–“Buddha was born to have the independent authority to prove the universe. Bodhisattvas have the authority to prove beings that in levels of training.″


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Lord Maitreya Portrait of Joyfulness. At home, the Lord wore a white traditional Vietnamese Bà-Ba.
Antique Tibetan Statue of Amitabha Buddha(*) at the Altar of the Dharma Constitution in Las Vegas


I heard these words: Before opening the Tao Dharma, Lord Pure King, incarnation of Lord Maitreya, exited from authentic contemplation to see the Amitabha Buddha. Lord Amitabha immediately asked Him:

   “What means are you using to help all living beings equally in this Inferior Life Period?”
   Lord Maitreya respectfully replied:                                                                            
   “Lord Amitabha, during this time, when humans are wreaking excessive havoc, I must help all of them equally as a layperson, utilizing form, sound, odor, taste, touch and Dharma in the human world, teaching them to not be attached to those utilities.”
   The Amitabha Buddha answered:
   “Correct, exactly that. During this Destructive Life Period, you must transform it that way.”
   Lord Maitreya:
   “Lord Amitabha, there are too many Tao practitioners in this period who are either authentic practitioners with attested achievement or untrustworthy practitioners, and it is difficult to distinguish between the two.”
   The Amitabha Buddha:
   “You must make effort. In this period, the Buddha’s Fruit is matchless and unique. I will watch and help you.”
Lord Maitreya respectfully bowed goodbye to the Amitabha Buddha and returned to His residence on the 42 of Hồng Bàng Street, Nha Trang.


I heard these words:  

   On His way to fulfill the Tao Dharma, whenever faced with the Dharmas of trouble and extreme dilemma, He recalled the difficulties the Shakyamuni Buddha had in His time. Then immediately, a fluorescent light appeared, and the Shakyamuni Buddha appeared on the wooden loft of Lord Maitreya in Nha Trang. He gladly bowed to the Shakyamuni Buddha, and they, the Master and the disciple, were having a Tao conversation in which the Master gave Him teachings. There was another time when the Shakyamuni Buddha complained to Lord Maitreya at the same wooden loft at 42, Hong Bang Street, Nha Trang, about the following:
   “In present India, under Mrs. Gandhi's government, my children—monks and nuns—living in pagodas in the cities, are being chased out to the countryside and mountain-forest areas. They are in danger!”
   Later, Mrs. Gandhi's regime fell down. Her son succeeding her to be the Prime Minister did not change the policy and but followed his mother’s policy exactly. A bomb killed him afterwards. Today, the Indian political regime has changed, and the economy changed to a market economy.
   Let’s recall another special event in 1963, in Southern Vietnam, when Ngô Đình Diệm was President. After the Buddhists struggled for fair and free religion, some monks and nuns were arrested and put in bags, then tied and thrown in the river by Mr. Diệm and Mr. Nhu[1]’s subordinates. Large amounts of other monks, nuns, and Buddhist believers had their heads bashed with nail-brushes to a heart-rending death. In that same year, Ngô Đình Diệm's regime fell, and Mr. Diệm and Mr. Nhu were both killed. In the sight of the Meditation Master, who has the eyes of the constitution of Tathagata’s sight, and thus can look far into the past, it is known that in his former life, Ngô Đình Diệm was Alexandre de Rhodes, a French bishop. At that time, he and some scholars had the merit of teaching the national language to the Vietnamese people, and also helped their society. Because of this honest merit, he got a fruit as the President of Southern Vietnam for ten years.

[1] Mr. Nhu is Mr. Diệm’s brother

Mr. Diệm (right) and Mr. Nhu (left).


The self-immolation of Thích Quảng Đức

in protest of President Diệm's policies.

Both Mr. Diệm and Mr. Nhu were killed.

His former life, Ngô Đình Diệm was Alexandre de Rhodes, the 
French bishop (above).

Picture of the Founding Master
Shakyamuni Buddha at age 41.
It was drawn by His disciple 
named Purna. It’s now stored
at Imperial Museum in England.
It is deemed as a British treasure.
Throughout His lifetime of fulfillment of the Tao Dharma, the Shakyamuni Buddha had His hair short and neat like the above portrait, not shaving all His hair, as later monks and nuns wrongfully thought to do. Recalling His last meal, one of His faithful disciples, Thuần Đà, offered Him a meal with a piece of grilled meat. This indicated that the Shakyamuni Buddha was not a vegetarian. Lord Maitreya also taught that even if the Shakyamuni Buddha returned to live with His wife and child, He would not lose His positive authentic consequence (His Buddha’s fruit). Latter Tao practitioners heavily focused on the Divine Dharma and thus initiated a custom to shave heads, be on a vegetarian diet, avoid the human world, and live in illusions, gradually separating from the true Dharma. Therefore, their way of Tao practice and fulfillment is no longer the same supreme principles of the Buddha, but rather heavily focuses on color, form, and sound, leading to the depravity of the Destructive Dharma to this day.
   Because of this intransigent mistake, when Lord Maitreya incarnated and opened the Tao Dharma as a layperson in Nha Trang city for 37 years, no monk or nun followed to practice the path of enlightenment with Him.


Madam Phạm Thị Ngọc Anh, from Phan Thiết Province, accompanied her parents to the North in 1954 according to the Geneva Convention. In 1975, there was a historical event in Southern Vietnam, and she returned to the South in 1978; she was a communist cadre working in Saigon. Her husband, named Võ Thịnh, was a high ranking cadre of the foreign office of the city of Saigon. She gave birth to a girl in the North and then a son when she came to the South. His name is Võ Thiên Giao. The family of madam Anh’s paternal grandparents was Buddhist believers and had built a temple at Phan Thiết where they practiced the Tao Dharma. Madam Anh herself, though living in the North, was also a Buddhist believer. Due to a good cause, she went to practice in the Dharma Constitution where she received the Dharma name of Diệu Tuệ, given by Lord Supreme Pure King incarnating Lord Supreme Maitreya Buddha.

Photo of Madam Phạm Thị
Ngọc Anh and her son, Võ
Thiên Giao, taken in the
zoo in Saigon  in 1986.
They are Mary and Jesus
Christ reborn in Vietnam.
One day, she told Lord Maitreya at the Central Superior Congregation in Nha Trang, about her suspicion and uncertainty of what she is seeing, asking Him to explain it.
   Lord Supreme Maitreya Buddha affirmed that Madam Diệu Tuệ was precisely Madam Mary, Jesus Christ’s mother in the past. Lord Maitreya then asked Madam Diệu Tuệ how old her son was.
- He is attending the first grade, Madam Diệu Tuệ answered.
- Still too young, said Lord Maitreya.
   He had known, and Madam Diệu Tuệ herself had previously suspected and she now knows, that her present son named Võ Thiên Giao is the reincarnated Jesus Christ. But He is now still too young to see Lord Maitreya.


According to the Buddhist calendar, 2538 years ago, the Crown Prince Siddhartha came into the world. At 19 years old, He married the Princess Yasodhara, and they had a son named Rahula. Later, the Crown Prince left the golden and jade palace, His pretty wife, and young child, seeking the truth of liberation - through solving - from the transmigration of birth and death, to save the Four Species. He had become the Buddha, named the Shakyamuni Buddha. Afterwards, Madam Yasodhara also followed the Buddha’s path. Their son Rahula, who was still in his youth at that time, was given by the Shakyamuni Buddha to the Venerable Sariputta to be trained in the Tao Dharma and to the Venerable Moggallana[1] to be taught in meditation along with daily life activities.

[1] Venerable Moggallana is a former life of the author.

   As a result, Rahula had attested the Arahant fruit, and was in the Venerable rank that enlightened the supreme secret, which was approved by the Shakyamuni Buddha. The Venerable Rahula was one of ten great disciples of the Buddha, belonging to the rank of sacred followers, which is very low in comparison to the Bodhisattvas.

   When I intuitively gained insight into the former lives, I knew that Madam Diệu Tuệ was precisely the princess Yasodhara, and her son Võ Thiên Giao was Venerable Rahula in the past. I then went to Nha Trang to respectfully tell Lord Supreme Maitreya Buddha, who affirmed that I had seen the truth. Madam Diệu Tuệ (Mary) also knew about it.

   It was 600 years after the Founding Master Shakyamuni Buddha had entered Nirvana that Jesus Christ appeared in the West. Possessing incredible supernatural power, but still lacking full understanding of karmas to completely dissolve them, he was reincarnated and practiced in the Dharma constitution, and could remember only one of his former lives in the time of the Shakyamuni Buddha. This Inferior Returning Destructive Dharma Period has thus resolved the mystery of this ancient story.
   When Lord Maitreya entered the Eight Great Elements of Nirvana, Madam Diệu Tuệ had not yet been enlightened. Her present Dharma practice is at the rank of disciples of the Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, and all other Venerables were also disciples of the Bodhisattvas’ rank.
   Therefore, Jesus Christ, the Crown Prince Siddhartha's son, was a disciple of the Buddha—it’s a very true fact.
   The story of Madam Mary's virginity is quite untrue. When she heard the retelling of this story, she simply smiled. The human lifetime is 100 years, but in the reality, the mean longevity is, at most, about 70 to 80. In the celestial world of Jesus Christ, a lifetime is 2000 years, so in the 20th century, Christ had come to the end of His longevity in the heaven, and is presently in the birth and death cycle of the human world. Human beings wrongly believe that the heavenly world is immortal. In fact, only the authentically enlightened, like the Buddhas, are immortal.

   Madam Diệu Tuệ (Mary) is now married, and her son (who was Jesus Christ) is living in such a social environment, and could not avoid building a family. So, why do the Pope and Christian believers practice self-mortification? It is only by having a family that we could really face the joy and sadness, happiness and suffering, gain and loss, and fullness and emptiness of life. The Tao practitioner, regardless of one’s religion, has to get intuition in order to have a life of reality conforming to the truth. And today, when Christ was reincarnated in Saigon, Christ’s heavenly world disintegrated, and therefore praying and supplicating to live eternally with Christ is just a practice of illusion and an unpractical expectation.

   If we create the form of a saint or a Buddha from a piece of wood or a mass of clay and worship it, the seeing nature of the universe and that of ourselves correspond to each other. They become harmonious and assimilative with time to make the object efficacious in the supernatural— its efficaciousness not endowed by supreme beings. It is only after obtaining the highest intuition that we can receive the secret seal given from Tathagata Buddha or the God, but only the super saints could have it.

   If religious and scientific delegations had re-examined and found it true that Lord Maitreya had returned in the 20th century, then the true Buddhists around Him could not be ordinary persons; they must be in the rank of Bodhisattvas, Venerables, and Dharma Protectors, collectively called sacred followers. They were all present in Long-Hoa, and thus the presence of Madam Mary and Jesus Christ is commonplace. It was a true historical event correctly inscribed in order to raise the curtain of ignorance for human beings to practice the Dharma Tao in reality, following the way of liberation through knowing, seeing, and solving without the supplicating and praying.

   In the book “Crossing the Threshold of Hope” of Pope John Paul II, he only mentioned Buddhism through the Hinayana level (the small vehicle). In reality, in Buddha’s Path there are also the Mahayana (the great vehicle), Buddhayana (the unique vehicle), and the supreme vehicle that are very transcendent. The Venerable Rahula was precisely Jesus Christ, noted by Lord Maitreya as a saint. Thus, at the attested achievement level, the Arahant of the Mahayana grade is still very low in comparison with the Bodhisattvas.


Jesus was a Lord Supreme Maitreya's disciple during the time He living in India[1].

[1] Google search for “Jesus Lived In India”.





The layman, the layman's footprints,
In Tao or in life, He musters his entire mind and soul for His teachings
Brave and courageous, not minding being tired or weary,
His essence the precious Dharma, His body a layman.

How wonderful it is! The Shakyamuni Buddha used to preach “The Buddhist Dharma is inseparable from the enlightenment of the human world.” This means the Buddhist Dharma could not be separated from the human world on the path of seeking enlightenment. Therefore, in daily life, Lord Pure King had always taught His true disciples dual practice of Tao and life, following the footsteps of a layperson.

As a layman building inside the true dharma, in the very hard time of the Dharma-Ending Age, He firmly adhered to His vows of rendering thanks to the Blessed One and the Buddhas who always pressed Him to do it.

   On the outside He was as a layman, but on the inside, He was building the foundation of authentic Dharma for the world. Even though the Destructive Dharma circumstances were extremely difficult, He firmly adhered to His vows of rendering thanks to the Shakyamuni Buddha and the Buddhas who always pressed Him to do it. His footprints have been left on the human world, while His two shoulders carry the responsibility of Tao and life, determined to completely fulfill His vow without the need for fame. An intelligent person always seeks a solution to chaotic situations, because he or she considers them all as Dharmas and will liberate them from the rebirth cycle. Therefore, even as a layperson, he or she always remains deliberate and self-confident in each passing moment, having no hesitance but  great compassion, and is liberated through knowing, seeing, and solving.

The layman is building the foundation of precious Dharma.
Vowing to render deep gratitude.
He has, therefore, no interest in the fame.
Provided that the doctrine of truths was fully exposed.
The layman, the layman's footprints.
This fundamental vow will be faithfully and constantly steadfast.
Tirelessly carrying on the shoulders its responsibilities.
When Tao and life is one, Buddha Supremacy is immortal.

                                                                                              –Supreme Pure King.

                                                                         The Central Congregation Nha Trang,
                                                                   January 21st 1971 (Lunar Year of the pig).


   As for His family, His wife and children also work on careers to earn their living like other families. He himself appeared sometimes as a husband, a father, an uncle, or a brother, and always carried out His duties and responsibilities completely and blamelessly.
   Toward His parents, He was always a son, who always and completely fulfills the piety’s Tao. For the four kinds of disciples following Him in the practice of Dharma, those who are on a vegetarian diet will continue to keep it; those who are not on a vegetarian diet will continue to eat as their wish. His family was not on a vegetarian diet either, but they are forbidden to kill living things.

   In this Inferior Life Period, every Dharma in this human world appeared to be at the extreme. It exposed, without deficiency, all extremes of evil Dharma. As human beings, we are slaves of material living, with its extreme advancement. People took the property of others for their own, and remained heartless and emotionless, regardless of the lamented weeping, heartrending screaming, and even death of others. Bad natures, evil characteristics, and beastly characteristics appeared widespread. He took pity on that and said that if He did not return to the human world to open the Tao Dharma and attest for human beings, the average human life today of 80 years would gradually decrease until it is only is 10 years for a lifetime.

   For that reason, He had allowed the four kinds of followers, who represented human beings, to come see Him and take their first step to correct their bad natures and bad habits, which must be dissolved in order to receive the bright, good, and fresh divine power, gradually annihilating the bad phantom power. The mind would be tranquil, joyful, and not be polluted; the body would be healthy and harmonic. Longevity gradually reaches 100 years for a human. He also attested that the average human lifetime is 100 years old.
    He guided the true disciples according to their root capability, making use of all means necessary to skillfully manipulate them, determined to bring the precious Dharma to true disciples. He planted the seeds of morality, enlightenment, and complete enlightenment for future generations who will succeed one another to be the messengers of the Buddhas and spread the intuition to living beings.  
    How wonderful! Although human beings are not able to meet the reincarnated Lord Maitreya, He had arranged all of these true, honest, beautiful things full of good fortune and joy for them.


I heard these words: During His preaching of the Universe with human beings, Lord Pure King, incarnating Lord Maitreya, told us that in the period of creation, human longevity had been 8,000 years of life and had decreased to 100 years nowadays. Human longevity falls low because of confused thoughts called “unreal thoughts” and “thoughts and minds” separating from one another, becoming narrow.
   He had discovered that in the Gentle Life Period, humankind absorbed the “Original Quintessence” that adequately nourished their body. Today in the Inferior Life Period, the “Original Quintessence” absorbed by human beings is weaker and lesser than before and penetrates insufficiently into the body. The longevity thus gradually decreased because of too many bad natures.
   Humankind and scientists did not know that their longevity was reduced because of what they created themselves. It was the misery, greed, temper, anger, and fear in the complicated life of the Inferior Life Period that made the longevity decrease. To gradually increase their longevity like before, humankind must be relaxed in their body and mind in order to be able to receive enough the “Original Quintessence.”
   Religions teach that a generous and non-attached mind, noble thoughts, and liberated intelligence are ultimately essential to humankind. They only realize that far utmost. As for Lord Maitreya, He taught that: This time, the True Dharma has come to life and the Destructive Dharma will soon fade away. He announced the “Original Quintessence” so that humankind would know it and should practice in such a way to increase their longevity and enjoy it.  The absorption of the “Original Quintessence” is not hard for the meditation practitioners, but it may be harmful to those who did not know the meditation’s Dharma subject well. If one was passionate in meditation and thus received too much “Original Quintessence” while one’s Buddhist intelligence was insufficient, and one’s thought still craved becoming a Fairy or Buddha soon, one will be in danger.
   It is hard for those who do not practice meditation to absorb the original quintessence, so they are not as healthy, flexible and active as those who practice meditation regularly. Those who meditated at a considerably high level and practiced in a certain time, acquiring the Samadhi Authentic Contemplation, could then completely control and make use of the original quintessence. Meditation is very essential for those who practice it at home or away from home to get the intuition of the Dharma nature.
   If a person is dull and often experiences failures in earthly life, with right meditation, he or she will become bright and intelligent, and can solve any problem accurately and precisely.
   According to medical scientists, the human body is continuously changing: millions of cells decay, excrete, and are then replaced by millions of newborn cells every day. The human body is completely renewed by new cells within 7.5 years. Because of this internal change, human beings are passed through the course of time from young and beautiful to old and ugly.
   Many powerful and wealthy people do everything to help them to live as long as the Heaven and the earth, but in vain. The Westerners are just as much worried and fearful as the Easterners about death. As soon as Western medicine discovers an efficacious drug, a new disease that is difficult to cure appears.
   Finally, both the kings and the leaders of the West have given way to death. Many Meditation Masters, especially in the East, made discoveries right in their bodily fate and could manage the original quintessence so that when they reached old age, it’s up to them to leave their body or remain in the world. Some Meditation Masters were solemnly sitting, giving advice to their true disciples, then announced their time remaining to all of them, and passed away miraculously. They were not fearful at all and consoled their true disciples, letting them know where they will reincarnate later in life.


In the Maitreya Sutra, the Buddha preached: 
    "Later, the Bodhisattva Maitreya will be reborn under the name Từ Thị. When He becomes the Buddha, His nation will be an extremely solemn one. All the palaces are made up of seven gems. There are limpid lakes and all kinds of fragrant flowers everywhere. The ground is even without thorns and is covered uniquely with soft green grass; people walk on the ground like it is carpet. Those who were born in this world have a good cause and would enjoy an extremely tranquil and joyful life without suffering, illness, or sorrow. Their bodies are well proportioned, imposing, and beautiful. They can live up to ten thousand years with all the tasty, succulent foods, and no textiles are needed since some plants produce clothes. At the end of their life, they go to the forest reserved for those who come there to rest forever."
   He was reborn, this time, into the family of Từ. His verse, cited in chapter II, was the Supreme Từ Thị Maitreya Buddha.
   One morning, at the wooden loft at 42 of Street, Hồng Bàng Nha Trang, Lord Pure King incarnating Lord Maitreya started His teaching, I heard these following words:
   "Humankind thinks that thanks to His virtue and authority, the nation where Lord Maitreya was born will become beautiful and solemn, without chaos and confusion. The land will be transformed into precious things such as gold, crystal, mother of pearl, agate, and pearls of all kinds etc. And the sacred thought is that: After complete salvation of all His beings’ natures, His mind became a great purity. His body transformed to be solemn all the time — through walking, standing, lying, and sitting. He became the possessor of the ‘seven gems’ in the universe.
   From the time of Shakyamuni Buddha to this inferior-life time when Lord Maitreya accomplished the authentic fruit of Buddha, there were only these two Buddhas possessing the ‘seven gems’. Right after His birth, the Crown Prince Siddhartha stepped seven steps, which sprouted seven lotus flowers, attesting His ‘seven gems’. Lord Supreme Maitreya had written a poem on the ‘Sword of Seven Gems’, which the Buddhas only bring it out when it is necessary for skillful use. When coming to divine lands, the Buddhas use it perfectly, harmoniously, and openly. Ghost King and Devil King are frightfully afraid of it. The sword of seven gems is reserved only for the Buddhas who exclusively use it. When necessary, it can push down bulwark and bail water out of the sea. The sword of seven gems is very flexible and never refuses a necessity in any place, aiming to destroy the ignorance.
   Everybody has seven gems, but when one is ignorant, these seven gems are hidden—not appearing. Once the authentic fruit of Buddha is accomplished, the seven gems immediately appear. Only those who possess the great courage, great strength, great benevolence, and great compassion know how to use the seven gems adeptly. It can expunge the Three Worlds and Six Ways. The seven gems of the Buddha are focused mind, natural truth, Buddha’s nature, Dharma body, Tathagata constitution, precept’s Dharma, and Dharma nature." –T.V.
   There are limpid lakes and all kinds of fragrant flower everywhere.
   Because His mind is tranquilized, He can see the clarity everywhere, and His body is complete with its three bodies, thus an incensed fragrance constantly emits.
   The ground is even without thorns and is covered uniquely with soft green grass; people walk on the ground like it is carpet.
   Ordinary people think that when Lord Maitreya returns, the ground will no longer be rough. There are no hills and valleys and everything is on the same level. There are no more poisoned thorns, and walking everywhere is like walking on carpet.
   For sacred thoughts: from the time His rebirth until the time His fulfillment of the Tao Dharma, everybody could hear sweet words, full of great compassion without an abnormal change of characteristics like the living beings. There are no more poisoned words, which means that there are no more poisoned thorns. Any living being who met Him, would leave as comfortably as walk on a carpet of grass.
   Even devilish people, after meeting Him, would also comfortably leave. He similarly used His great compassion for salvation, turning the evil thoughts into gentle ones.
   Once, a powerful high-ranking communist official came to see Him. He mildly received this visitor. When He utilized insight into the mind of the official, He saw discord and then immediately allowed the appearance of a Deity, the Deity of the One Mountain near by the number 6 of the Huỳnh Thúc Kháng Street, Nha Trang. This Deity – dark skinned, sturdy, with round open eyes – was sitting to guard Him. The visitor was immediately startled and said to his inferiors when leaving: This Master is of high Tao. That’s the only thing the visitor knows about Him; the visitor did not know who He was. He did not need to discharge the halo, or to heighten Himself. He was very simple but full of great compassion and great courage. Those closed to Him, believed in Him, and followed Him to learn and practice the Tao Dharma. If they had enough faith in Him, He often discharged the halo from His body for their seeing.
   Those who were born in this world have a good cause and would enjoy an extremely tranquil and joyful life without suffering, illness, or sorrow.
   Living beings’ thoughts is that the world where Lord Maitreya was born is to be extremely happy, needless to practice the Tao Dharma.
   As for the sacred thoughts: those living beings who live in the same nation with Lord Maitreya when He returns, and those who had the great good cause to follow to practice His Dharma subject of liberation through solving, their mind would be tranquil and joyful, and thus there is no more suffering. When there is a situation, dissolve it, and the mind is tranquil and disease is also gradually eliminated.
   Their bodies are proportioned, imposing, and beautiful. They can live up to ten thousand years.
   Living beings think that when they meet the Maitreya Buddha, their ugly bodies will become beautiful and they can live longer.
   The sacred thought is that when meeting Him, learning how to correct one’s nature, practicing meditation, and studying the Dharma doctrine for a while causes one’s nature to become good nature. Therefore, one’s form must be changed accordingly such as: one’s face will be bright, fresh, and beautiful, and one’s way of walking will be imposing too. Once liberated from the transmigration of birth and death, one will be immortal, and if one moves to heaven, one’s longevity would be 10 thousand years.
   There are plenty of succulent and tasty foods and textiles are not needed since some plants produce clothes.
   Living beings think that when they meet Lord Maitreya, there will be no more bad, decayed food in the country, clothes are is available everywhere, and you do not have to spend money to own beautiful clothes.
   The sacred thought is that when you meet Him, no matter how painful and thorny the situation is, you will be glad to undergo it because the succulent food is for the Bodhisattva vows’ rank. Once you are able to control thousands and thousands of natures, meaning thousands and thousands of Dharmas, you will have durable and beautiful armor. You will neither have to seek nor work harder for it. Plants produce clothes, which mean there is no more hatred, suffering, or fear to invade you. When the mind is tranquil and joyful, the body will become young and beautiful.
   At the end of their life, they go to the forest, reserved for those who come there to rest forever.
   Living beings think that they will die peacefully at old age.
   The sacred thought is that when you have reached pure stillness by your practice, you will leave the world as light as silk-cotton at the end of your life. Forest means that the pure stillness is plentiful everywhere.
   He also used to teach “If living beings have good virtuous nature, a generous and pitiful mind toward the suffering, and frequently help those in misfortune, they transfer their virtuous merits when meeting a holy monk and follow Him to practice, action, and meditation. They will receive many good fortunes, though they will not yet be enlightened. Having this good karma, they will be reborn in a noble and eminent family, having a lot of good lucks, and high longevity.
   Along with virtuous merits, if one meets the Buddha and is practicing the Tao Dharma and meditation under His guidance, one will enjoy good fruits and fortune consequences in heaven and in royal, noble and eminent scenarios. If one enlightens, one will end all suffering, be clearly aware, not pollute oneself with desires, and one will have an eternal life. If one completely enlightens, one will be out of the universe, completely liberated from the birth-death transmigration. Though completely liberated from all karmas of sufferings, the sufferings, as well as the desires, still completely remain present because all Dharmas have naturally existed.” –T.V.



The oracle sutra predicted events of the war in Vietnam and after the World War II 1939-1945, people would live in suffering and misery—they have happened to be true. Therefore, predictions about Long-Hoa and Lord Maitreya’s reincarnation and appearance in the Southern Vietnam made the ordinary people as well as the monks, nuns, and Buddhist followers believe and expect much more than ever before.


Telling us that the Long-Hoa congregation is about to open.

“The Bright True Dharma Period is about to open,

Awakening in time from the secular life for the Long-Hoa congregation.”

   The Destructive Life Period is frequently recalled, affirming that human is unavoidably sinking in the ocean of sufferings, so we have to diligently practice the Tao Dharma.

… The source of complete destruction is exposed

Chaos is in the East, West, South, and North

The danger of war and bandits spreads everywhere

Alas! Thousands and thousands of families are now in misery

Undergoing accidents and suffering that is heartrending.

Tao comes to life, meaning life is completely destructive.

Thus, the Buddhas and the Fairies make us known to practice the Tao Dharma.


It has judgment not quite different from that of Caodaism.

“It is the end of the Inferior Life Period

The bright king is praying to the Buddha to establish the Superior Life Period.”

   It advises humankind to make efforts to practice the Tao Dharma.

“The Inferior Life Period is like a thin thread.

Why do you continuously compete without practicing the Tao Dharma, what is it good for?”


It means that at the end of the world’s Period, Long-Hoa comes to life:

“All of you, young and old, don't be doubtful.

Life events are hard to see, but is coming.

...Life is at its end now,

Southern season but North wind blows, Eastern season but West wind blows

The clouds in the sky are changing.

This is the only Congregation for merit and fame.

...to see Long-Hoa Congregation.

And choose the right practitioner of characteristics

from the royal family to venerate as Deity.”

   How precious it is! The Dharma Protectors assume the responsibility of preaching and giving advice to living beings right at this time, Lord Pure King incarnating Lord Maitreya is present in Nha Trang, in Central Vietnam.
   They had correctly predicted that in this time, Lord Maitreya was moving from China to Vietnam, because in His two former lives, He had appeared in China.

... Now, the Buddha is far away.

The Buddha is now entering to the South.

... Now the Buddha lives in China.

The Buddha is now gradually moving back to the South.


… Everybody should nourish one’s will to reserve

Diligence is necessary in practice and fulfillment in the Inferior-Life World-Ending Period.

   He also tells us if Lord Maitreya had come to life in the Destructive-Dharma Inferior-Life Period, He would have shaken His head for the weird actions of living beings:

There is greed in everything in the Inferior Life Period.

The Buddha would click His tongue— unable for one to be satisfied.

. . . Using schemes to do bad and dishonest things

Seizing the property of others and having untrue worries.

   These Dharma protectors' verses have precisely demonstrated Long-Hoa to the human world. For what reason can these venerables and people not see Him while they live in the same place with Him in South Vietnam?