–“Buddha was born to have the independent authority to prove the universe. Bodhisattvas have the authority to prove beings that in levels of training.″

8.6 Back to the True Supreme

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8.6 Back to the True Supreme

“Those who thoroughly understand the tathagata-store are great bodhisattvas who did not mind any difficulty to offer to the Tathagata, executing the order of the Buddhas to become Buddha by just one rebirth without entanglement of all dharma, emerging and entering the full enlightenment.”–TV

Special Principle Supreme Sutra


8.6 Back to the True Supreme

“The true supreme is a way of practice of the buddhayana, not depending on the dharma subject and relying only on the middle way to clarify the nature before entering the buddhayana to practice until perfect knowledge of the true supreme dharma and attain fully the ultimate dharma of the Tathagata store.”–TV

The great boddhisattva who has already known how to offer to Tathagata, practices closely to the Tathagata. He has realized the Tathagata store, entering and emerging completely from all dharma. While practicing liberation through wisdom, he has been attested by the Lord. Furthermore, he has to practice the dharma subject of enlightenment to achieve the complete enlightenment. Wishing to practice completely, adequately, the buddhayana, which is called three vehicles unified into one that is called the supreme worthy conduct.

The supreme worthy conduct consists of the hinayana, mahayana and buddhayana. The bodhisattva realizing mahasattva is also called the great bodhisattva who manifests every way in the supreme middle way that is the path manifesting the physical body of samadhi, thus it is neither affected by the dogmatic nor relies on the dharma subject. Why? It is because the bodhisattva has understood and known how to appear from his words to his acts which is neither following strictly the sutra nor separating it, so he has thoroughly attained the ultimate dharma of the Tathagata store.

“Even for the rank of conducted bodhisattva, vowed bodhisattva relying on their conducting the vow, they are still in the vagueness. So they are retrograding and have to practice the prajna till reaching the no-regression bodhisattvas and entering the ultimate dharma of the true supreme buddhayana to attain the ultimate dharma of the Tathagata store. For that reason, many disciples have wrongly conceived of the secret reason of the Tathagata. In fact, the Tathagata is not secret. Because of their stupidity and vagueness, they believe in the closure and opening of the Tathagata. In fact, the Tathagata is neither opened nor closed.”–TV

Those who are still practicing the conducted bodhsattva, vowed bodhisattva, are not yet accomplishing the bodhisattvahood, and are still vague about the truth because their seeing and knowing of dharma spheres are not yet profound. The bodhisattvas realizing mahasattva have fully attained the realistic truth, in every minute and second of it, they thoroughly know, meticulously see the movement of all dharma within their body, accomplish the joyful detachment and manipulate all dharma. The rank of arahants at highest degree is the ultimate awareness, they clearly recognize the joyful detachment, but this is an eternal embarrassment where they have to manipulate successfully all dharma to be able to enter into the unique career vehicle with non-dualistic form.

In this final law period, all the patriarchs of the past are excellent in both preaching and joyful detachment. Unfortunately, reaching this stage, they stand still. The Lord Chief Monk of Long Hoa has employed the examination to verify, but many of them are still caught in the Buddha sphere and could not overcome it. Some have been taught the path of the unique career vehicle. Nevertheless, they do not pass the exam. For that reason, the Lord does not attest them, why? Because they could not see and know profoundly the consciousness karma, aiming to be liberated completely. They become fed up with it. That increases the faculty karma and fetter karma. Furthermore, some are preaching the prajna, but in reality they do not judiciously carry out the prajna, manipulating the dharma with neither self-confidence nor affirming between the right and wrong, they vaguely become embarrassed reasoning on the prajna.

The disciple who does not attentively resolve all dharma, which is unstably obscure and unobscure, wrongly believes that Tathagata has a secret; that Tathagata has a closure and opening. In fact, the hearing-seeing-knowing is existent, so the disciple with limited feeling, being conservative, will become non-suchness. Consequently, we can see that the Tathagata is not secret; it is neither closed nor opened.

“The Buddha dharma: The very Buddha is without dharma, but there will be no Buddha without acquiring the dharma. Like as: the enlightenment is the cessation of stupidity, but in the stupidity, you should practice to seek for enlightenment.”–TV

The very Buddha is without dharma. Why? Because the Buddhas have accomplished the Buddha nature, and the whole physical body of samadhi is appearing everywhere, each moment is an atomic Buddha, an instant Buddha. In the eyes of the Buddha, there is only a unique form without the dualistic form, so the Buddha is without dharma.

He, who is still practicing, should lean on all dharma, aiming to know them and thoroughly understand them until he completely acquires them. When he is enlightened, all his hearing-seeing-knowing are enlightened without stupidity. Furthermore, the disciples who are still in the stupidity, should search for the true nature to practice, should emphatically intend to be aware of their own nature. While they are feeling slightly in doubt, attachment with vagueness, and yet cleared up the flowering dharma nature, they are still in the stupidity. It is impossible to express in words how the living creatures are mistaken in the dharma. The Buddhas have dexterously passed down the Triple Canon to dissolve stupidity, to demolish doubt and attachment, aiming to help living creatures be liberated through wisdom as complete as they are. For that reason, the Buddhas have never had any dharma of their own. It is only with the purpose to dissolve the stupidity of living creatures that they transformed the dharma to bring about liberation from birth and death for the living creatures, the saints, and the bodhisattvas.

Those who understood thoroughly the Tathagata store know clearly that the Tathagata is permanently existing, available for all, from the Tathagata Buddhas to all living creatures, equally and perfectly. Due to their virtue, their restricted quantity of instinct, the generosity and narrowness, long and short, square and round of every aspect that they will receive accordingly. When having received every atomic Buddha, they will inherit that atomic Buddha. Otherwise, even receiving either the whole mass or thousands of masses, either a weight or thousand and one weights thus they will themselves inherit it, it is not being given by anyone, should they accomplish that by themselves to inherit the Tathagata store entirely? ”–TV

Those who thoroughly understand the Tathagata store know clearly and meticulously that all dharma will return to the true mind without rises and falls, purity and impurity, increase and decrease. That is the unified Tathagata who unanimously unifies the store, which is called the Tathagata store. Therefrom, he has the perspicacious intuition. Then he knows the Tathagata store that permanently exists everywhere. The Tathagata Buddha and the living creatures are orderly in equality.

 living creatures themselves discriminate and run after the distinction to create the dharma sphere.  Every dharma sphere has its specific characteristic called the living creatures sphere. The dharma sphere particularly has many various aspects such as the height and depth, long and short, square and round. Each sphere is appropriate to itself thus receives accordingly. Everyone receives what he himself has created; it is not given by anyone.

When the practice entirely reaches enlightenment, every dharma sphere is an atomic Buddha. As someone becoming the Buddha has countless atomic Buddhas. In each atomic Buddha there exists its particular characteristic, quality and quantity. Therefore, when the bodhisattva achieved the fruit of attainment, the arahants could not understand it properly. As for the Lord Supreme Maitreya who has become the Buddha, nobody could understand sufficiently about His apparition. Except the case of that who realized as superior as the degree of great bodhisattva. The Lord has secretly sealed the Tathagata store and continued to realize until the follower becomes the Buddha through just one rebirth.

Thus, without the Buddha we could never find out the way to advance continually, even after countless lifetimes. That is practically said, otherwise everyone can freely preach on the theory. For the Buddhas, there is only a unique buddhayana, not the third vehicle. For that reason, the confident, obedient, respectful bodhisattvas belong to the unique buddhayana, while living creatures belong to the third vehicle because of their different root faculties. The Buddhas have based on that to teach them.

“Those who thoroughly accomplished the attainment actually feel affection towards living creatures, really love living creatures as much as they love themselves. There are no more barriers between the Buddhas and living creatures. They have only recognized their meticulous accomplishment, which the living creatures have not yet required, they have only realized in themselves the immeasurable precious gems, the innumerable precious diamonds, the incalculable precious emeralds, the unlimited precious sapphires, and the uncountable precious topazes. Consequently, they are intimate to living creatures as the teachers and pupils, they have pretended to be brothers, husbands and wives, parents in order to give them the precious gems under the great deal of capacities and roles according to the formalities and aspects. Providing that the living creatures either blossom out into an idea or express into a thought, they would be soon given the five kinds of precious gems. Although those are partially fallen away and dropped out because they do not yet know how to use them. Indeed, they have never yet lost those which have been given to them completely.”–TV 

The bodhisattvas understanding profoundly the ignorance could thoroughly know its true meaning of precious gems. At first, they are as the living creatures who have ever cultivated with abundant abilities and merits until there are no more barriers to comprehend all precious gems; they understand the living creatures’ nature. Therefrom, they actually feel affection towards living creatures; really love living creatures as much as they love themselves.

The bodhisattva observes himself before achieving the intuition, when he is still as living creatures with immeasurable doubtful attachments, the innumerable anxieties, the incalculable petulance, the unlimited desires, and the uncountable astonishment. Afterwards, the bodhisattva has emphatically intended to realize the compassion-will-courage, the morality -meditation -wisdom, and the six perfections tirelessly to overcome all unfavorable dharma without fictitious habits. There is no more doubt on the dualistic dharma of the body and circumstance, gain and loss; every place is literally perfect. The bodhisattva then could perceive wonderfully! By overcoming the above five seed-natures of living creatures, he has acquired immeasurable precious gems, the innumerable precious diamonds, the incalculable precious emeralds, the unlimited precious sapphires, and the uncountable precious topazes. His mind is not entangled and his thought is not regressed, he then enters into the sojourn for forty-two days to pass over the farther side of the limit and thoroughly acquires all the manifestations of the very mind of suchness. Only less than the Buddha with His forty-nine days and nights of accomplishment is to pass over to the farther side of the limit. Only he who has acquired the degree of bodhisattva realizing the mahasattva could comprehend it. Otherwise, it is beyond the range of speaking, reasoning and understanding.

The bodhisattva truly knows that, living in the secular world, one should have parent, wife and husband, children, brothers and relatives. The bodhisattva feigns stupidity to incarnate appropriately in order to give them plenty of means, makes some of them comprehend the path of the unique career vehicle. That is neither complimenting nor disapproving, neither right nor wrong, neither good nor evil, neither moral nor immoral, neither in concord nor in conflict, neither intimate nor separate. All are confined within these five precious gems, which are mentioned above. Though the majority could not yet receive them. However, these are not lost and are stored instead in all the cavities of the Tathagata store, waiting to appear when there is sufficient faculty, long or short according to determined mind.

“You should remember well and carefully realize that: the enlightened one explicitly explains from the precious treasury of Buddha which comprised the five precious gems mentioned above, preached in the presence of the bodhisattvas who carry out the instructions and the devas who respectfully admire the treasure dharma. Therefore, they eulogize the five gems of the precious dharma in the golden preaching of the Buddha.”–TV

The disciple should pay attention to reading, to remembering and to recognizing carefully these words of the Lord Supreme Maitreya; it is just from the explicit explanation of the precious treasury of Buddha that the bodhisattvas realize the supreme worthy conducts. And the devas are sensible so they worship and admire for a while until they have intuition to enter the conducted bodhisattva, the vowed bodhisattva. Therefrom, they would understand that the five gems are really the precious golden words. Even with the abundance of materials in life, prosperity, luxurious house, they cannot resist the desire nor dissolve the sufferings from birth, old age, disease, and death because they are still entangled in the formal desire. The Buddhas have really known that the original source of living creatures is not the chaotic desire. All of them have already possessed the perfectly tranquil enlightenment. Due to the desire, which they think about then act according to their wisheses to make them their own that produce all dharma that is called the karma. As they are karma, they would be polluted by the toxicity and mistakenly accepted it to create the transmigration of birth and death.

“The living creatures who lean on the dharma to practice and acquire the dharma, who rely on the dharma to dissolve in returning to the true supreme dharma and acquire the Buddha Dharma, attaining the Tathagata store. Being aware of their individual nature, having no way, but understanding the way, perfectly understanding the Tathagata store, this path is called dharma store.

One direction has two paths. For the Buddhas, they make use of the five gems of the precious dharma in the position of the treasury dharma to help living creatures. As for the living creatures, receiving the precious dharma, they have to lean on the dharma in order to understand it and return to the true supreme dharma precious treasure of the buddhayana and be liberated through wisdom.” –TV

 The disciples practicing all dharma have to dissolve theirs until comprehension before recognizing the Tathagata store called dharma store that is the return to the true supreme.

The practice with all dharma is the unique direction, completely understanding the Tathagata dharma and entering the store; those are the two paths. Because of the esteem of the five gems, their wisdom develops and illuminates the consciousness karma as well as the fictitious desire. Therefore, they neither prefer the nobility to the coarseness, nor prefer the good to the evil, no longer fed up with the impermanent affairs of life and death chaotically, neither practice more nor less, neither the gain nor the loss, neither the presence nor the absence, but perfectly comprehend the Tathagata dharma to know the dharma, thoroughly understand the dharma and return to the true supreme dharma of buddhayana, which is also called unique career vehicle, the way to the complete liberation through wisdom.

as for the living creatures, the five kinds of toxicities: the doubtful attachment, fear, anxiety, desire, and astonishment that makes them unable to see, hear, know about the precious things of the five gems so they should be developed for entering the Tathagata store then returning to the true supreme. 

“In this world of separation and destruction those of meditation wisdom to the superhuman being, to those who know well the dharma, but not yet returning to the true supreme, they will remain in the vagueness of the dharma sphere without escape. The demands to fulfil the outcome according to the needs on the way of practice for liberation from birth and death in the faithful disciples are not few. Therefore, they have to ask the Buddhist master of bodhisattva rank this: what is the way? What is the practice to resolve the birth and death? The Buddhist master replies: “try to manage according to the birth and death, practice according to the birth and death to resolve the birth and death.”–TV

The meditation wisdom originated from the seed karma of living creatures. Living creatures are wrongly divided into various spheres; they become thus rebellious or feel affection for each other and create karma. Those of meditation wisdom know that it is karma that leads to the transmigration of birth and death. In fact, the physical nature spontaneously is in perfect tranquillity from the non-beginning to the non-ending in the living creatures. Those of meditation wisdom and the superhuman beings become saints, who have not yet attained the degree of complete liberation through wisdom and are still in the vagueness about the truth. Why?

Because they are not yet emerging from the belt of dharma sphere of the universe, they still return to the heaven world, fairy world...they still are in the sphere that belongs to the status of living creatures sphere. The superhuman beings can show the living creatures the way of practice to go forward to the heaven world, fairy world. But the essence of the Buddha is intentionally guiding the living creatures to escape from the universe, to stand beyond the universe, to master the universe, and to maneuver the universe in order to be liberated from birth and death through wisdom.

Thus, what is the way? What is the practice to resolve death and birth? Together with living creatures, leaning on the all dharma in living creatures to dissolve the consciousness karma, root karma, defilement karma, fetter karma, all that is the practice relying on the birth and death to be free from the death and birth.

Those of meditation wisdom who do not rely on the above physical nature of meditation, and strenuously practice the fixed perception are all practicing wastefully and are still caught in the birth and destruction. After achieving the full enlightenment, the bodhisattvas then make use of the fixed perception, neither leaving nor taking it. Therefore, they are free from the dharma sphere. That is the unique characteristic of the unique career vehicle.

“The practice for the way of liberation is extremely delicate in every particular quantity. There is a difference between those who comprehend and those who acquire the dharma. For every acquisition, there are thousands and thousands of turns, just like: those who acquire the eternal truth and rely on it to recognize themselves the equality of eternal truth are sincere. In fact, it is truly permanent and variable just in some aspects, not yet the perfection of the true supreme entirely.”–TV

Those who comprehend the dharma are those perceiving the dharma through the faculty of reason to understand it, those who acquire the equality of all dharma, the equality of the Buddha nature, are due to the non chaotic desire that they acquire the equality of nature and mind. Having achieved the equality of nature and mind can understand all the dharma without being mistaken in the birth and death. If following the faculty of reason is still having wishes in order to attain the dharma; the idea of that wish is the inequality. Being unequal would be chaotic accordingly. There are thousands of various turns depending on every occasion of acquisition.

Why? Because those who smoothly practice always consider their acquisition to be the ultimate, they are not willing to leave their ego, their self-acquisition in order to meet the brilliant Buddhist master from the rank of bodhisattva, mahasattva to the Buddha. If they meet them, just through a few simple exchanges they can benefit a lot from it, they can recognize the degree of their acquisition and which way they are taking.

For that reason, many of those who comprehend the dharma unintentionally go in the contrary direction to the way for the wisdom. Each disciple may have different levels of insight that may be profound or superficial. Consequently, the acquisition is never equal or is eternal truth sincere. Due to the dharma nature which is equally perfect and appropriate, it can lead those who acquire incompletely the dharma to mistakenly follow the desire of proclaiming themselves to be the bodhisattva, Buddha without seeing and knowing all the wrong infection of birth and death in the incalculable, uncountable lifetimes. The dharma nature helps those who wish for perfection either superior or inferior. It is the master of those who comprehend the dharma and still entertain with the vague expectation and sink in the birth and death and they remain the living creatures in all the spheres without knowing it.

The dharma nature responds to all the disciples who are still having the desire. It does not discriminate the individual character; it simply yields to the very appropriate wishes. Therefore, they are easily subject to error without the master.

“Those who are clinging to the eternal truth naturally did not penetrate deeply into all dharma, they are getting lazy and confused about the Buddha dharma. The first is to receive the eternal truth and to go to the pure land. The second is to focus the mind on training diligently, and the third is to be dreamy in the ignorance of the dharma patience and unable to be free from the birth and death. Very rare are those who attain the dharma of eternal truth to cultivate toward the truth of eternity. Why? Because the eternal truth is the first step to the equality of body and mind, the disciple has to practice till the end of his essential mind. The essence of true mind is just the return to the noble truth supreme.”–TV

Those who acquire the dharma of eternal truth have practiced successfully the hearing-seeing-knowing to enter the sea of Tathagata dharma; hence they have achieved the truth of eternity through cultivating entirely to attain the Tathagata store.

 Cultivating in the Tathagata dharma is no more heavy or light, nor pure and impure, nor increased and decreased. It knows that all dharma are perfect in every level. It understands clearly the origin of every dharma without error. The dharma returns to the mind leading to acquire the essence of the true mind. The more meticulously inspecting dharma in every particular detail, the more complete understanding all dharma would be without superficiality. Very rare are those who acquire the Tathagata dharma cultivating toward the eternal truth.

For instance: cultivating to dissolve the suffering. To acquire the dharma that saves the suffering, to understand clearly the suffering, the disciple needs to dissolve the suffering dharma that means the thorough comprehension and the complete extermination of the suffering. He also should practice to save the suffering, carefully examining inch by inch without any aperture; the suffering cannot creep into the mind to stay there. He then clears up the suffering. Definitely, the practice in such a way is perfect and returns toward the true supreme entirely. The way of meticulous, diligent and careful practice belongs to the unique career vehicle where you can step in the vast sea of samadhi.

Attaining the essence of the true mind, you should be those who understand thoroughly the sufficient dharma spheres in every level equally. That is the return toward the true supreme. There is no need for reasoning. It may be present or absent. It is present when you want it to be present and it is absent when you want it to be absent. It is the non-duality. It has no place to point out, because all are not yet attaining the equality, are vaguely divided into two and not determined to be unique

Because of unable to determine the essence of true mind, they, therefore, get fed-up, stand still and return toward the tranquil isolation also called the pure land. In fact, the pure land is very lively, really understanding the essence of true mind. Some of those who do not stand tranquilly to save and then enter into the training of the supernatural power, mysterious power that they do not return toward the essence of true mind either. The others, who have not yet enough dharma patience, have not yet acquired the complete no-birth. Therefore, they do not thoroughly understand the essence of true mind either.

“You should know that: the return to the true supreme is the basis of complete liberation, why?  It is because you would literally have the profound knowledge, clear sight with a developed mind and without entanglement. The time when the Blessed One is still alive, his young brother, Ananda, who is diligently practicing for clearing the nature, is overcoming every bit of dharma sphere and not yet able to return to the true supreme. Thus thinking: ‘The Blessed One is walking standing, laying, sitting among the defilement and pollution of the Aha world with plenty of miseries and hardships among the mountains and rivers with the convexity and concavity.

Thoroughly understanding it, the Blessed One has descended from His sacred throne and said: Ananda, your judgement is different from that of the supreme true enlightenment, all of your thinking is wrong, all the purposes in your recognition are also wrong, quite different from the true supreme. The Blessed One has made use of his supernatural power of five precious gems to clear the obstructions. Ananda has known instinctively, inclined his shoulders to walk seven rounds and respectfully said: Sir Reverend, I do not anticipate that your incalculable merits and the equality of the true supreme makes the sacred dim sighted in solemn, the grounds have not yet the convexity and concavity at all. Nor are the defilement, pollution and sufferings, these are the five kinds i am just thinking about. Strangely, strangely i have adored with respect. The Blessed One has silently attested.”–TV

At the time of the Blessed One, all the venerables, saints and sages still wrongly believe that the Blessed One is living in the saha world full of defilements, very miserable, very hard as the mountains, rivers with the convexity and concavity. The Blessed One has thoroughly understood the error of the four order’s disciples. Therefore, He has used the Buddha power to make the venerable Ananda know insticntively that the pure land of the Blessed One is the supreme true supreme with an adequate solemnity. There, the mind is as smooth as the fine velvet never having a bit of defilement, suffering, and it is always tranquil and joyful at all time.

In this Dharma-Ending Age, the above error of the four orders’ disciples is similarly manifested. The Lord Supreme Maitreya of the true supreme dharma has intentionally reminded about the pure land of the Buddhas with full of solemnity, never having the convexity or concavity at all. There, it also is as fine as the velvet and sufficiently possesses the seven precious gems, neither hot nor cold irregularly. At all times, his mind is in harmony as well. The four orders of disciples have been wrong because of their deficient degree of cognition.

“Some time afterward, having received the teaching, Ananda has returned to the True Supreme to be attested, He has then bowed before the Blessed One and said: Sir Reverend, my mistake is extremely, measurelessly enormous, through many lifetimes of birth and death. In each lifetime, i have believed that it is my parents who have given me the life through everything from the tray of foods to the piece of clothes, from the comfort to the living and that have frequently been so in all countless lifetimes. Until now, i am literally recognizing my wrong thinking about the fatherhood through confused appellation. I do not truly anticipate that you are my true parents. You are the one who have raised me that my body of four false elements becomes the agate golden body.

My body is the ordinary one. You have raised me to get the appearance of the Buddhas in my whole body, because of my mean and egoistic mind, i cannot look upon myself beyond the straitened dharma sphere of the being born, and now i can feel the immense generosity throughout. You have conferred me the practical use of the precious treasure, including all the five precious gems as a savory food and with the dharma rice that you have received from the Buddhas of Ten Directions, in order to make me eternal. After saying that, Ananda has respectfully bowed to Him.”–TV

The Lord has reminded the four orders of disciples that it is the Buddhas who could transform the ordinary body into the golden body. Furthermore, with the egoistic mind of the living creatures, he has raised them to make the appearance of Buddhas in their whole bodies, and nothing is comparable with the practical use of the precious treasure that He has conferred during His apparition in this return.

8.7 The Progression is the Heart and Mind of Buddhism

“The bodhisattvas have practiced in the conduct for resolution of the karma because they have comprehended the manipulation of physical nature of the Tathagata store and relied on the Tathagata to be enlightened, thus completely cleared of karma to become Buddhas. For that reason, the bodhisattvas never annihilate karma for practice.”–TV

In their cultivation of Buddhism, those of second vehicle have discerned that the consciousness-karma usually becomes rebellious and is changed to all directions in the hearing-seeing-knowing. That is the manipulation of physical nature of the Tathagata store, facing the complexity and difficulty; they keep away from it in order to annihilate the karma. Consequently, their cultivation falls into the fairyism.

As for the bodhisattvas, they are relying on hearing-seeing-knowing. That means leaning on the Tathagata to manipulate all dharma to surmount all obstacles to seek for true enlightenment. Therefore, they are determined to resolve clearly all the karma and never annihilate them in order to cultivate completely and become the Buddha.

“On their path of cultivation for the Buddhism, the bodhisattvas have practiced the dharma subject of buddhayana, essentially meditating the Tathagata. Meditating the Tathagata is a dharma subject of the Buddha dharma without leaving the secular world to be enlightened. The mind is overcoming all the contrary scenes to resolve the karma of the bodhisattvas, which is caught with attachments and obstructions. By frequently meditating they could see the karma that moves in and out, frequently attached with the divergence in their own body as well as in all the mass and living beings. For that reason, the others who got angry or joyful, satisfied or doubtful caught what they often said. Human beings only learn to live after their karma rather than to live righteously. Therefore, the bodhisattvas get rid of all mean things, which generated karma and live a life which only clarifies the consciousness karma and leads to awareness.” –TV

The meditation of the Tathagata has many classes. It is the dharma subject of the unique career vehicle, which practices directly to the tranquil mind to attain the mindfulness perfectly liberated through wisdom.

First of all, the rank of unique career vehicle should be joyful and detached, leaning on the dharma to examine thoroughly the hearing-seeing-knowing in the secular world without leaving the secular world. He overcomes all the dharma, which means the mind is unobstructed and disengaged without entanglement and doubts. It is deeper and higher than great vehicle reaching, reaching to tranquility.

Due to the frequent meditation, those who discern that the consciousness-karma moves out and in causing wrong attachment in the mind, see that all are running after the karma unable to be free from the life. The karma is so deeply rooted that it becomes the root-karma. By meticulously understanding, one avoids mistaking the subtle fetter-karma that can get rid of the vile things without generating the karma and the mind-body is in tranquil. Then, an awakened one applies the dharma of the special branch of immediate to bring about awareness in order to teach and make those acquire the supreme true enlightenment.

Those of unique career vehicle are in the ranks who are no longer discriminating the dharma, righteously carrying out the absolute dharma, accepting the Tathagata and leaning on the Tathagata without any ripple waves of attachment. All that result in returning to the mind. Having perceived the dharma of immediate awareness, thus the hearing-seeing-knowing becomes clear, disengaged and acquires your own original nature and that of the Tathagata dharma. You then would be in tranquility, entering the mindfulness. It is very harmful, if the disciples who would practice the immediate education, who have not yet cleared the reason, are not yet guided by an awakened one still attach, rebelliousness because they neither carry out nor know how to clear out the karma. Additionally, they are using the greed, hatred, ignorance mind to learn by heart recklessly the immediate subject to carry the sickness that is very deteriorating too. 

 “There is a bodhisattva who has respectfully asked the Blessed One: Sir Reverend, I am in the stupidity and the more I practice the more stupid I become. I try to see the Karma to resolve it. Otherwise, with tranquilly practicing, I could never see it. The Blessed One has then asked: You see it, but by which means?

The bodhisattva has answered: i base on the seeing in order to see it. The Blessed One joyfully smiled: the seeing simultaneously based on what is seen can never see. It only is beyond the seeing that can truly see.”–TV

The majority of disciples in this Final Law Period do not attentively carry out the conduct of vow to resolve the karma. Even the excellent disciple, who sees very superficially, does not truly see it all. Having practiced the conduct of vow, you can see the karma manifest itself in order to resolve it. The seeing through secular eyes to see is still limited. You should be comprehensive with the mind beyond the circumstance, neither entangled nor conservative natured then you would be able to see through the seeing.

You can see clearly the karma of other peoples, but you could never see your own. Even, though with a great attention, the disciple could not see it either. The seeing through what is seen is relying on the Tathagata-Eye-Store to see.

 “The bodhisattva has eulogized, wonderfully praised the salvation of the Buddha path. Remaining within the karma, i can never see the karma, remaining in the error; i can never avoid the erroneous reason and act. Lying tranquilly, i could never recognize the truth in the comprehension of the Buddha path. I have to follow the footprint of the Bodhisattva-Buddha to be matured in Buddhism. I have truly known or experienced the progression of the Buddhism. So I would advance at each stage of the manifestation in order to see awareness, realizing the heart of the Buddha that has saved me, and the love of the Buddha is truly the love without direction, which supports us in every step of our advancement. Having clearly known the karma, i myself prevented my self ego of life. Nevertheless, when releasing completely the karma, i myself received the imperfect karma and have to keep still waiting for the truth of enlightenment.

I have heard that, it is after clearing the karma that i could be comprehensive to recognize perfectly and be liberated. If i am not yet achieving the comprehension, i never completely clear out the karma. After praising, the bodhisattva has respectfully bowed to Him, the Blessed One has nodded and silently attested it.”–TV

The rank of joyful and detached Mahayana clearly understands how to resolve the karma. The bodhisattva knows that the truth exists everywhere like the strata of atomic dust all over the Three Thousands of Great Thousand Worlds. That is just the dharma body of the Buddha. The bodhisattva knows the manipulation that is required to be transformed into the Tathagata store; thus he frequently recites in mind to believe in the Buddha, the dharma, and the monk, aiming to be perfectly awakened. The heart of the Buddha is always ready to save in all directions. When the bodhisattva awakens, the Buddha power immediately appears everywhere to save in every occasion from the existing circumstance to the thorny, difficult ones. Hence, all that enables the bodhisattva to clear out the karma, he knows that the karma is due to the self-expectation, self-ego accordingly he has to carry the imperfect karma.

Following the footprint of the Buddhas’ compassion-will-courage, the bodhisattva practices comprehensibly, until he achieves perfection. He thoroughly perceives that the clearance of the karma is essential. Having cleared the karma, the bodhisattva became sensible, naturally getting closer to the Tathagata-Buddha that is truly the matchless precious gem. Although having plenty of wealth and fortune, the bodhisattva treasures the true enlightenment. Therefore, he is willing to exchange everything in order to be in harmony with the Tathagata.

“It is the unique and inevitable way that all the disciples have to go through. From the Blessed One who had become Buddha to the bodhisattvas ranks, they all rely on every fit of resolving the karma, on every fit enlightened by the reason, on every releasing stage, and the more harmonious it is the better the sympathy within the heart of the Buddhism between the Blessed One and the patriarchs. Such is it; therefore, the bodhisattvas have never consolidated the fruit of their attainment. Why?

Either the status or the consolidated fruit of attainment is classified as fictitious rank or false appellation. So they have to use reason to comprehend the evident fruit of attainment. Leaning on the comprehension of reason, which is due to the separation of the self from personal possession. And it is thanks to the separation from the self that there is never the self-ego, self-conceitedness. That results in no false declaration of Buddha form and there is exclusive the equality of physical nature in harmony with the Buddha only.”–TV

It is the same for all the disciples from the bodhisattvas rank to the Buddha; they all have to undergo every difficult stage in resolving the karma. At first, the bodhisattvas have also to make use of the idea to clarify and release the consciousness-karma, the root-karma, the defilement-karma, and the fetter-karma over every level of numerous lifetimes. After that, they could clear out all the karma, to meet the Tathagata.

It is just because of such difficulty that the Buddhas are very sympathetic with the bodhisattvas. As far as the bodhisattvas are concerned, they should manifest their gratitude to the Buddhas. They should tirelessly advance in the practice thus never consolidate their position of attainment. As consolidating is clinging and falling into the dharma sphere equivalently to the attainment of the second vehicle. In realizing that, the bodhisattvas have never sought for fictitious status and appellation. They lived simply and intimately with living creatures. Therefore, the living creatures and the arahants could not recognize them.

“The Enlightened One is discerning and upright, the precious words of truth are emitted from his golden body, all the bodhisattvas, each of them has received the truth to proceed in their practice, some time later they acquired the truth and became a succeeding patriarch to carry out the instruction. All the fairies, devas, deities, dragon-deities as well as the dharma protectors to the dharma protector bodhisattvas receive just one utterance. In that speech, whether they digest or not, depending on the respect toward the Buddha to receive it diligently and acquire the truth, either in admitting one breath or looking at one finger or one toe of the Buddha gently walking in comfort to perceive the truth together with the devas, fairies, dharma protectors, dharma protectors maha bodhisattvas, to comprehend circumspectly and completely the enlightenment so as to become the Buddha.”–TV

In the practice in reaching the entire truth, aiming to achieve the bodhisattvahood is actually far more difficult. As if having achieved it, the disciple should wait for numerous lifetimes to meet the Buddha in order to be attested of entering the constitution thence he could truly represent the Buddha to make the salvation for living creatures. And from the bodhisattva cultivating entirely to achieve the wonderful fruit Bodhihood such as the Blessed One in the past until now the Lord Supreme Maitreya is very rare.

Having sufficiently received the Buddha power, the bodhisattva succeeds in instructing all the ranks from the dharma protectors, dharma protector bodhisattvas to the devas, fairies, deities, and dragon-deities who after hearing his words and perceiving them would acquire the truth.

Due to the sensibility and prompt perception the bodhisattva just looks over a gesture, a finger or a toe of Buddha and his wonderful applications, and gentle movement of the Buddha, to feel at ease to perceive the truth circumspectly. Because the truth is existent, only for those who are burdensome due to their karma, and have difficulty to perceive it while the sensible one perceives it easily and understand it completely only through a tiny gesture of the Buddha.

Therefore, the Buddhas and the bodhisattvas are very easy to comprehend each other through the great enlightened form.



“The Buddhism is very modern, not traditional. It is truly the basis of the infinite civilization; it does not draw back the four species and humanity to the old fashions of antiquity. Thus, it is all the times venerated lively and it always has sufficient scriptures to guide living creatures in the way to eternity, to the place where men live together in peace and comfort, love one another as flesh and blood. Only the conception between men and men with the excessive regard to their own interest makes Buddhism backward.

Through numerous affirmations, the faithful disciples may be awakened to receive the sutra words and carry out the resolution. That is exactly the genuine practice. They should not practice in tendency after the organization and neglect the practice of resolving their body and mind; so doing, how can they attain liberation through wisdom?” –TV

                 The True Originality of Realism Sutra


8.8 Only Buddhism can get Insight into The Super Science

“Strictly speaking, in this twentieth century, only Buddhism can penetrate the super science. It is really difficult to understand and recognize it. Why is that? Because science proceeds through the combination of existing materials to form the substances and transform the conditions into creating all various forms, all subjects and branches which are the concrete evidences to be justified for the world and mankind. Especially, Buddhism comprehends the attainment of each disciple even though that disciple understands clearly the above word is true. Is that, only Buddhism can penetrate into super science? There is no evidence to justify yet; therefore, the knowledge of oneself is one thing, while understanding completely and explaining successfully is another matter; the clear explanation and justification of a solution is an obvious policy. Those who can recognize that the truth is a remarkable thing, also have heard that in order to put it into practice is the most critical point in this super lesson.”–TV

If all the scholars, the scientists, the philosophers as well as the psychologists have patiently read and justified it, you will notice the Buddha path of which the Chief Monk of Long Hoa, Lord Supreme Maitreya Buddha has hereby illustrated and exposed the essential points, and all of you will affirm that only Buddhism can penetrate the super science.

“The Buddha perfectly has known the physical nature, as the scientists have known the quality and the quantity of matter. The Buddha obviously knows that all human beings originally have the physical nature: which is naturally known by itself. Suddenly, the character generates and is evidently understood. It spontaneously progresses to attain the supreme comprehension and is liberated from the stupidity in the birth and death.

In fact, human beings with the universe, human beings are living among mankind, particularly they are even unable to understand themselves, and occasionally in their own individuality they still betray themselves so how can human beings attain the purpose which they expected to achieve?”–TV

 No matter how intelligent they are, the scholars, the scientists ... Could not discover the physical nature in themselves. They are happy and sad, easy and uneasy, understanding and confused. Therefore, man cannot discover himself. Science and medicine are unable to penetrate entirely the movement and the maneuver of the universe. The teaching of Buddha is the most civilized foundation, helping mankind in finding the most realistic solution based on education, the study; however, the character is still altering and dominant in the body, thus the knowledge of the reason is still limited.

The enlightened Buddhist master discovers the movement and maneuver of the physical nature in his own body until He has perfectly comprehended it He already is harmonized with the universe, the bodhisattva who fully attained it naturally knows it by himself without considering or searching it at all. Suddenly, nature generates and he discovers the wonderful things in the universe and at the old age, he is able to control the death and depart from life to a chosen destination accordingly. As for the Buddha who spontaneously comprehends that the universe and the body and mind are one; therefore, the teaching of Buddha is always lively and providing facts, documents and different means to help living creatures at any given time. Furthermore, one can stay or enter Nirvana is up to him.

“The super being is the one who has thoroughly understood the origin of all things; human beings wrongly run after it hoping to seek for an expected result. The civilization of this generation is durable or rapidly disintegrated, it is only human beings who have to perfectly understand it and skillfully make use of it, all that is the essential thing to construct. Human beings should know perfectly their own character, circumstance which is right or wrong, self-created or spontaneous existing or naturally occurring. They themselves have to resolve all things with reason and intelligence in a satisfying and noble manner as well in accordance with the character of everybody and the circumstance of every class of human beings. Those who have thoroughly understood like that, are stated by the Buddha: The wisdom of Buddha, which is the receiving of the golden words of Buddha’s teaching, does not mean the meeting and communicating with the Buddhas. This is the word of sealed-indication, the non-dualistic one. Otherwise, those who have newly known and understood or learned only by literature, not yet realized the above words, are living in the being known, not yet deeply penetrating.”–TV

All things in this world originated from the superior or inferior intelligence of the physical nature with many various degrees of the scientists. Human beings have carried out the invention then ran after it and turned to advantage. From the developed to the backward countries, this evident policy is noticed; the Buddha called it the temporary knowledge. It is still erroneous because human beings only learn, study, consider and manufacture the material, transforming the substance into product.

  meanwhile, the enlightened Buddhist master has thoroughly understood the facts and perfectly resolved the source of the impregnation and the suffering in the body, knowing the character of every strata human beings, living creatures. If the scientists know that their invention will be eternally beneficial or rapidly eliminated such a thought is an essential matter.

Only Buddhism could realize the super suchness mind while science made use of the reason to deduce so that science is eliminated in waves from this generation to another generation, unable to be free from the sufferings and to exceed the Buddhism.

“Those who attain the supreme enlightenment said: Man masters the universe, i have become the Buddha and you are the would-be Buddha. These words demonstrate that mankind completely under the guide of Buddhist scriptures, as a practical orientation will penetrate the super science. Why?

Because the reasoning and acting of that hearing-seeing-knowing are an electronic system displayed to human beings, as if human beings do not know how to use it and they are commanded by electronics. When human beings penetrate it, it serves human beings eternally.”–TV

The words of the Buddha are the words of supreme enlightenment: man masters the universe. The sacred-monk, the bodhisattva, intentionally cultivates to master himself in order to discover and master the universe, acquire knowledge and gain the eternal benefit for human beings and the Four Species. Cultivating as the Buddhas could certainly masters the universe and penetrates entirely super science. From the walking, standing, working to the thinking.., all of these human daily activities are guided by the electronics existing in the universe.

Having met the Buddhas, the bodhisattvas through their instructions, the disciples gradually penetrate all the human beings, mountains, rivers, lands and vegetation that are commanded by the electronic power of the universe. The precise practice is to re-direct the electronics of the universe until it acquires the fruit of attainment and is able to maneuver it. The scientist, who knows how to use up this matter, will supremely perform the electronics of the universe.

“Of these facts and structures you do not fully know the physical nature of the form and mind. You are caught in the manifestation of the subconsciouness through seeing and perceive the divergence. Thus bringing in yourself the transformative substance of consciousness, you recognize it accordingly. The scene generates your sentiments. So you must rely on the scene to live. Running after the form to wish for peace and joy, you could not live happily without the form, while without sentiment, life would be faded. These two points make you resign to follow the birth and death. That is the most significant point.”–TV    

All the scientists are also subject to the scene generating the sentiment. That means in the progressive scene there are the delightful and sorrowful circumstances... The electronics of the universe immediately maneuver the body to produce the characters.

On the other hand, the Buddhist Master uses His sentiments to generate the scene that means he is controlling his nature, employing the electronics to neutralize in avoiding running after the progressive scene. Until the mind has been stabilized, he maneuvers to release it by using the sentiments to generate the scene. Gradually, there is no more birth and clearly understanding it. Without birth there would be no death. Once thoroughly achieving immortality, every word, every thought and deportment is supreme.

“The science of today has not yet the right title or well accepted in the world. The Crown Prince (Siddhartha Gautama) has attained the supreme enlightenment through practice of the dharma. He has penetrated the supreme super science, perfectly known in detail every strata movement of the vivid electricity, electronics to the super-super electronics throughout the universe of The Three Thousands Great Thousand Worlds which are actively circulating.”–TV

2538 years ago, when the world was not yet developed into scientific systems, at that time the Blessed One had perfectly comprehended the super-super electronics in the Three Thousands Great Thousand Worlds, which are actively circulating.

“The super-super electronics is extremely sensible, no words can describe their quality of circulation, no destination can specify either its departure or return or arrival. As for the Blessed One, He has penetrated it and received it exclusively. For that reason, its term is the Tathagata store. And the place where it originated the Three Thousands Great Thousand Worlds, the dragon men and the Four Species that term the dharma body of Buddha.”–TV

With the super-super electronics, no destination can specify either its departure or return or a rival that means it exists everywhere and even existed from the non-beginning to the endless, the fact is that science did not discover it and nowadays it has just found it out.

Lord Supreme Maitreya Buddha has taught: The Tathagata store is precisely the electronics of the universe. While all the seed-nature, living creatures’ nature in the universe definitely is the dharma body of Buddha. Thus, it has proved that since the Blessed-One until now Lord Supreme Maitreya Buddha as well as the Buddhas of Ten Directions and Three Lives have entirely comprehended the super science from the beginning of time. The discovery of electronics aimed to know the universe by science. Until this twentieth century, it is not worthy in comparison with the Buddhas’ discovery.

Buddhism calls the super electronics the seed-idea, and thought is the atom. Atoms are combined into molecule as the ideas are grouped into seed-nature as explained by the Buddhism.

Today, science has also found out that many neutrons form the atoms, while Buddhism expounded that the original condition forms the idea. Buddhism has well advanced further to demonstrate that the original condition precisely is all kinds of bacteria in the body that are slightly moving and creating the ideas within it.

The seeing nature in the body in combination with the seeing nature in the universe produces the knowledge according to the degree, the social class, the country, while science is nowadays finding out the heredity of gene. Actually, Buddhism has already penetrated the super science from the beginning of time.

“Excellently. The word by which the Buddha has preached the Tathagata store is supreme, because the intrinsic nature of the Tathagata is apparently such as, which is circulating back and forth, forwards and backwards all over just the same as the drop of dharma nectar saves mankind. It is impossible to question or say ‘is it a drop of nectar or not?’ The intrinsic nature is truly the drop of nectar. As for the original of super-super Tathagata such as it is.”–TV

This Final Law Period has come to an end. The Supreme Enlightened Maitreya has pointed out that the super-super electronics are throughout for the Four Species, aiming to find the way to carry it out to, in effect, become Immortality. Therefore, no one should discuss, comment or criticize, whichever is based on learning and studying; simply one makes an effort to create the meditated mind to the enlightened mind that is the precious gem.

“As for the world with mankind, the earth is revolving among the emptiness-sphere in the solar system. The Super Supreme perfectly knows that there is every zone all over that means there are countless worlds outside of the solar zone. Each world is a zone with its level of life, reason of life, range of life and lifestyle. All are living and divided into future life, superior life, inferior life and present life. The growth is low and high, that depends. The land world, fairy world, heaven world form the three worlds. The lifetime, the longevity are either long or short as well, the existing materials and implements are provided according to the apparition of heaven energy, the correspondence of fairy nobility, the produce of human force, the suchness of pure land. The super Tathagata adequately supplies and decorates according to those worlds.”–TV

The science of today is discovering only the universe within the solar system, while the Lord Supreme Maitreya has shown that there are worlds outside the solar system, countless other worlds with their style of life, level of life, reason of life, which are either superior or inferior according to the nobility, coarseness, roughness, and cruelty of the Four Species. Even in many more generations, the discovery of science in this globe would also be limited and could never find out the invisible living things either.

“Present human beings living on this globe can never know where they are coming from nor could even the devas or fairies and the pure land of Western paradise. The Supreme Enlightened One has thoroughly and meticulously understood that, so He has made the sealed-decision of the way to liberate from life which built up the own life of every world, every nature in accordance with the world that you preferred then cultivated to accomplish according to your wishes. Just the same as a man wishing to be an honest man must have an honest Mind and character, the great man or superman must have sufficiently the criteria of great man or superman to achieve it.”–TV

In fact, during this return, there are in Long Hoa Association many representatives of superior virtue, belonging to several worlds such as devas. Fairies and those of the pure land of Western paradise who have cultivated their fixed conception and could not recall their previous lifetimes from which they were reborn in this Vietnam. For the learned men, scientists... who only know to discover the universe according to their judgement of reason, so they are more vague about the rebirth of human beings and the Four Species, many of them do not believe it. However, the one with meditated mind, enlightened mind who followed to cultivate in the path of Buddhas since 2538 years until now clearly knowing that in which place those have been reborn, what were their names and even their personal careers. Knowing well where those have come from and where those will go. Therefore, they know to live so it is meaningful.

“Buddhism is an advanced basis of forming human beings in reality cultivated aiming at awareness and achievement of the clear knowledge of their own mind. After departing from life, they will know where they will go to and perfectly perceive the coming fruit of attainment. Therefore, the Buddhist followers are never afraid of death and not clinging to life, never admitted to the more or the less, the gain or loss for advancement, but only practice for awareness.”–TV

The scientists who are still using reason to deduce, the atheistic politicians should carefully read the above paragraph of sutra to understand that the Chief Monk of Long Hoa, the Lord Supreme Maitreya has affirmed that the death of human being is not the conclusion. Alternatively, it will reincarnate to the place, which has previously acted good or bad according to the direct retribution of one’s deeds or the reception of the results of one’s deeds. That is “cause and effect”

“Isn't that the Buddhism has thoroughly known the instinct, the physical nature, the characteristic, the quality of human beings as well as of the Universe of three thousand, what is he absorbing in life and what is its influence and result? Is that different from a great physician or an erudite man who has carried out to transform the substance successfully and the device or drugs aimed to cure the patient, bringing benefits for mankind? ”–TV

Science and medicine dispense all kinds of drugs and perform operations to save human beings, but though having been cured; they still will be declined by old age. And the Buddhist Master in supremely super enlightenment, thoroughly knows the instinct, characteristic, constitution of human beings as well as the devas, fairies, deities. So he helps them as a great physician, curing the psychotic disease to be healthy and immortal; that is far more superior to the science in millions of miles.

“In front of the world, humanity which is completely disabled and helpless in the salvation of human beings, is needed for construction of mankind to be free from the sickness of stupidity, symptom of madness, intoxication and whirling instability in the life created by the consciousness-store, and make the subconsciousness to search for the wishes of every human being who is still living in confusion. Why? The Tathagata is the most peaceful place as a healthy man who is always joyful and happy. When all these men are brought to the consciousness-store, the Tathagata would become the Tathagata store.

Each human keeps a store. Because there are countless and measureless living creatures, each of them has to receive a limit of the consciousness store, called the living creatures’ sphere.”–TV

All the scientists, the scholars have been studying about the habits, customs and languages of every country and every race. However, they have not found out yet the source of all races, which is due to spiritual consciousness, starting in process called the store and they maintain that viewpoint. Therefore, every sphere has its consciousness store that is divided into spheres accordingly then living within it.

“When the living creatures’ sphere is formed, from each person, each single and each individual to each separated world together mature his store consciousness, clears his subconsciousness, and stabilizes his consciousness. Therefore, there are three worlds dividing into every earth sphere as mentioned above.

Each sphere decorates the material world differently: houses, castles, skyscraper, cities; there are some worlds with the corresponding nobility, which transform it such as the fairy world, fairy scenery has its natural scenery unanimously exposing splendid emerald, crystals, mother of pearls, rubies, and ambers. Like the pure land that nation fulfils with unanimous, mindful recitation to accomplish the solemn precious treasures, seven precious gems.

The solemn nation is extremely eminent. There are countless bodhisattvas offering, worshipping and adoring the buddha in a clear and tranquil manner and the great pure nation, it is impossible to describe its immensely infinite eminence, extreme elegance that is unthinkable and very hard to express in writing, indeed.” –TV

When the living creatures’ sphere is formed, every territory having its separated world unanimously constructs its scenery for living. In a similar way, this secular world uses the power of labor to build the houses, castles. The heaven world and the fairy world that science is unable to see and know about, has pleasant scenery which is full of precious treasure.

“Once living in the earth sphere, on the surface of this globe all are completely the special substance. Alternatively, all the branches of science would rather use the special substance than anything else to transform it, from a starting-point in the process of study to achieve the outcome successfully that is quite a normal experience and it should be so. Because all the results come from earth-sphere not the earth-transformation, the quality such as it originally is. The mistake in realization that must be accurate with the quality, the position, must be in accord to be unified there will not be unity without accord. Likewise, the disciples are in great need of the enlightened form to turn into the suchness form; they should not seek for the form transforming to be the form that is measurelessly erroneous. The scientists should circumspectly concern that the work of physical and transformative substance requires an accurate combination of energy and quality according to the matter so that is a decent scientist. Similarly, the mortar and brick will stick together. Otherwise, a powder applied to the brick can never adhere to it.”–TV

The special substance belonging to the earth element that are the soil, animal, vegetation with its trunk and leaves including human beings with the bones and flesh all pertain to the special substance called soil. Scientists use all the substances belonging to the earth element called soil to carry out the experiment and research. Otherwise, there is nothing other than of the special substance.

The earth sphere is just the globe with its incalculable special substances; the fabrication by using this substance to transform into another substance is not separated from the sphere of earth element. For the earth, transformation signifies the fabrication by transforming, while the heaven world and fairy world operate transformation without the need of special substance. The Buddhist Master actually realizes that in the fairy world, deity world all things are provided by transformation, it is not through the fabrication of special substances that requires such a long time of discovery like in this secular world.

Those with enlightened form of all dharma are very rare, indeed; these disciples who know how to use all dharma rightfully will attain the suchness form. The enlightened form bodhisattvas and the ultimately awakened arahants are still uncertain about the great enlightened form.

Meanwhile, science is practically using this special substance to fabricate the other special substance that means employing the form to transform the form, it is being limited and still mistaken in the production and destruction.

“Talking about the apparition of heaven energy, there are eighteen zones in the heaven world and they all have the absorption of the heaven energy. The apparition is in different degrees, but all the devas who are using their talent and intelligence to make their apparition, which is somewhat higher than that of the earth-sphere with the talent of all heaven worlds and are far more expert than the earth sphere a hundred thousand times. Nevertheless, it still depends upon every zone, which displays. From the clothes, splendid palaces, mansions, streamers, dresses, dragons and phoenixes, everything is established by using the authority as its base, power as its means, influence as its reputation and precious gems in its expenses. Otherwise, it is impossible to use the correspondence, nobility and elegance of the fairy for decorating instead.”–TV

The globe is covered with the atmosphere; all the living things to human beings are living depending on the air. The enlightened buddhist master like the supreme lord supreme maitreya has used the eye-store of tathagata to examine the devas, fairies who live depending on the pure and clean heaven energy whereas the air of secular world is full of red dusts and utmost contaminated and impure.

 one time, i had heard what the lord had taught: there are more than two hundred nations on our globe. Whereas the eighteen zones of heaven world, each of them is a thousand times greater than the globe. Human beings in the earth-sphere use the ability of assemblage that is using the strength of labor for construction. Whereas all the heaven worlds use talent and intelligence that are spirit and supernatural power to perform all the needs such as castles, palaces, clothes, aliments, etc... Therefore, everything is a hundred thousand times better than in the secular world.

In the heaven worlds, heavenly beings respectfully consider the higher grade as their leader. The leader enjoys a great authority and relies on it to grant what he wants to heavenly beings.

In all the zones of the heaven world, the heavenly beings always respect the superior virtue one as their leader. The leader is very powerful and confers the authority or whatsoever he wants to heavenly beings in his heaven world. Using the influence as its reputation that means using the attainment of superior or inferior supernatural power to advance authoritative position, thereof every act, speech are considered as the honorable one by heavenly beings in the heaven world. Using the precious gems as its means signifies in the heaven world. There are sufficiently precious gems such as mother of pearls, rubies, agates... Made as the implements in contrast with secular world where all materials are taken from the earth called the special substance, for instance, a table, wardrobe, chair... Are originally made from the tree that has grown on earth.

Money is made of paper, metal, gold and silver, which all come from the earth. Everyone in the heaven world has supernatural power and he is reborn there because of the attainment of superior, inferior devas rank. Consequently, there is nobody who is either worker or laborer struggling for a living.

According to the wishes, all the food, clothes and everything else are sufficiently appearing by supernatural power, they only cultivate for the character to be magnanimous, admiring the others, pious towards their parent, faithful to their master, using no harsh speeches, no crafty acts like the secular peoples. It is impossible to tell all about that. Only those with an accurate degree who naturally emerge from meditation and reach that destination that could thoroughly witness the reality, it is not imagined towards in one place, which is called the fixed conception in order to reach and see it. That is the heresy.

Till now, the twentieth century presumably comes to an end; the twenty-first century has just begun. Science is still using the special substance for discovery, while the Blessed One and at present the Chief Monk of Long Hoa, Lord Supreme Maitreya has taught in the same manner. Those of divine-eyes, divine-ears, but lacking of the six supernatural powers of bodhisattvas should not hastily consider it to be imagination speaking.

The fairies, with their standard of living, the implements are far more superior, noble and skilful. This is impossible to describe in writing. Nevertheless, the bodhisattva emerging from meditation just reaches the destination. He is deservedly respected and welcomed by the fairies who intentionally are expected to receive the teaching of dharma. There are no words which could ever tell all about it.

The earth provides everything for human beings living in this secular world. Therefore, they could not separate from the earth-mind. For that reason, many wicked characters are bound to burst out. Human beings, who should rely upon the cultivation of correcting their character and practice for realization, should not cultivate in tendency of form. Otherwise, when departing from life, they could not separate from the earth, either. If the enlightened buddhist master hears and reads this part, he will sensibly comprehend without any suspecions as the scientists have. Science is based on the existing material, which is seen by the eye. For the master, having the super-super electronics, he discerns it without having secular eyes.

 “As for the nobility-correspondence, the fairy scenery or the fairy world is divided into heaven fairies and deity fairies which are two worlds having two extremely different features of correspondence and nobility with their utmost separation in each other. The heaven fairies reign the fairy scenery with their very superior nobility-correspondence, and splendid excellence, whereas the deity fairies possess the fairy world with their nobility-correspondence slightly inferior magnanimity and rougher than, in contrast, the heaven- fairies. Nevertheless, all the fairies take magic power as their fundamental and enjoyment as their apparition of nobility-correspondence. Therefore, their clothes, castles, environments all are manifested by the noble substance. Those of eminent supernatural power would accordingly enjoy it and entirely exploit the nobility-correspondence for peace and joy. Besides that, it is impossible to make use of existing material or talent intelligence. Just the same as the earth sphere that cannot apply the thoughts to succeed.”–TV

In the fairy world, there are also the heaven- fairy with its magnificent and beautiful residences and the deity- fairy with inferior landscape and material. Only human beings in the secular world are using materials taken from the earth. They have to make use of their manpower even the machines are created from their talent and intelligence. Pure thoughts without realization will bring nothing. While in the fairy world the deity fairies, through their thought, can get everything according to their wisheses without working. The heaven world only knows about the heaven world, the fairy world solely knows about the fairy world, the deity fairy exclusively knows about the deity fairy, so that they inadequately have the authority to travel from the heaven world to the fairy world. It is the same for all the worlds. For instance, human beings on the earth can only travel on this earth even travelling to the other planets; they are unable to see other living things because these are invisible. The bodhisattvas achieving the fruit of attainment can travel everywhere. The Buddhas are fully enlightened. Therefore, they perfectly appear all over in ten directions. For their apparition or disapparition that depends upon the disciple with the right degree who would ask for the salvation of living creatures then.

“The Supreme Enlightened One has thoroughly known the basic nature, quality and weight of all things combined by living creatures. So he has drawn the way to practice in order to collect all the original physical natures of every world and to be awakened. That is the comprehension of the dharma, otherwise, nothing else than that.

The science coming into the world has experienced and known every material within it what its nature and its quality are. During the dispensing or fitting of a machine, it has meticulously known about its structure in order to use it in all aspects such as: the computer, electronics, television, television broadcasting station to drugs in the pharmacy with its sufficient characteristics, clearly in accordance with its adequate quality and quantity without a tiny mistake.”–TV

The supreme truely enlightened, like the Lord Supreme Maitreya, has thoroughly known the nature, the quality and the weight of every living creature, so he has established the way of practice to help them to escape from suffering and reach the eternity.

Meanwhile, science coming into the world brings about comforts through every epoch, which is giving human beings satisfactory life, the drugs for disease treatment. Buddhism and science have evolved in parallelism, but science has not formed the eternal way in the human body.

“It is the same for the supreme enlightened. For the scientist, it is easy in his manufacture because he can by himself combine and create, relying on his true knowledge in the fitting of all parts of the machines which are completely material and silently operated without any obstruction. Therefore, it is very easy to maneuver.

As for the enlightened one who has thoroughly understood, and moreover known, where the mistake is, the calamity and the turbulent decadence in the mind and the body of human beings, and where the place of the wrong is. The human body has known itself and cried out for gratitude and salvation. But the Enlightened One, on the contrary, has the right to guide the initiation, while human beings, for their part, have to generate their mind to voluntarily correct themselves until success, besides it they have no right to oblige, this is very hard to dissolve. For that reason, the Buddha has said: “The Buddha neither saves the non-condition nor the fixed karma.

The scientist has to give up the correction of his own and even his own body has to resign with the stupidity of the way of birth and death. In this period, not only the earth-sphere has to bear everything, but all the Three Thousand Great Thousand Worlds do as well. The pure land, the dragon man, and living creatures have to become completely invalid for incalculable lifetimes. Why? Because each world, each matter, each thing and each place cannot go beyond its dimension, its limited weight to do something other than what it has done itself and received the subsequent result.”–TV

All the scientists, scholars who have manufactured spacecraft to explore the moon as well as the universe, should consider the above paragraph of sutra. It has just been written by the Lord Supreme Maitreya Buddha during this twentieth century. His image and handwriting proves it. It has been passed down for the secular word, and is still quite new. Those who believe that death is the end of everything should return to correct their own body. It is not too late for them to practice meditation under the guide of a succeeding bodhisattva, Buddhist master, in order to understand that the rebirth of dead human being continuing to live in another place is very true, indeed.

“But how strange it is! The entire world wrongly believes that Buddhism is in degeneration. The error resides in every individual of every country. But the Buddhist believers are unexpectedly numerous, and they are seeking for the extremity. Each of them is basing uniquely on the Buddhist doctrine, so that he learns by heart every word of it. But it is strangely worth nothing and that is of the most importance in this article.

Why? Because the common have not yet completely received the four minds, how could they conclude the truth of liberation? ”–TV

All the living creatures understand according to their wrong individual taste. The four minds are divided into four different kinds of recognition. Therefore, they hardly know each other: the living creature mind is called the transformed mind. The fairy and deity mind is called the generated mind. The bodhisattva mind is the existential-mind, and the Buddha mind is the comprehensive mind.

The Tathagata store in general includes the four minds. All living creatures have only the transformed mind through learning and studying, making it the base of knowledge for development of every branch. The Supreme Enlightened One, like the Lord, has fully known the four minds, which are the Tathagata store. Living creatures are running after their transformed mind then being born in false hope and confusion.  Buddhism considers the transformed mind to be the countless initial conditionals of birth and destruction, destruction and birth.

 “The transformed mind is the motor of development in the human body and mind. Generally speaking, it is the development source of the whole universe of three thousand worlds. It elevates human life to be mature, clever, and lively in all the branches and is divided into numerous branches such as science and technology. All the careers, all the doctors, engineers and educated men in this twentieth century obviously see that the fundamental living of the entire world has resulted from the transformed mind.”–TV                                                                                 

Due to the statute of the transformed mind, from the educated man to all human beings, they are alternatively joyful and sorrowful, happy and unhappy, collected and angry, in concord and disaccord. Momentary in disaccord they experience suffering. Therefore, Buddhism instructs the living creatures to understand thoroughly the Tathagata store of four minds in order to avoid such erroneous states.

“For human beings, heaven beings, fairy transformations in the whole universe of three thousand worlds, the transformed mind is the main point of the Four Species. Therefore, the universe of three thousand worlds has lived with duality, in different states of happiness and unhappiness, gain and loss, presence and absence would never yet be with comfort. Why?

Because the transformed mind depends on the nature of the individual who generates itm even the doctors, engineers, educated men and all the other classes are within the four characteristics, which are difficult matters to explain. The four characteristics are morality, immorality, brutality and malice. That is difficult to explain.

The teaching of Buddha considers the transformed mind to be the source of confusion, so it said: all the false hopes are confusion.”–TV

Even the doctors, engineers, educated men could not escape from the statute of the transformed mind. Having been living in duality, which is alternatively happy and unhappy, gain and loss, presence and absence...the Buddha has the enlightened mind toward the suchness mind that is truly supreme. The teaching of Buddha considers the statute of the transformed mind to be the interminable source of confusion.

“The super supreme speaks about the Four Species, mankind and the fairy scenery in the Three Thousands Great Thousand Worlds. Even the educated men, philosophers or great men of modern times are within the false transformed mind. Why? Because the generated mind is still reborn, the existential mind still subsists; the entire comprehension still comprehends fully all beings and matters. Nevertheless, they themselves never fully comprehend the path of supremacy.

 “For that reason, when entering the Buddhist path, human beings have first to detach joyfully all things from their body and mind, clearing up the transformed mind, then respectfully bow and worship the Buddha. They should also rely on the Triple Gem to practice according to the morality and doctrine, making it the base of the dissolution of karma.”–TV

Even an educated man is subjected to the transformed mind. The transformed mind is still in the cycle of birth and destruction, called the birth-destruction mind. The existential mind of the scientist is due to the individual innateness that promptly understands what of his faculty is. However, it still remains in the statute of being known because there is still thinking so there is the transformed mind. Even for those who entirely comprehend; that is due to the matter. Thence, the transformed mind initially generates. For that reason, to escape from the birth and destruction of the transformed mind, the educated man and scientists have to correct and clear their body and mind. That means they have to detach joyfully all rebellious things happening to them until the conclusion. Then their mind is no longer transforming and they can gradually restore the enlightened mind and the suchness mind. The entirely comprehensive-mind uses the hearing-seeing-knowing that means using the Tathagata store to alter and dissolve karma, they can attain the suchness mind. The bodhisattvas cultivating the perfect prajna fully attain the suchness mind. Only the Buddhas utterly comprehend the suchness mind. Their hearing-seeing-knowing universally perceive all over.

“For those who are aware of their own nature and dissolve their transformed mind, they ought to need the guide of the awakened one, why? Because the transformed mind achieving the generated mind founded on the liberation way is a problem given to faithful disciples in order to be liberated through just one lifetime instead of a thousand lifetimes without liberation. The most important thing in the way of Buddhist practice is from the transformed mind toward the generated mind in conformity with the liberation spirit to be liberated. Otherwise, they will remain in the birth and death cycle even through a thousand lifetimes of practice.”–TV

Referring to the above paragraph of sutra, the true Buddhist believers must understand that, in their practice for liberation, they have to meet the one who has already been liberated to make the salvation for them. Having met him, if they fully have confidence-obedience-respect, they simply need a lifetime to achieve it. Many of them have met the Chief Monk of Long Hoa, but they were indifferent and without the spirit of seeking for enlightenment until the lord had departed from life. They are still not yet attaining enlightenment. With their lack of enthusiaism, even in a thousand more lifetimes, if they would meet the Enlightened One it would be just like they did not meet at all. In this Final Law Period, many of those who assumed the transformed mind, the generated mind believed themselves to be the Buddha. That actually is the mistake of incalculable lifetimes.

“In the generated mind that depends upon the transformed mind, every individual attains it accordingly. Some have attained the no-birth dharma patience; others have attained the samadhi dharma subject of real form and formless. Others are relying on the equality nature and mind to practice the way, mastering the mountains, rivers and earth elements afterward the generated mind thus acquires the dharma body.

After having acquired, all the true disciples do not need to use the mind any more. Why? Because the wisdom is situated in the base of the transformed mind that belongs to generating thought in which Buddhism calls the fictitious self. There are, in this period, a lot of disciples who are erroneous in their way of practice. They are assuming the transformed mind, falsely seeking for the transformed mind, and are thus very much being known, practicing because of their desire of generated mind. Furthermore, they are relying on their education degree to recognize the truth, so how could they understand it? Because of this root condition, they are attaining the emptiness, the mind is generated to be higher pride practicing in the dimness, and only a few of them have truly attained the emptiness. They still rely on the dharma doctrine neither separating the dharma conduct nor staying away from the dharma school that is called the conduct of vow.”–TV

Those of mahayana also understand the transformed mind and afterward know the generated mind. Nevertheless, they are still superficial not as profound as the bodhisattva who understands the transformed mind entirely. The knowledge, learning, study all belong to the transformed mind and the transformed mind belongs to the thought generating it. Many of those are wrongly proclaiming themselves to be the Buddha by the transformed mind creating it. From the enlightened mind to the suchness mind, one who can fully understand the transformed mind without mistaking anymore about it, no matter how superior their intelligence may be, they could not emerge from the belt of birth and death either.

All the scientists should refer to the transformed mind, and try to find out the suchness mind. Then they will see a new and marvelous horizon in themselves and then will have a naturally brilliant manner with nothing in comparison with. There is not another way than that; they should search for the Buddha and bodhisattva’s footprint to follow it. No matter what religion or non-religion the educated man belong to, that still brings about the super mind, which is very beneficial for themselves and mankind. By then, they could actually know that there is only Buddhism that can thoroughly penetrate the super science and also would clearly affirm the wisdom of the educated man in the secular world and with the suchness mind of the enlightened one in the secular world as well. But that does not result from leaving the family and rupturing the love, or from the vegetarian diet and the non-vegetarian diet, or from the convent and the temple either. There is no restriction required whatsoever in this practice, not depending upon any dogmatic subject.

 8.9  The  Bodhisattvas' Great  Vows  Of Constructing Living Creatures

“The Visvabhavera Bodhisattva has vowed to help the disciples in the practice for diligent vow, the Manjusri has vowed to help the practice for wisdom vow, the Mahasthama-Prapta has vowed to help all the practice for the principle transformed mind vow. The Avalokitesvara has vowed to save the sufferering vow and to dissolve disasters vow. And all the bodhisattvas have vowed to help living creatures to achieve the would-be Buddha Vow. At that time, the Eastern Land Bhaisajyaguru emitted the yellow- yellow light, white- white light vowing to help living creatures to practice the insight vow. The Western Land Amitabha has wishesed the rebirth in the pure land vow. All the devas fairies deities and dragon men have never yet known about it, how could the disciples in the four orders understand fully what the Buddhas have done? The bodhisattvas have vowed to help living creatures to change gradually their nature and construct their abilities.”–TV

The Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva often saves all the disciples who practice for liberation in the first stage to cross over the dissolution of suffering. The disciple himself dissolves his own sufferings. That is just the conduct of the Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva.

On being lazy, the disciple consciously rises up and energetically overcomes all dharma. That is just the conduct of the Visvabrada in accordance with the body. There is accurate correspondence there is immediately apparition. Examining of the entire body and mind, there is no more the seed nature of living creatures. That is the apparition of bodhisattva nature. The wisdom generates sensible and sharp insight. That is the conduct of the Mahasthama-prapta. While preaching, one first hears oneself then judging there is no more transformed mind, the generated mind that is the vow of the Manjusri.

The devas and fairies have never yet known about the salvation of the Buddhas, because the Buddhas have appeared in the essentially physical body of the Samadhi. Those, who have not yet acquired the Samadhi, would not be able to know it; therefore, the disciples who still maintain in the mind and nature of living creatures will never understand about the Buddhas' salvation. That is quite right.

“In the construction of the abilities and nature, its principle depends upon the living creatures and the Four Species who should rise up for the construction by themselves. The Buddhas and the bodhisattvas could not construct in place of Living Creatures. For that reason, the highly faithful disciples who even would not yet rise up to overcome all dharma and circumstances, yet dissolve by themselves the stupidity and just keep on supplicating and praying, could never yet achieve one day of practice.”–TV

The bodhisattvas practicing the prajna-mind and the vow of dhrani transformed mind fully attain the enlightened mind towards the suchness mind. Therefore, they are repeatedly reciting to resolve all dharma any time.

“The Buddhas have taught the bodhisattvas to leave their ego, without clinging, but clinging. Clinging, but without clinging, that is just the getting in and out the circumstance without hesitation to receive the dharma of great compassion dharani principle nature. Therefore, there are these words: the non-ego bodhisattvas received the eight elements great ego, while living creatures with their ego remain in stupidity.”–TV

Without clinging, but clinging that means detaching from the dharma, but knowing how to clear the dharma. For example, in the presence of living with a malicious character, i do not act maliciously. However, i have to know meticulously how the bad effect of seed nature’s malice is. Whenever meeting them i will always be alert, but i will not behave as they do.

Clinging, but without clinging: that means while penetrating the dharma sphere, the disciple should examine and understand thoroughly, but should not apply it in unsuitable situations. For instance, when the Lord was still alive, through his teachings, the disciples interestingly preached to everybody whatever they have heard strictly according to His words. That made the other people, who are without sickness, mistakenly ingest it and created more sickness. In His teaching, he has taught the bodhisattvas that they should neither follow strictly nor separate the sutra, they should explicitly understand the application of all dharma to the Triple-Canon Sutra and without clinging, but clinging, clinging but without clinging.

“The bodhisattva often puts himself, his position or his body in the circumstance of living creatures to see and understand it clearly in order to resolve and help living creatures without discriminating between the good and the bad, the purity and the impurity, aiming at the living creatures’ benefit. The bodhisattva is neither ashamed nor pleased; because of living creatures he keeps on enduring. Therefore, he has been going through many lifetimes undergoing the dharma salvation, saving a lot of living creatures and is then free from faults. He has accumulated a great deal of beneficence, which is matchless to anyone; that is the bodhisattva's offering to the Tathagata. That makes the Tathagata eulogize him. Therefore, he has acquired the appearance of the essential samadhi form.”–TV                                                                         

In order to entirely attain the bodhisattva’s seed-nature, the venerables and the saints should diligently realize the gift of fearlessness, aiming to offer to the Tathagata. The bodhisattva does not hesitate between the good and bad, the purity and the impurity, making the living creatures realize to save the living creatures nature. When the mind is disengaged, he then could acquire self satisfaction. Having the self satisfaction, he could achieve purity, impurity and the appearance of the essential samadhi form. From experience, the disciple must truly sacrifice, aiming to save the living creature nature and deservingly the Tathagata Buddha initiates the seale attestation. Very rare are those who practice self satisfaction able to attain it. They are only realizing the self-satisfaction according to their personal desire. It is by practicing in Long Hoa association and meeting the Lord Supreme Maitreya that we can fully understand this dharma of self-satisfaction.

“Why is the unique way of the buddhayana easy to hear, but difficult to realize or easy to realize, but difficult to hear? It is easy to hear, but difficult to realize because of insufficiency in each degree of practice. One must completely understand the important of the direct retribution of one's previous existence and the receiving results of one's deeds in the incalculable meanings. Otherwise, it is easy to realize according to the sense desire, but hard to hear the Buddha's words.” –TV

The Mahayana way is to be joyful and detached to correct and resolve clearly the living creature nature. The unique vehicle way is called the buddhayana, which is correct to resolve clearly the living creature nature and manipulate all dharma. Therefore, it is prompt to understand through the hearing, but the realization without perfection, closeness and clarification of the dharma form like Buddha that is difficult to realize.

If it is easy to realize, but difficult to hear, that means the realization according to the wish of Buddha, is still remaining in karma- fetter. Therefore, they are not throughly hearing and understanding. While self-control is not yet sufficient, the realization is not accurate with the principle guideline of the Buddhas. That is called easy to realize, but difficult to hear.

“The bodhisattva has recognized what all the dharma of favor and unfavor, happiness and unhappiness, in whatever situation is. He always feels natural and does not see it as the situation. Why?

The bodhisattva admits the enlightened form thoroughly and understands the dharma. He is free from the generated mind. His mind is not rebellious against the situation, thus he is willing to deliver all dharma of favor and unfavor to the peaceful and joyful place. His admission is just for awakening. On the seed nature, the Buddha cannot see the living creatures, the bodhisattvas. He only sees that all are Tathagata's representatives appearing correspondingly to Tathagata, offering to Tathagata and are equal to the Buddhas. For that reason, the Buddhas are too close to the living creatures, too equal, extremely natural and excessively familiar so they cannot teach and save the living creatures, only the bodhisattvas can do that.”–TV

The bodhisattva achieving the enlightened form of all dharma, entirely comprehends and sees all dharma of favor and unfavor, so his hearing-seeing-knowing are not mistaken. There are many disciples who preach the dharma excellently. Nevertheless, they are unable to understand and see the dharma in front of them. The seed nature of the Buddha nature is precisely that of the Tathagata. Such is the origin of each seed nature; it is necessary to know thoroughly its species to make appropriate use of its physical nature, quality and weight, in order to inherit the truth. The seed nature of the Buddha is obviously clear while the seed nature of the living creature is entangled. Therefore, these two seed natures are a million miles apart and cannot see each other. The seed nature of bodhisattva is ascendant, which is still on the way of salvation and cultivating the dharma of the equality to the perfection. Consequently, the seed nature of Buddha contains the seed nature of living creature and the seed nature of bodhisattva that is not the seed-nature of Buddha and there is everywhere the unique appearance of the Tathagata nature.

The Buddha and the living creatures are very far, but also very close to each other. It is far because the living creatures are being polluted thus they do not know the Buddha. And the Buddhas are originally like the living creatures who cultivate and attain the enlightenment. For that reason, they have thoroughly known the living creatures and understood every aspect of living creatures without deficiency, even any species with their origin and effect, which is too equal as if in manipulation of it there should be inequality in every aspect. It is extremely natural, because the Buddhas are originally from the living creatures and know living creatures well without mistake. It is excessively familiar because without living creatures there is no foundation for cultivating to be the Buddha. It is unable to save living creatures because the living creatures are just living creatures; the Buddhas are just Buddhas they cannot be mixed with each other so that it is impossible for the deliverance. It is only by living creatures themselves, with sufficient merits and adequate repentance, that they are capable of insight to alter the nature of the saint, to the bodhisattva then to the Buddha. Once having the Buddha nature, they really understand that the living creatures are living creatures, the Buddhas are Buddhas, and they are too far, but close, and too close, but far from each other. That is actually excellent, only the bodhisattva who are still cultivating then can satisfactorily save the living creatures.

Due to the immense differences of the two seed natures of living creatures and Buddhas, when the Buddha comes into the world the living creatures would not be able to meet him. Only the bodhisattva, on the way of conducting their vow and realizing their vow waiting to become the Buddha, could save the living creatures. It is supposed that the living creatures could have met the Buddha but they would have not heard the Buddha’s words. Exclusively, those who have the ascendant will such as the bodhisattva with the will of leaving their ego rather like to live in the Tathagata sea than the Buddha dharma, even though yet being the bodhisattva still be able to meet the Buddha. Most living creatures only meet the Buddha through the pictures, the statues carved by wood or cement...for admiring, worshipping and supplicating.  Only those of enlightened form who just hear about the Buddha can recognize his appearance in a body of four elements like living creatures, but different from them.

How wonderful it is - the stupidity with the enlightenment - the Buddha and the living creatures.

“Diligence is a complete dharma-subject for the three faculties, from the small faculty, the great faculty, to the supreme faculty. All are due to the merits that accomplish the abilities then to the diligent force.

 The diligent force leans on the visvabhavera conduct. The great bodhisattvas have practiced well, leaned on the diligent to comprehend perfectly the seed nature of the four saints, knew meticulously every instant of the manipulation in the transmigration of the production and destruction, the destruction and production of the dharma world. Because of that, the living creatures are thus stupid and become the living creatures’ world. The difference between the great bodhisattva and the buddha consists only in the entire achievement and the yet unfinished achievement.”–TV

About the diligent force, the great bodhisattvas have completely penetrated all dharma; whichever dharma also laid in the category of the no-birth therefore there is no more laziness. Having no laziness apparently it is needless to be diligent. Being diligent in this case is still having the sickness of strictly following the sutra without expounding the meaning of it.

The unique career vehicle disciples are neither lazy nor diligent; thus they can understand thoroughly the meticulous manipulation in the transmigration of the birth and death, the death and birth of all dharma. Having neither death nor birth, that is precisely the no-birth. The great bodhisattvas have fully attained the meticulous dharma world; the Buddhas have entirely comprehended the meticulous dharma world.

“The dharma subject of diligence begins from the outset in the sincere mind as well as the fervent mind that brings about the contemporary disciples to generate their bodhi mind, seeking for the dharma. These disciples often experience through the system of admiring the dharma, loving the dharma thus understanding the dharma. From the determined   bodhi to the determined bodhisattva cultivating for the great bodhisattva, those with insufficient diligence have difficulty in their success. The diligence has to be accompanied with the ability to digest an insult to provide a basic wisdom which enlightens and communicates to all meditation, called the concentrated wisdom.”–TV

Those practicing the dharma subject of enlightenment all have to admire the dharma then to love the dharma and thus could understand the dharma. Those who do not love the dharma, practicing with indifference and without enthusiasms in the penetration of all dharma, would not be enlightened.

During this Final Law Period, the Lord Chief Monk of Long Hoa, Maitreya Buddha has frequently reminded the true disciples of the sincere mind, they should love the dharma. Having done so, the disciples could have faith and conduct the vow according to the lord’s words to realize without stepping back in the presence of unfavorable and rebellious dharma. Life is rough, that makes the disciple energetically determine and clearly resolved to achieve the determined bodhi, the determined bodhisattva. That is the treading path of the great bodhisattva. 

The disciples practicing the determined bodhi to the determined bodhisattva are very rare, indeed. Those should have an immensely profound root faculty: they should be persistent in resolving meticulously all the favorable and unfavorable dharma without deficiency in order to be accurate with the spirit of the bodhisattva. The disciples with diligence, in accompanying with ability to digest an insult, clearly enlighten all dharma and entirely understand their origin without mistake. That is called the right concentration. Having the right concentration, there is immediately the comprehensive wisdom; therefore, whatever in transforming dharma, that will achieve the no-birth completely. The dharma subject of the Buddhas is executed meticulously, truly in resolving and manipulating all dharma by the bodhisattva. It is neither simplicity nor generalization of a unilateral aspect like those of Mahayana.

The more the advance, the more careful he must be toward the dharma subject of the Buddha, which includes the four bases of sympathy, the six perfections, compassion-will-courage, faith-conduct-vow and morality-concentration-wisdom. The bodhisattvas should assume these to be their baggage until fully attaining the enlightened mind towards the suchness mind expanding and directly indicating the words of the Buddhas’ instruction.

“The bodhisattvas rank have no more self-pride, self-esteem, self-importance, self-intention, self-interest as well as self-generating. Why? Because those of self-pride, self-esteem, self-importance, and self-intention are the fictitious dharma which frequently is subject to the production and destruction, the impurity or purity, not yet belonging to the physical nature of suchness of all dharma. Furthermore, the self-pride, self-esteem, self-importance to the self-intention immediately generates itself to be higher pride, which distorts with the path of liberation. The bodhisattva actually knows that these characters are still tolerated, impregnated and firmly preserved by itself, even though in preaching and explaining with the word is seemingly the Buddha, but that is still the words of mara.”–TV

It is very difficult to step forward from the living creatures to the seed nature of bodhisattva. Due to the living creatures embracing the seed-karma in the living creature nature, they have to generate their mind willingly to step forward in creating the capacity to receive the precious dharma. It is easy to understand the buddha dharma through theory. However, the resolution of birth and death, the realization of enlightenment is extremely difficult.

The bodhisattva pays attention to examine carefully numerous disciples with their seed nature of living creature not yet clear, still having the self- importance, self- intention, self-satisfaction, self-generating which all are the dharma of production and destruction. Although with the excellent preaching just like the Buddha, but which is still the preaching of mara, that is not the attaining of enlightenment. When the bodhisattva, maha bodhisattva attains completely the right enlightenment they discern neither the attainment nor the practice, and leave the right enlightenment entering the right meditation then leave the right meditation. Therefore, appearing in the essential samadhi form to save the living creatures is unthinkable.

“The bodhisattvas have to eliminate the seed-natures of miserliness, revenge, envy and mean spirit. These would never mature to be the Buddha. Why? Because miserliness generates the revenge and vileness which is the hidden place of living creature’s seed-nature resting in the hungry devil animals and hell. Moreover, the bodhisattva's seed nature is essential to receive the dharma world thoroughly. From the seed nature of living creature nature in every place, every embracing karma, there are countless facts of generations in the universe of three thousand worlds. From that place of generation, the embracing seed discovers the sceneries, the spheres that name the superior birth and inferior continually.

The bodhisattva reviews in the body and mind, in the wishes and fulfillment, then he can understand that those of laziness are the resistance one. The resistance and laziness generate doubt, and the doubt itself generates a thousand dharma worlds, endless dharma worlds, which are a place of ceaseless birth and death.”–TV                                                                              

Many disciples of long time practice are often caught with the embracing subtle seed of living creature nature gravely and profoundly. Even those at whichever level of practice, and not yet clearing it up are still remaining in the living creature, becoming the Buddha, which is the Buddha with the dharma world of that living creatures only. As far as the Buddhism is concerned, it aims to save the living creatures to resolve the karma, to liberate from birth and death. The bodhisattvas have to clear off the karma fetter. That is the highest necessity. It is very subtle and difficult to see; furthermore, it is extremely delicate. The disciple with a disengaged mind who cannot discern it, should apply the procedure of the wonderful observation of the mind to comprehend it perfectly.

“For that reason, the bodhisattvas have vowed to acquire diligence and the great vow of compassion-will-courage to overcome every dharma world and dissolve the doubt. The bodhisattvas have fully known this doubtful attachment, as if he does not yet dissolve the seed nature of living creature, thus which sediment would carry the fruit of karma of that seed nature. Similarly the emerald bowl would never contain filthy foods. The bodhisattva admits to understand thoroughly a thousand of ways, which are still having nauseating quality, due to the above justification. Therefore, the bodhisattva has to dissolve and eliminate clearly all the seed nature of living creature to be definitive in the rank of the determined bodhisattva to practice for enlightenment.”–TV

The bodhisattva admits to understand thoroughly a thousand ways: that is simple on hearing, but complex in practice because if just one dharma sphere is not yet dissolved completely, those are still carrying the fruit of karma of that seed nature. Therefore, many disciples became the Buddha World by proclaiming themselves to be the Buddhas. Out of a hundred disciples acquiring the supreme truth, there are ninety-nine disciples entering into and embracing the Buddha world. Having entered into embracing the Buddha world, which is due to the karma-faculty, karma-consciousness, karma impediment, karma defilement, karma aggregate, and karma fetter, it is incredibly difficult to be liberated.

For those who have not yet acquired the comprehension to perfection, the emerging and entering of all dharma are not yet clearly understood. The reason and fact are not yet parallel. Those are still subject to self-intention. Consequently, they are still in self-interest. Having embraced in the sphere, they are prevented by all kinds of the above karma. That makes it more difficult to receive the Buddha’s appearance. The reality is so, and there are many disciples who have met the Buddha; nevertheless, with the lack of confidence-obedience-respect, they still have not acquired either.

“The bodhisattva recognizes the reason why the disciples have not yet achieved in practice, yet have a reason and fact to be proven and have to go around with their living-creatures nature to embrace the karma. Because of yet being cleared therefore the reason and fact are not in parallel and they are practicing only in wish fulfillment seeking for achievement, but never attain it. Meanwhile, the bodhisattva is never seeking for achievement, but attains it, because the bodhisattva has corrected from the deep root. Therefore, all dharma return to the origin until no more is left. Then he can be clear.

The bodhisattva knows well the origin of living creatures’ seed nature which is caught with mistakes and embracing the karma, carrying the dharma world of being born. Due to the progressive scenes and adverse circumstances of daily life, they frequently experience hardships in the progressive scene and would never yet be comfortable like the bodhisattva.”–TV

having not yet paralleled reason and fact, that means the not yet paralleled virtue and wisdom, the disciple should wait until either a prospective occasion or lifetimes with an abundance of abilities and merits or when he can meet the one-rebirth bodhisattva who is realizing his vow and waiting to become the Buddha, attesting for this disciple, so that he could definitively become a bodhisattva, just like the one whom is excellent equivalently to the doctor. However, he should attend a national examination and successfully graduate with a proficient degree then should be professionally appointed before he can have the right authority.

At that time, the Lord Supreme Maitreya has said that: Even the bodhisattva who is excellent, if he is not yet attested by a Buddha, he will not be given the Buddha-power either. Indeed, the life as well as the dharma, these are two, but they are just in one and they are just in one, but they are the separate two. The bodhisattva corrects his deeply radical nature that means he corrects every subtle seed-karma in his own body. Only with a smallest unit, he clearly understands it. That leads to the incalculable attainment. Even in a minimal surface, if he would eliminate it, it leads to immeasurable acquisition. That is, the bodhisattva corrects his deeply radical nature, every minuscule. Therefore, he recurs to his original mind. It is precisely the dharma world of initial birth, initial death, purity and impurity, increase and decrease, which create the belt of transmigration of birth and death.

“The bodhisattva has known it well. From the thinking of the character in the seed nature, from the thought that develops the recollection, the thought masters the consideration (the thinking), which matures in the contemplation to the concentration then appears the act. Therefore, it is said: the thought is the mother of the act. This act depends on the class level of each living creature that has each act. The chief object where it generates the character is also the nature and mind of action, which is no other than the concordance between living creatures, or the discordance that generates the favorable and unfavorable scenes, which are the two ways that living creatures have to undergo.

The bodhisattva has actually known it, even more than that. Therefore, he truly acquired the no-birth. Owing to his strict continuity of body, speech and thought he has the majesty and power of a bodhisattva. The bodhisattva has then proclaimed: just as a word that he immediately comprehends, the Buddha makes all to rely on the bodhisattva, it is precisely the way that the bodhisattva saves the living creatures.”–TV

The bodhisattva obviously knows that the thought masters the thinking so he relies upon the thinking to carry it out then acquires the no-birth. The thinking without realization would create the dharma. The bodhisattva with his body, speech and thought are into one without dualistic forms would get the continuity. He needs only a word to perceive without mistake which calls just a word that he immediately comprehends the known-seen Buddha. Having communicated with the Buddha power, that is unthinkable, the bodhisattva has the continuity of unique form then enters the mindfulness to bow down to the Buddhas.

“When the bodhisattva comprehends perfectly, he leans on the diligent practice in the principal contemplation; the bodhisattva often contemplates the dharma-subject contemplating of the Avalokitesvara. Tathagata Buddha is the satisfying way of bodhisattva. This way admits adequately the purity and impurity by which all appears for the salvation. The bodhisattva often puts himself in the progressive scene and existing circumstance of living creatures to save them. For that reason, the bodhisattva perfectly comprehends in the hearing, seeing and knowing. That is called: the appearance of the essential samadhi form.”–TV

After the disciple has delivered the sufferings of living creatures’ nature in his body, he has then attained the bodhisattvahood and is recognized to be a bodhisattva by the promulgation of the Buddhas’ attestation. At that time, the bodhisattva has then practiced the dharma of the Avalokitesvara Tathagata Buddha, leaning on the hearing-seeing-knowing in the Tathagata Buddha, aiming to penetrate deeply in the vast sea and understand clearly the prajna.

“The bodhisattva’s appearance in the essential form has left his ego as well as possessive ego without self-pride, self-intention, and self-interest. The bodhisattva is clairvoyant and altruistic, so he can thoroughly understand the real form and formless of the samadhi’s dharma-subject, directing the real and unreal, the unreal and real. That is the attainment of the prajna. He is then called maha bodhisattva. He has no more arising suffering or secular pollution because he has already experienced the seed-nature of living creatures’ nature and bodhisattva’s nature to acquire truly.”–TV

 Acquiring the real form and formless of the samadhi’s dharma-subject is unique. Nevertheless, the bodhisattva should still realize thousands of dharma of the supernatural samadhi to acquire it truly. Leaving the fullness and taking the ceaseless, he thoroughly perceives the noneness of ceaseless reaching the enlightened form and Buddha form. He is then to be named as the maha bodhisattva. He entirely understands the no-birth, no-extinction. He then desists from the arising suffering and secular pollution. At that time, he clearly sees and knows that living creatures are mistakenly caught at the dharma world of all worlds as well as all sceneries in the Three Thousand Great Thousand Worlds.

“The Mahasattva recognizes that, long before, the wisdom of living creatures belonged to the perfect Tathagata Mind, the Tathagata, which cannot point out, and the Perfect Tathagata that konow how to clarify it. But this handbook is aimed to transmit for all the disciples recognizing the truth and carrying it out in the way of dissolving death and birth, for that reason, it should explain as the above.”–TV

Living creatures originally belong to the perfectly comprehensive wisdom of Tathagata, but when they are attached and consolidating a seed nature, they are caught with the consciousness store. This consciousness store is also the Tathagata's seed, which belongs to the Tathagata store. Living creatures are consolidating their store to maintain themselves according to the reason of good and bad, right and wrong. Finally, the Tathagata cannot be shown as fixation because that is originally its physical nature. Only the maha bodhisattva, who has the enlightened form, could entirely attain the perfect comprehension of Tathagata and resolve birth and death, death and birth.

Each living creature receives a various and unequal consciousness-store, which is due to the seed-nature embracing in variety. Therefrom living creatures wrongly run after the birth and death. Therefore, it is impossible to dissolve living creatures' consciousness karma and faculty karma by literature. It is only the disciples with both knowledge and practice, called the deep penetration of the dharma world, who can recognize the perfect comprehension in the Tathagata and put an end to their mistake.

“As for the maha bodhisattva; first of all, he must be the one who attained the prajna mind. When the prajna mind is fluently able to emerge and enter the entire awareness, then he acquires the mahasattva. The disciple has to follow the way of the four bases of sympathy and six perfections to achieve the prajna mind. It is said in the above passage: you should not make use of the nothingness by leaving the mind thus to be clung, it is very harmful to the way of practice and distorted with the spirit of liberation.”–TV

It is so ordinary for the disciple to hear about the four bases of sympathy and six perfections. However, as far as the maha bodhisattva is concerned, his way of practice does not leave the four bases of sympathy and six perfections because these are the forte subjects of the buddhas. As for the four bases of sympathy and six perfections, the higher the practice, the more he should thoroughly understand meticulously close to the reality and he should no longer practice generally. Leaning on the prajna mind, he comprehends the embracing subtle seed meticulously in the consciousness so that he can thoroughly understand the prajna mind. It is by just hearing a phrase, a speech, a tiny deportment that the maha bodhisattva can thoroughly perceive, in the formless that can be seen by him. He is not making use of the nothingness. So he should not be clung to the nothingness, which is very harmful to the way of practice, distorted with the spirit of complete liberation through wisdom.

“The mahasattva has already resolved the three purposes such as the living creatures’ nature, bodhisattva nature and Buddha nature, thus he practices to attain the utmost end of ignorance. Then the ignorance is ended, yet the bodhisattva completely exterminates the ignorance. Therefore, he is fluently clean, without the Buddha’s seed, which is the Buddha nature. The bodhisattva becomes the Buddha to save the living beings and undergoes to construct the sacred nation, the aspectual form that is invariability, permanent tranquillity and eternity.”–TV

The maha bodhisattvas have already resolved the three purposes of the living creatures’ nature, bodhisattva nature and Buddha nature. Firstly, he leans on the dharma sphere to understand clearly and penetrate deeply in the dharma sphere in order to dissolve the sphere. Secondly, he leans on the initial birth and initial death, aiming to acquire the no-birth and resolve the birth and death. Thirdly, he enters into all dharma to cultivate and understand the dharma thus accomplishing the bodhihood. Once resolving fluently these three purposes, the bodhisattva practices to attain the utmost end of ignorance, to understand entirely the ignorance. For that reason, there are no more Buddha’s seeds to be entangled; the bodhisattva eventually constructs the sacred nation to enter the eternity.

“The Mahasattva penetrates deeply the true will of the Buddha’s words which instructs to guide the living creatures on the way to liberation. The Buddhas strongly recommended all disciples should neither be attached nor clung, should abandon definitively the confused and dreamy reason and action, should cultivate to admit the practice by the stainless dharma that the outcome would be a measureless position, indefinite position; they would understand the infinite position to liberate completely in order to enter Nirvana. The threshold of Nirvana is thus to be enlightened. Therefore, the Buddha has said: There is non-acquisition, but acquisition, non-attainment but attainment, non-reach but reach. Non-merits are called merits. Non-body is called body. These sealed-indications of the Buddha-principle only the mahasattvas have comprehended.”–TV

The true will means the sincere truth of the blessed one. The mahasattva has entirely perceived the truth, so they have sincerely guided living creatures to practice following the way of liberation through wisdom.

It is with abundant stained merits that lead to the stainless merits that the outcome would be incalculable and immeasurable completely to liberation. For that reason, the Buddha has said: there are without merits that are called the merits, without reach but reach, and without body that is called the body. That is the directly minded-seal also called the direct indication. The mahasattva has understood the hearing-seeing-knowing comprehensively, without any doubt attachment at all, without achieving the merits but there is the merits, without the dharma-body, but there is still the dharma-body, and without seeing the acquisition of himself, but there is the acquisition.

The mahasattvas deeply penetrates the dharma world adequately from the secular world to the outside of the secular world to know how the living creatures are being polluted, what they received such as the happiness and unhappiness, joyfulness and sadness, nobility and coarseness, beauty and ugliness. They are deserving of whatever they have worked for; nobody has given what they have not received. Having penetrated the dharma-world adequately, the mahasattva standing in the aspectual form has fully known to dissolve and manipulate the samadhi righteously, continuously, fluently and excellently that is truly liberation and nothing other than that.

The aspectual form of the body belongs to the fixed dharma world that is never changeable. Nevertheless, it alters all the seeds in the body; therefore, it could say it is not different, but different. It is always impossible to liberate from an unchangeable situation, but fortunately, now having the Buddha power, it appears to help so it can liberate to be reborn in the standard of tranquillity and stability.

Such a disciple is not different, but different. In an obstructed, dead-end situation he is still able to liberate from the situation, this disciple knows every particularity of seed he has to complete adequately the deficiency. For those who hope in the practice to correct the realistic wisdom, but with deficient abilities, there is difficulty to overcome the subtle death and birth. Therefore, it is very hard to understand it. Because the bodhisattva’s dharma is close to the universe, his eye can see and his ear can hear all particularly, whereas the arahants have just opened the eyes that belong to the rank of mahayana, and are unable to understand thoroughly the dharma of the unique career vehicle either.

Nowadays, there are about a quarter of Buddhist believers around the globe who are practicing Buddhism. Unfortunately, very few of them are seeking for the way of liberation. It is extremely rare ones who generate their mind for the great vow.

All the scientists should intentionally observe the aspectual form with its origin from the formation- existence – destruction - nothingness. It depends upon the situation thus to be accordant with and transformed by it. In fact, it is never having the annihilation. The supreme enlightened one relies on it to understand clearly, but does not annihilate it. That is called relying on the birth and death to dissolve the death and birth thus comprehending eternally.

Science is using the materials to fabricate and discover many new marvelous things providing for mankind sufficiently a comfort of living as well as all kinds of medicine to cure diseases. However, all human beings just live within a limited period of lifetime and finally have to undergo, with the same predestination which accords to their daily life, every minute, every second and disposed in the birth and death cycle.

8.10 Because Of Mistakes It Transforms

“The supreme enlightened one has fully understood that the stupidity has no root, contrarily, it has the source, because it results from the living creatures' ego. Therefore, he has indicated living creatures to leave their ego and to rely on the non-ego to seek for the great truth relying on the multitude of rivers gradually to flow into the vast sea. The Buddhist Master has spoken on this point, he likely appeared to be contemplated then praised with himself: how difficult the way to the enlightenment is. I myself have experienced through countless difficulties and now arrive at the vast sea, but it is hard to explain it to all living beings as they are still wandering in the dream and yet awake. My power is the power of the immense ocean, whereas the abilities of living creatures are just like the sea foam floating on the waves.”–TV

Stupidity has no root; as if, it has the root - thus the practice would never lead to enlightenment. Contrarily, the stupidity has the source instead. Why?

Because the initial conditional generates the mind, that is the source of stupidity. Once the mind is generated, the mind then has it own nature that is the source of stupidity. That nature must have its consciousness that is the source of stupidity. Consciousness is lively in ceaseless motion, because the disciple or the non-disciple who wisheses for the consciousness to be halted and clung thus it becomes karma. That is just the source of stupidity in the four stages, mistakenly be embracing attachment and it becomes the living creatures world. The disciple who clearly perceives without either embracing attachment or clinging will acquire complete, or yet complete in every aspect of superior and inferior degrees, and clearly understands the source of stupidity. One thoroughly knows that the source of stupidity is created by karma. He has to penetrate deeply the dharma world until the true acquisition then finishes off the source of stupidity. Consciousness hereby is the spiritual consciousness, the spiritual consciousness is the thought that frequently clings and attaches to the possessive ego of the consciousness creating the karma.

Therefore, the disciple needs to seek for the procedure to dissolve the karma or to search out the one who has entirely attained the path of bodhisattva instructing to dissolve the karma. The karma is incalculable and also called the hundred rivers with many directions and aspects and is extremely clever and delicate. Many disciples are still having karma-consciousness and do not know what the karma-consciousness is, thus they are duped by the karma-consciousness. This leads them to proclaim themselves to be somebody, and it is really mistaken and eternally disastrous. Clearly dissolving all karma, the disciple will be able to return to the true supreme that is called towards the vast sea.

Overcoming the most difficult time in one’s life, the more the karma is gradually dissolved, the more the wisdom can develop and receive the precious dharma. The living creatures are using the abilities of learning through literature, study without knowing how to dissolve the karma; they are just like the water foam floating in the river without reaching their goal of enlightenment. Enduring and overcoming immeasurably thorny embarrassments is extremely difficult. That is the power of ocean becoming the Buddha. Fully attaining it, that is the bodhisattva.

 “Praising with himself, the Buddhist master has conducted his right mindfulness to communicate with the Buddhas of Ten Directions, shaking the three lives. The Buddhas have unanimously ordained the zealous words pronounced by the Buddhist master. Afterward, the Buddhist master has said: “oh, great men of old acquaintance, in the practice the parallel way of present enlightenment you have never yet met me, but now you are meeting me wherever it is, provided that you have recognized the true practical doctrine, we are of old acquaintance. Otherwise, even meeting together and living in the same place if you were negligent and lazy, though reciting the sutra you could not perceive me at all. What a big waste to spend your whole life and not yet constructing.”–TV

For those who have dissolved all karma, they can communicate with the Buddhas of Ten Directions even by just one newly coming thought. As for the Enlightened One like the Chief Monk of Long Hoa, Lord Supreme Maitreya Buddha, every arisen thought is a right mindfulness, which can shake the three lives and also communicates with the Buddhas.

The great men of old acquaintance are precisely the great bodhisattvas who have practiced, relied on the moving consciousness, which is the moving dharma of the spiritual consciousness, and mindful consciousness.

For the high practitioner, consciousness is the clinging to the consciousness without being attached. That is the bodhisattva who is clinging, but without clinging. It is by doing so that he can dissolve the stupidity’s source of the consciousness. The profounder one, like the great bodhisattva, knows thoroughly the origin of the consciousness. He has practiced until attaining the awareness of his own nature, not relying on the consciousness to be clung and embracing attachment in the consciousness. If embracing attachment then naturally his practicing enlightenment would only reach to a certain degree. It is like relying on the non ego to seek for the true ego; it is that old acquaintance in the past who is meeting together now in Long Hoa to receive the obvious explanation of practice.

All the patriaches, the fairies and deities of the time of the Sakyamuni Buddha have assembled adequately at Long Hoa; they are now reborn in Vietnam. The majority of them reach the degree of arahant, sravaka, pratyeka who are in the difficult embarrassment of consciousness, as if they practice, the Lord will continuously teach them, otherwise, relying on the reciting of the sutra they will be at a standstill with attachment and being mistaken therefore it becomes mistaken.

“Oh, all of you, the old acquaintances, now let me tell you: together we take a look at the infinite emptiness, at the mountains and rivers along with us. We ourselves are seeking for the enlightenment direction. In our own nature, we dissolve the attachment and stupidity. We exterminate the ego, in the reason and fact of the practice. I am together with you treading it under our foot. But it persists through millions of human, heaven lives or is reborn in the animal world, becoming devils and ghosts in the interminable fall and rise. For that reason, the Buddhas and saints constantly persist while living creatures are constantly changing. When there is an end between Buddha and living creatures, while seeking for awareness, they are being in stupidity, and in the stupidity, they will perceive the awareness. How strange it is, there is higher pride in the saint’s position and less in the living creature’s position. How difficult it is, the practice for purity is caught with the impure mind. The correction of mistakes gives rise to bad habits.”–TV

Speaking to those of old acquaintance, He is expressing his confidences to the disciples who are intentionally seeking for enlightenment belonging to the bodhisattva rank. Looking at the infinite emptiness is looking at the manifestation of all dharma without attachment and objection. And with a clear mind to understand thoroughly the dharma, just like to look at the immense mountains and rivers to make the mind generous and tolerant, not attached to any dharma. As for the reason and fact, which require daily practice, it aims to experience the dharma world. Otherwise, any form of practice would be prolonged to millions of lifetimes. Being excellent in theory without knowing the harm of embracing seeds of bad karma even whoever you are, after departing from life you would receive the results of your deeds to become some kind of buffalo, cow, horse... It is really disastrous. Those who are cruel will appear as ghosts and devils, which is their right destiny. Therefore, the Buddha and the living creatures are separately millions of miles away. The living creatures practice for purity, then, by being entangled in the isolating purity that is still impure mind, clinging in disastrous emptiness. And correcting the mistake without knowing the origin of the karma consciousness is still to carry the immense self-ego which also is impure and not yet pure. If the disciple is not yet dissolving clearly his karma, but regards himself as a saint, then being of higher pride he also admits himself as a living creature, then he would not realize he is receiving a noxious karma and is sinking. That is natural.

“He said: How wonderful it is! The nature, the mountains and rivers, the vegetation, the sky, the cloud and myelf are simply one: the mutual transformation by unanimous correspondence appears in the awareness. Whereas people believe human beings and vegetation, or the mountain and rivers, are two. That is extremely erroneous.

The Adi Buddha, at that time, he already has the physical nature quality similar to the mountain, river and the universe. Therefore, he has often entered in meditation to observe and control all over. He said: my eyes see the emptiness. I put myself into the infinite emptiness; i am seeing the emptiness no more, but understanding thoroughly the emptiness. That is the enlightened form. I am getting in and out of all dharma without being polluted with defilement. I did not yet see how all dharma manifest; nevertheless, i recognized how all dharma naturally progressed. That means I have spontaneously perceived the physical nature of all dharma.”–TV

One day, after emerging from right meditation, the Buddhist Master has comprehended the mystery of the universe. These at first seem to be simple and trivial. However, if it is carefully examined it can perceive wonderful, unique, and fascinating things in its deepest meaning.

The human body is formed by the four elements: soil, water, wind, and fire. The vegetation, the sky and cloud are also formed from the four elements such as the trunk, the branch and the leaves are from the soil.

* The vegetation as trees, plants, contains four elements:

Soil: trunks, branches, and leaves

Water: breaking a branch or a leaf, which shows a Liquid like water

Wind: the circulation of the chyliferous sap along the Branch to nourish  the  plant

Fire: the high or low temperature of the plant

* Just the same, a block of stone, a grain of soil already has four elements:

Soil: The formation and density of the stone

Water: It becomes wet when immersing it in water.

Wind: It becomes broken when smashing it

Fire: It is hot according to the temperature when burning it.

Therefore, all things have their four elements and spirit and mind. If we take a log, a stone or clay to create Buddha, saint or deity for praying and supplicating, after a while, there is maybe a success. Therefore, all things also have spirit and successful nature. This successfulness is corresponding to the nature and the sincerity of the prayer. Therefore, under the Buddhist master's eye, the mountains, the rivers, the sky, the clouds and the human beings are one.

Human beings have the knowledge after the organs have been formed by mutual transformation. The vegetation has also its knowledge, which nourishes and grows the plant; it knows to develop its leaves, flowers and fruits. It has also its longevity according to its species. Human longevity is about 70 to 100 years each lifetime. The stone and the soil also have their knowledge as it produces all living things, insects and organism of all species on earth according to the environment and condition of the temperature. In the water, there are lots of fishes produced as well. In the air, there are also numerous bacteria and virus. How wonderful it is. The nature, the mountain, the river, the vegetation, the sky, the cloud, and we ourselves, are one; the mutual transformation combines homogeneity to appear correspondingly.

The eye seeing the emptiness means the seeing of the natural manifestation of all dharma, it is not by anyone’s hand to create the manifestation of the mountain, river and earth element. I integrate myself to the infinite emptiness means I bring my entire body and mind to observe carefully the manifestation of the mountain, the river, the vegetation, the cloud and water. I do not see the emptiness and yet I thoroughly understand it. That means entering into the mountain, river and earth element to observe and understand the natural manifestation of all dharma, but I do not see myself in it, but understand the mutual transformation, which naturally produces the whole of nature. That is the enlightened form of all dharma.

The origin of all things depends upon how to combine and transform. Reaching the truly entire knowledge I am no longer myself. I and the nature, the mountain, the river, the vegetation, the sky and the cloud are into one. Hence, I witness in reality the physical nature of all dharma naturally manifest so.

The mountain, the river, the globe, the vegetation, and the total of things naturally manifest, this manifestation belongs to the physical nature which naturally transforms, spontaneously transforms, by itself. It harmonizes with all living creatures and four species naturally to manifest without discrimination.