (1914-1918) had ended. People, especially those in third-world countries, endured through World War II (1939-1945). When the Geneve convention of 1954 came to life, many were in fear of wars’ invasions. In this harsh background, signaling an increasingly chaotic situation, it has been a year since He came to life in 1918.

   “Praying for miracles all over the country.”

   While the people went about shopping for Vietnamese New Year items, the entire group of Invisible Dragon Deities, Land Deities, Four Teams of Deities, and Supreme Deities around His dwelling place were accomplishing miracles all over to protect Him.

   “Real or unreal, it depends on perception of peace.”

   Perceived peace enabled the citizens to joyfully shop for the Vietnamese New Year. However from a broader perspective, the seeds of World War III were already planted, and the peace was both real and unreal.

   “It was on the same brightly perfect twenty-fourth day.”

   The brightly perfect twenty- fourth day is a special day, as it rarely occurs. Why? Because this day of that year (1918), according to the Chinese calendar, was the beginning of spring— the end of the winter. The weather was changing to a bright spring.

   “I was alone on the clouds in the sky.
    Being reborn in correspondence with this Inferior Life Period.”

   From the Tusita Heaven, He penetrated into the atmosphere and layers of clouds, and stepped into the human world. “Being reborn.” For a long time, the Buddhist scripture used these words to wait for Lord Maitreya. Now, He wrote them down in order to remind the human world that it is now the Inferior Life, a very appropriate time for Him to save the world.

   “If I speak, my words will be in excess.
    Today is a natural day of leisure.”
He knew how true His words were. He spoke the truth in superfluous words in this Period because the living beings were insanely confused and could not believe them. As for Him, He remained calm as He had vowed.

   They are complete in the Destructive Life Period.
    As arranged by Tathagata, to play a scene.”

   In the Destructive Life Period, humankind has freely created harmful poisons. As for Him, He has already known that it was a play arranged by Tathagata to proceed towards the Superior-Life Period.

   “The true disciples are just my consolation.
    ...Everyone joyful of restored enlightenment is what I long for.”

   Even though the human world is proceeding freely in harmful poison, but He was still joyful that true disciples seeking enlightenment are following Him. Long-Hoa expected by most Tao practitioners is:

   “DHARMA CONSTITUTION VIETNAMESE BUDDHISM”                               

   And Lord Maitreya of the past is now hidden under the title of SUPREME PURE KING, being the leader of Dharma Constitution and the Master of the Tao Dharma. He was proclaimed THE SUPREME SANGHA CHIEF.

   When He was born, He had a beautiful body with good and bright features, but His parents were very poor. Their house in the countryside was made of bamboo walls caulked with clay and hay, and had a thatch roof. The Invisible Dragon-Deity Dharma Protector saw such a house, and thus pretended to appear as a terrifying devil. Seeing that terrifying devil, His mother was frightened and brought her baby and ran to a cleaner, taller house of a relative. As He was only three days old at the time, His eyes were hurt by the sunshine, and His right eye was severely damaged.

   This was an omen of Tathagata, the root capability of living beings in the Destructive Life Period, meaning that the Buddha was incarnate, but they (common people) could not see Him. It is only through the patriarchs’ virtuous merits, an empty mind, and a mind practicing the Tao Dharma towards enlightenment that we could attain the great conditions to come to Him.

   He continued teaching: It is very easy for me to make use of my supernatural power to have the 32 ideal body features of the Buddhas. But in this Destructive Dharma Period, the living beings favor color, form, and sound. If I were to appear that way, they would only come to worship Me and not practice to correct their bad characteristics, which would be useless.


The Lord’s house at Sinh Trung.
I heard these words[1]: During the Second World War (1939-1945), the situation in Vietnam was that war had spread all over the country. When He lived in Bình Định after being suspected of rebellion, the communist Vietnamese authority condemned Him to 10 years of imprisonment, and after only 26 months, the Geneve Convention came to life and He was set free. At that time, He was 36 years old and He moved to Nha Trang, where He rented a small house with a thatched roof and clay walls at Sinh Trung, near the Chợ Đầm market today.

[1] From Lord Maitreya

The remaining Buddhist sutra inscribed by Him is still intact. To demonstrate His incarnation, I'll give certain main points so you can realize it more completely through the Attested Indication I, II, III[1], and IV[2]—the attestation and direct indication for all worlds, including the human world, the three thousand great thousand worlds, and lands of Fairies and Deities, to know about the Universe and humankind.

[1] 6 Attested Indication III and IV are prose and are presented in two different books.


The remaining Buddhist sutra inscribed by Him is still intact. To demonstrate His incarnation, I'll give certain main points so you can realize it more completely through the Attested Indication I, II, III[1], and IV[2]—the attestation and direct indication for all worlds, including the human world, the three thousand great thousand worlds, and lands of Fairies and Deities, to know about the Universe and humankind.

[1] 6 Attested Indication III and IV are prose and are presented in two different books.


Though nobody understands Him at the time, He still silently solves problems of the human world through the Attested Indication I, also typed by Him. The following is its translation.


Date: January 20th of the Lunar year of the snake.
Noontime March 09th, 1977.

   The Western paradise is emitting fluorescence.

   Lord Maitreya returned and started opening Salvation from the East.
   Using wonderful means to bring the pair to the unique form.
   The Four Species' dream has not dissolved.

   I'm coming to the Western salvation emitting fluorescence. 
   I’m returning to the East to pull up the curtain.
   Making the pair harmonize to manifest their unique form.
   A safe and joyful nation is at its full glory.

   Who can understand Me in this time?
   Trying to change and move to unify East and West.
   The precious royal oath lays a foundation for living beings.
   Liberating lives from suffering.

Divine Fairies were applauding happily.
   While the puzzled Land Fairies wrinkle their eyebrows lamenting.
   Human beings were bewildered in their behavior.
   While Bodhisattvas laughed joyfully.
   The Three Realms were shaking unceasingly.
   I'm sitting on the beautiful throne of Buddha.

   Human beings are faithfully seeking for the Tao Dharma.
   Those who were not clearly aware of Long-Hoa became insanely confused.
   Nagarjuna’s perfect secular body is here.
   With the mind, brain, and intelligence of Fairies, Saints and Deities.

   I am the right person with full enlightenment.
   Why are you not awake and still doubtful?
   Don't look for Him elsewhere! Look directly in this poem.
   My words are exactly Buddha's words.

The Supreme Pure King

                      Noontime, September 03, 1977.


   The Eastern Salvation Period: a period of assimilation with human beings. He was incarnated as a layman to guide Tao practitioners to return to the Supreme Truth and achieve enlightenment.


The Western paradise means that the Tusita Heaven is full of peace and joy in the golden light of Tao.

   “Lord Maitreya returned and started opening Salvation from the East”: Lord Maitreya was reborn in the East in Vietnam as a layman (Eastern Salvation also means living as a layman). He started open the Tao Dharma for human beings from the East.

   He used all wonderful means to indicate that life is Tao and they are always in a pair, appearing as the form and the shadow. Though being two, they have a unique form. He accommodated for and guided each disciple on a unique path to enlightenment.

   When He started opening the Tao Dharma, the Four Species increased their intensity for competition and killed each other in chaos and constantly lived in drowsiness.


I'm coming to the West Salvation… I’m returning to the Eastern...” Supreme Pure King incarnated today is precisely the reincarnation of Lord Maitreya. Conducting as the Divine (renunciation of family) in the past, He now appears and conducts himself as a layman, pulling up the curtain of ignorance for the erroneous practice of Tao Dharma in the Destructive-Dharma Period. He unionizes life and Tao and teaches human beings to use hearing, sight, and knowledge in life to practice the Tao Dharma, transforming hearing, sight, and knowledge into thousands and thousands of Dharmas unattached to anything. Upon fulfilling this, humans will live peacefully and happily, families will be stable, and nations will be peaceful and joyful.


He used to open Tao places where there were true disciples such as Nha Trang, Qui Nhơn, Đà Nẵng, Huế, and Saigon. There were also some monks and nuns, those who renounce their family, who come to meet Him and read His scriptures on liberation through solving. They only knew that He was the Master named Tịnh Vương (Pure King). During His journey none of these monks or nuns tried to search and understand the Dharma subject of liberation through solving. They did not pay their attention to it and even considered this way of practice as unnecessary and completely strange.

   Alongside teaching Tao Dharma to the surrounding living beings, He also had a difficult great vow that was His determination to use the Buddhas' precious Dharma to rebuild the human world, transporting them from the East to the West. This way, they would have a realistic way of practice that corrects their nature, gives up their bad habits, dissolves circumstances for a bright mind, and liberates suffering from each and every family. This work of transforming the whole world in this time was not understood by any of the religious leaders.


“The Divine Fairies were applauding happily.”

   Why? In the fairyland, Divine Fairies were observing His returning journey to the human world. Divine Fairies were those who lived outside our earth and were very sensible. Sympathetic to the past and the future, they are clearly aware and fully enlightened to the movement and manipulation of all Dharmas which are either appearing or returning. They were only inferior to the Bodhisattvas’ rank: they did not yet know how the change their own bodily fate in order to solve birth, death, old age, and suffering.

   The Divine Fairies saw the Universe and people living in peace and safety. In the Inferior Returning Destructive Life Period, when hell emerged and karma of suffering was widespread, they saw Maitreya’s Great Power saving the Four Species, which is why they applauded happily.

   “The puzzled Land Fairies wrinkle their eyebrows lamenting.”

   Why? The Land Fairies were always drawn to the Middle Life Period, which is also called the Gentle Life Period. In that period, the Tao Dharma of practice and fulfillment respect those who are virtuous and saintly. When they saw the rising fires from hell, the Great Powerful Maitreya used all means suitable in the Inferior Returning Period to save the world. The Land Fairies, who did not understand this, upon seeing saints and Bodhisattvas working as hard as a buffalo or horse, conceived the degeneration of the Buddha’s Path and the destruction of the Dharma, and thus lamented. While the saints and Bodhisattvas were penetrating into “The Universal Door Chapter[1]”, entering into Hell’s Fire, undergoing bitterness, dishonor, and corporal punishment in order to salve suffering and bring salvation to living beings.

   “Human beings were bewildered in their behavior.”

   Why? Human beings live in an unstable and chaotic life. The plenty became empty, the tranquil became chaotic, the united became divided, the cool became hot, and the cozy became homeless. Average human beings and Tao practitioners lost their balance, their direction in life, as well as their true faith in Buddha, chasing after Hell’s Fire towards a new horizon… Everyone was astounded, anxious, bewildered, and adventurous.

   “While Bodhisattvas laughed joyfully.”

   The saints and Bodhisattvas have vowed to penetrate into “The Universal Door Chapter.” Therefore, when faced with hard circumstances, their body and mind still recognized them yet remained empty and joyful. Saving from suffering was the food of Bodhisattvas. Therefore, they were happy to ultimately undergo difficulties to follow the footsteps of Buddha.

   “The Three Realms were shaking unceasingly.”

   The Three Realms are the three heavenly lands of desire, form, and formlessness. Seeing the human world encroached by Hell’s Fire, the Heavenly Fairies became worried, anxious, and their bodies shook sorrowfully, too.

   “I'm sitting on the beautiful throne of Buddha.”

   He knew that these are only illusive scenes of the human world, and in this unique rebirth, He will attain Buddha’s fruit—always beautiful, fresh, and everlasting.


“Human beings were faithfully seeking for the Tao Dharma.”

   He knew that numerous human beings now practice by following Buddhism. However, most of them rely on monks and nuns in temples and mountain forest sanctuaries in search of a faithful mind for the Tao Dharma because they are tired of life.  He still lamented:

   “Those who were not clearly aware of Long-Hoa became insanely confused.”

   This verse clearly discloses that Lord Maitreya had come to the world, opened Long-Hoa, and taught morality for living beings sinking in the ocean of suffering to arrive to the shore of enlightenment. None of those who waited for Him in any religion could recognize this realistic way of practicing in this Destructive-Life Period: Self-nature enlightened-nature, which means, “I must be self-aware of my own nature to be enlightened nature” and dissolve the Dharma nature flower. Instead, they are insanely confused and illusively wait for the explosion of the Seven Mountains.

   “Nagarjuna’s perfect secular body is here.”

   He now directly indicates that Tịnh Vương (Pure King) in this life is truly Nagarjuna appearing in the secular body. The body of Nagarjuna in a past reincarnation is presently Lord Maitreya embodied in this human world.

   “With the mind, brain, and intelligence of Fairies, Saints, and Deities.”

   Fairies, Saints, and Deities are those who have a more sensible outlook than that of laypeople. These words are as lucid and conscious as the brain and intelligence of the Fairies, Saints, and Deities. He directly indicates that enlightenment is right in our mind and body. Why not accept it but keep praying outside? These are truly the words of Buddha.

[1] It is also known as The Samanta-Mukuha Chapter or The Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Chapter.



Lunar year of the snake 1977.

I'm coming in this period to restore.
Appearing as a layman: Indication-Attestation-Accomplishment.
Building Tao- Life and accomplishing the Dharma.
Aiming at the full enlightenment and avoiding the misery.

When Buddha appears in the world, He has two guiding paths.
The path of emptiness, making NO use of the secular world.
Renunciation, thousands of ways to pull up the curtain.
The mind is free from predetermined pollution—enlightenment restored to illuminate.

When Buddha appears in the world, He has two guiding paths.
The second path DOES make use of the secular world.
With hundreds of places and thousands of ways in rhythm.
The mind is free from predetermined pollution—enlightenment restored to the original truth

                                                                                                             –The Supreme Pure king

                                                                                                               March 25th, 1977




   “I'm coming in this period to restore.”

   The Buddha comes to life to exclusively bring human beings direct indications of restored enlightenment, which was also the attested indication of three generations of Buddhas. According to the teachings of Lord Supreme Pure King, the incarnation of Lord Maitreya, this period is the Inferior-Life Period; the destructive Dharma overshadows the authentic Dharma. The Tao Dharma practitioners who prefer to make use of education, research of Buddhist sutras, and favor form and sound to seek for the Tao Dharma, become illegitimately enlightened.

   He did not create a new religion, but only restored and modified the way of practice according to the path of liberation through knowing, seeing, and solving—the path of self-enlightenment which follows the exact supremacy and the exact guidelines of the three generations of Buddhas.

   “Appearing as a layman: Indication-Attestation*- Accomplishment*.”

   He clearly let human beings know that He was born as a layman who fulfills all the conducts of a secular man at home.

means the attestation and direct indication for all worlds to know about the Universe and humankind.
*Accomplishment: The accomplishment of enlightenment, and the accomplishment of the incarnation of the three generations of the Buddhas.

   Today most Tao practitioners do not follow the Attestation-Indication above, and are conducting themselves in a way that accuses Buddhism of being passive, and the heretics, through their worship offerings, are pushing the faithful believers to fanatical practices. They focus on praying, rather than correcting their own nature and creating the root of honesty to dissolve the phantom force.

   “When Buddha appears in the world, He has two guiding paths.”

   The path of emptiness means renunciation of family—living in a pagoda, temple, or hermitage, and having no spouse and children—thus being free of familial ties. Provided that the mind is harmonious and open, and not polluted by external circumstances, enlightenment is still accomplished.

   The path of tangibles means the layperson’s conduct—living in a family with one's spouse and children, undergoing all hardships and conveniences of family circumstance. Sometimes joyful, sometimes sad; sometimes comfortable, sometimes sufferable… thousands and thousands of Dharmas proceed in immeasurable ways in life. Provided that the mind is not predeterminately polluted while getting in and out of Dharma precepts, it still enlightens.

   Whether or not family is renounced, practicing on the right path of intuition still yields enlightenment. He chose to live as a layman, living in a family with His wife and six children. This made those who left their family to practice in a temple, upon meeting Him, feel strange and in disbelief.

   Practitioners who renounce family—also known as those of the divine conduct—represent the still practice group, based on stillness for salvation. They must also have the reliability, conduct, and vow from hearing, sight, and knowledge, which are thousands and thousands of Dharmas aiming at liveliness to resolve and gradually become aware of ignorance. They are no longer polluted, returning to the stillness of restored enlightenment.

   When living in quiet peace, avoiding conflicts, though being still, it is isolated stillness. It is a dangerous way to practice Tao, and never reaches the shore of enlightenment. The practice of renunciation—avoiding the dirty and choosing the clean—of the practitioners who had left their family, unintentionally attains the intelligence of a Fairy or Deity, and can never reach restored enlightenment.