–“Buddha was born to have the independent authority to prove the universe. Bodhisattvas have the authority to prove beings that in levels of training.″


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In 1956, He had begun to teach the dharma at home, on the Sinh Trung road, near the Dam market, Nha Trang. In 1965, He had organized the dharma-store with the four orders of disciples and moved the dharma school to the number 42, Hong Bang Street, Nha Trang. A few years later, He had transferred once again to the number 6, Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Nha Trang. In1988, He declared that He converted one bodhisattva, a number of venerables and dharma protectors. These holy disciples will transmit the true dharma up to 5000 years before the return of the Dharma-Ending Age.

The organization of the dharma in order to bring about peace and happiness to humanity and the three thousand has been stabilized. He convened all the bodhisattvas, divine deities, human deities, land deities, quartet deities, dragon deities, dharma protectors and supreme principal deities to attest the reform of the nation which brings people to an easy condition and he recommended the divine deities, land deities to clean all the cities up.

At the beginning of the year of 1989 the government started the reform, following the principles of free market, they have no longer applied the proletarian policy as before, according the communist party members the ownership to enjoy their happy life, to improve their living standard and free themselves from any challenge and fear. The people could have a somewhat easy-going life.

In all the cities throughout the country, the people were permitted to construct beautiful houses and huge buildings; cemeteries moved out of the cities. Foreign capitals allowed investing in Vietnam. Only the dharma that Lord Supreme Maitreya have determined to preach to the human beings in order to help them get out of the reincarnation and live in peace have not been resolved, and the Buddhist Temple of the Adi Forest in Phu Huu, province of Khanh Hoa was still retained by the authorities. That is certainly the karma-seed of the living creatures in the transition of the Dharma-Ending Age and the true dharma

“I am neither the king of a country

Nor a count, or a marquis

With a supreme and matchless power

But this solemn pure nation the Buddha often frequents.” –TV

 I heard: Though He has entered Great Eight Pari Nirvana. He still appears from and the invisible dragon deities dharma protectors still remain with the world. He still frequents this saha world to guide the salvation of the living creatures. He is a citizen like thousands of others. He is not anybody else because he has the true power of the direct retribution of one's previous existence, the supreme and matchless power in this Dharma-Ending Age.

The world has myriad manifestations and thousands of obstructions, but scientists, specialists in their study can recognize that He has wonderfully arranged to prevent the act of pressing the button to kill each other with mass-killing weapons.

“Even the Avalokitesvara cannot establish the communication.

All the vessals observe my commanding finger.”–TV

His declaring verses cannot be fully understood through secular reasoning. The tripot situation skillfully arranged in the past by his incarnation who was Kung Ming is now repeated in the 20th century with the rice of the third mass which is the reformed Chinese communism in its specific aspect which is neither liberal nor conservative, proving the ability of incorporating to the Western without losing the national characteristic. What the Vietnamese communism inherits today is no other than that evolution. I guarantee that the communists are unable to do that but it is created by the invisible, but living supreme matchless hand of the Blessed One Maitreya.

The history is a continual course with bitterness and severity, which sow the seed for a better future in which the Blessed One Maitreya will appear, the bodhisattvas continue to save living beings, and the venerables, dharma protectors create merits to offer to the Tathagata.

Everyone has his own right and good. Those of one side pretend themselves to be right and condemn those of the other side, considering them to be worthy of extinction. Whereas those of other side pretend themselves to be right too and condemn those of this side. Therefore, arranging a peace between them is the most appropriate solution of the middle-path way, at least for some time.

The supreme middle path never changes it is perfect and constant. Only those who have attained the wonderful Buddhahood like the Blessed One Maitreya can know perfectly this Sinha world and act such a way as to bring about the peace to Vietnamese people and humanity in the entire world, so that they can live in an unthinkable happiness.

Today Vietnam has a key position in the Asain community and has drawn foreign investments, which is good luck for the national changement.