–“Buddha was born to have the independent authority to prove the universe. Bodhisattvas have the authority to prove beings that in levels of training.″


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A remarkable thing is that the oracle sutra had made use of divine writing and divine electrical efficacy. That is the fixed thought, belonging to the corresponding apparition, used as Tao to advise humans. Lord Maitreya always used the direct apparition so that the faithful disciples with deep rooted capability could see Him. Facing difficult situations, they still keep on practicing and resolving Dharma.
   Corresponding apparition is related to supplicating and praying. Direct apparition belongs to the self-correction of one’s nature to be enlightened nature, knowing how to judge what the practice is, and thus highly discerns whether the Tao Master is the root of true Tao Dharma.
He did not make use of supernatural power in the public places or in the great ceremonies where there were plenty of true disciples. Only to the true disciples – belonging to those who build the true Dharma – who were still in doubt, He made an appearance of miraculous supernatural power for them to see, aiming to convince them. He then preached only realistic truth.
   He taught: Many people with supernatural power were killed, especially in this Destructive Dharma Period. Even if you are transcendent, you must have discreet body, mouth, and thought, and only use it to enlighten the four kinds of followers. So He lived a simple life to everyone who saw Him.
   Therefore, those who wait for Lord Maitreya through a frightening thunder in the Seven Mountains are all disappointed. There is a time when a fairy practitioner in the Seven Mountains saw in the sky, in the direction of Nha Trang city, a big halo spreading throughout the province. This master sent a dozen of his disciples to Nha Trang in search of Lord Maitreya. They met us and we preached Dharma for them, which they conceive as Long-Hoa Congregation, but they remained intransigent and doubtful on how we could be married and not be on a vegetarian diet. For them, the practice in the mountains and a vegetarian diet are the only right. Because of their superficial observation and glance, it was difficult for them to believe. They returned to the Seven Mountains and suggested waiting for Lord Maitreya’s coming into being.



Many faithful Buddhist believers are waiting for the arrival of the Lord Supreme Maitreya into the world. He will open Long-Hoa. What is Long-Hoa?

   I heard from Him:

   "Long" means Dragon. According to an ancient legend, the Vietnamese ethnic group was children of dragon and grandchildren of fairy.

   “Hoa” means the flower of Dharma nature.

   The flower of Dharma natures includes all the good and bad natures, which are called the seeds of living beings’ nature. The seeds of living beings’ nature are erroneous and ignorant in the transmigration of birth and death. Having the flower of Dharma nature, the ones with faithful mind therefore vow to help the living beings and the Buddhas come to life for salvation. If the Tao practitioners do not self-salve the flower of Dharma nature, even when the Buddha comes into being, He also cannot salve them.
   The patriarchs have ordered the construction of the Buddha statue where the Buddha is sitting on a lotus throne, representing His reign over the flower of Dharma natures. For instance, in some circumstances when anger and hatred arises, the practitioner needs to successfully endure all dishonors, endure without opposition, and endure without frustration, and to control the angry and hateful nature. If all other natures such as worry, sorrow, extraordinarily proud, etc. are also smoothly controlled by the practitioner, they are then called a great person of control. This great person is at a higher level in comparison to humans.
   The flower of Dharma natures evolves and transforms into individual Dharma Precept.  Holding onto Dharma Precept and considering it as a reason of life, would make everyone ignorant and erroneous. The flower of Dharma natures comes to humans by the cause of the radiating spectrum of the universe, so humans are running after the proceeding scenes of right and wrong, wrong and right... Therefore, humans and the Universe are running after each other in a circle called the transmigration wheel.
   Not clearly knowing the way of the transmigration, all the Tao practitioners were falling into the incorrect way. They practiced benevolence, compassion, and love for all people, but they did not have (Buddhist) intelligence yet and in the end received only the honest blessings. They were not firmly aware of the way to liberation through knowing, seeing, and solving.
   Therefore, Long-Hoa means that Lord Maitreya comes into life in Vietnam; He opens the Tao Dharma to all faithful true disciples so that they can completely solve the flowers of Dharma natures, and practice and fulfill the Tao Dharma to attain liberation through knowing, seeing, and solving; they are no longer in the birth and death transmigration.
   With the progress of science and the civilization of society, the practitioners who could not restrain themselves would have many desires within form, sound, odor, and taste, and just like that, they always keep on practicing with wishes. Hearing about the practice of control and dissolution of the flowers of Dharma natures in this period, many practitioners would not believe this new and strange Dharma subject; they got angry, overthrew it, and became retentive on the flower of Dharma. Most of them preferred research, studying sutras, being on a vegetarian diet, wearing a robe like Buddha and thinking it was the true Dharma; sitting with their closed eyes was the true practice for them.
   It was very hard for the practitioners who practiced in accordance with form, sound, odor, taste, touch, and Dharma without impregnation. The flower of Dharma supplies all four species as their wishes, and becomes the flower of Dharma precept, also called the Dharma precept. The flower of Dharma precept is so flexible and subtle that some had a misconception about the Buddha, holding and attesting on the precept’s Buddha, and who are known as Pratyeka-Buddha or Solitary Enlightened Buddha. Those who practice the Tao Dharma seeking for enlightenment have to frequently fulfill the self-examination of one’s natures, clearly see and know the changing of one’s nature: if there is ambition or enjoyable desires and one tries to improve it, it is called the correction of nature. The practitioners who did not want to correct their nature will receive the karma in the flower of Dharma and will be caught in the birth and death cycle.

   Lord Maitreya had opened Long-Hoa every day for the true disciples who came to seek for the practice of Tao Dharma; outside this precious Dharma place, He ordered to hang a sign inscribed these words:

   The sign was 1m wide and 4m long. Many monks and nuns come across the Hồng Bàng Street of   Trang City, but none of them asked or wondered: why did it have “superior” in the term “Central Congregation”?  By giving one’s whole mind to search for the answer, they would immediately realize that it is the signal of Lord Maitreya had come to life!

   He would like to remind humankind that “Superior” means the Superior Period, Superior Life. This sign was allowed to hang from 1972 to 1975, then underwent chaotic events and was finally pulled down by the communist government in 1982.

   In 1972, when starting to hang the sign, He also held a ceremony and hung the flag of Dharma Constitution for the first time. A miracle was immediately seen after that, a flag with all colors like His hanging flag of Dharma Constitution appeared in the sky, but was much larger and covered the entire sky. This was the signal of Devas and Deities were happy.

   The Dharma Constitution flag contained three parts: Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha[1], manifesting and presenting the Three Postures. The one of intelligence could realize that the Buddha came to the world just by looking at the flag.

Buddha   |        Sangha       |   Dharma



The chief objective of Long-Hoa is the Dharma subject of liberation through solving, aiming to help human beings liberated from the transmigration of birth and death, exactly following the supreme guidelines of the Three Postures of Buddha: The past, present and future.
   The Dharma subject of liberation is the one that practices through hearing, seeing, and knowing, which means the practice through thousands and thousands of Dharmas without attachment. From the dilemmatic situations in Tao places to the outside world of our relatives, our friends or best friends, and our superiors and inferiors, all interact and become the proceeding favorable and unfavorable scenes. The practitioners who leaned on their generous joyful mind and who have effortful deeds of building the Tao without attachment to anything will be more livelier than those, who with their eyes closed or half-closed are sitting in isolated places, avoiding thousands and thousands of Dharmas, aiming to completely destroy them in order to be free from all of conflicts and entanglements.
   Through (Buddhist) intelligence, we can dissolve doubts and intransigence; dissolve separated barriers by endurance of dishonors, endurance without opposition, and endurance without frustration. Then, we transform the separated barriers, which are called the ultimate (Buddhist) intelligence, in order to be liberated through solving. The practitioners who don't make use of (Buddhist) intelligence to dissolve and peacefully hold onto their benevolence, compassion, love for all people, and accept to be killed by anyone are called the Gentle Saints; but they could not completely help living beings. The practitioners, who do not yet have ultimate (Buddhist) intelligence, simply fulfill their benevolence, compassion, and love for all people, even though they possess the supernatural power, they remain caught conservatively in the flower of Dharma and would not be liberated. They might, at most, reach the heaven world, but could not get out of the universe. One who is clearly aware of natures can even see and know the form without its presence due to frequently and brightly examining (one’s and others’) natures, and is aware of the formless. Thoughts contain groups that give birth to natures i.e., confused thoughts and ambition give birth to natures. Whenever there is scene, one’s nature immediately is born because ego gives birth to nature. The nature, once being born, will soon be destroyed, so there are too many natures that are generated and then are destroyed or are destroyed and then are generated, which are called the transmigration of birth and death.
   The faithful practitioner who seeks Tao Dharma needs to have a correspondence of Sutra’s doctrine and dissolving of natures. Virtue and intelligence must be corresponding, neither increasing nor decreasing but deeply understanding and completely solving the precept of Dharma flower. Many of the practitioners were caught in the detachment and attached to nothingness, which is still the Dharma flower of nothing precept—that’s really a disaster. Even only one heedless mistake, one must stay on the flowers’ stage tower of Dharma precepts in uncountable lives. Therefore, uncountable practitioners peacefully held on the flowers’ stage tower of Dharma precepts, giving rise to the three thousand great thousand worlds and to the three lands and six ways. The vowed Bodhisattva is the one who leans on thousands and thousands of conducts, completely eliminates offensiveness and opposition, and harmonizes with oneself and leans on the favorable and unfavorable, without destroying unfavorable Dharma. The mind is not hesitant, absorbing Dharma precepts of the six Tao for salvation, penetrating Dharma precepts in order to be awaked and thus be completely form-enlightened, liberating from the flowers’ stage tower of Dharma precepts, and attaining true supreme enlightenment.
   In the Destructive Dharma Period, all Dharmas are at their extremes in everywhere. He knew that it was very difficult to construct because the Buddhist practitioners were not concerned about the flower of Dharma precept. Hearing such explanation of Long-Hoa, many practitioners who did not seek for enlightenment had been often holding, often intransigent, and often conservative their individuality. They were changeable love and hate, practiced the Tao Dharma by following a fixed orientation of their will. Even they still believed in Buddha, but their practice is only in the expectation for metaphysical and strange things to happen, and thus immediately did not see anything as their desires. It also did not happen to their preconceptions, including strange illusions in divine writing such as: the Seven Mountains will explode, the sky and the earth will darken for 7 days and 7 nights, and then Lord Maitreya will come out from the mountains in a bright halo...
   As for Fairies and Deities’ intelligence: their virtuous natures are reflective thoughts, practicing meditation with fixed thought, selecting the noble and beautiful Dharmas, eliminating and filtering the rough, bad, and dirty ones. Then they absorb the selected ones for training and thus, are not yet clearly aware of Long-Hoa coming into the world and how the explosion of the Seven Mountain was.

   One day, Lord Pure King incarnating Lord Supreme Maitreya preached and I heard these words: “If I myself were not born by my mother but from the explosion of the Seven Mountains and came out of the mountains with a bright halo, so many people would probably come in crowds to see me. In this case, all of my movements such as eating, drinking, walking, standing, lying, and sitting would be so carefully observed by their curiousness that I would soon die without being able to establish Long-Hoa.” He inscribed to remind:

Superiority was from the Tusita Heaven.

Returning as supremacy.

   How precious it is! The Founding Master Shakyamuni Buddha skillfully and profoundly knew the place of His rebirth and equality of salvation. Buddha had ordained Lord Maitreya from the Tusita Heaven to come into this human world, vowing to practice and fulfill the Tao Dharma, salving through absorption to the Fairies and Deities, and completely helping living beings attain the Buddha’s Fruit. That is why practitioners with faithful mind, who have great conditions (built up from their past lives), without objection or attachment, could see Long-Hoa coming to life in this province of Khánh Hoà. Some were puzzled by practitioners who practiced the Tao Dharma while married, having children, and not shaving their heads or being vegetarian; they conceive these practitioners carrying heavy karmas—it’s because they did not recognize that hearing, seeing, and knowing are all Dharmas; therefore, they reproached and conceived that it’s a counterfeit Tao, abandoned, and could not follow to practice in Long-Hoa.
   Buddhism is, nowadays, a religion widely known in the world and has gone down in human history. But those who are eager to meet the way to the enlightenment find it very difficult to seek a master who could satisfy them. Lord Supreme Pure King incarnating Lord Maitreya returned to the world this time to hand down to present and future generations, a Dharma subject of practice: You can practice the Tao Dharma right in your family and in your works and yet, still be enlightened. It is a modern enlightened Dharma subject and the pride of any living creatures wishing for liberation through knowing, seeing, and solving in the present life. This way of practice, though new and strange, is in fact the exact supremacy and guideline of the period of the Founding Master Shakyamuni Buddha, the Amitabha Buddha, the Eastern Salvation Medicine Master Lapis Lazuli Light Tathagata, and is supported by all the Buddhas of the Ten Directions.
   He abolished all verbose ceremonies. The Tao newcomer acceptance ceremony and all other great ceremonies were simple but seriously and solemnly organized, without dogma or superstition. The daily Tao dharma practice and fulfillment of true disciples are clearly preached, aiming to make the disciples know it well and apply it practically in daily life. As a result, they will not suffer in the present.

   One day, He asked a Superior Harmonious Monk practicing in a temple that had come to visit Him:

   - How long have you practiced the Tao Dharma?

   - I have practiced for 47 years.

   - What do you practice every day?

   - I recite sutras in the morning and evening, I am on a strict vegetarian diet, and I study all the sutras of the Buddha.

   “You should correct your natures, eliminate bad habits, and be joyful and generous to create your virtue. In reciting sutras, you must understand their meanings, which is the doctrine. You should practice meditation to get intuition. Generally speaking, there are three subjects: Virtues, Doctrine, and Sitting Meditation. The equal development of all these subjects in the practical life of human will not create a danger to yourself and your family. This way of practicing the Tao Dharma will lead to enlightenment.”–TV
   This Superior Harmonious Monk perceived it and affirmed that this Dharma subject is the practice for enlightenment. On his way back to the temple, the monk, by negligence, fell into a hole from a buffalo-foot in the rice field, sprained his ankle, and limped back to the temple. It took him one month to recover. Later, every time he wanted to visit Him, there was always an unpeaceful and noisy thing happening in his temple, preventing him from coming to Him.
   The conception of a living being in four species through their thoughts, speech, and actions in many lives will decide how their life is in present, future, and rebirth. Buddha called the fixed conception as the karma; all of the living beings cannot liberate from this karma power. It decides our destiny not only in the present but also clearly shapes appropriate situations in the future. Owing to effortful deeds and virtuous deeds, together with decisiveness and perseverance, one can self-resolve, liberating from the karma in their current life.
   There are too many extreme Dharmas in this Inferior Returning Lost Dharma Period. For instance, a teacher accustomed to teaching, handling the pen, and standing at the podium would rather die than to bear if they were obliged to work in a rice field. The daily conception of life had been deeply rooted in our thoughts, words, and finally our actions, making us so familiar with it that we could not endure any change of different precepts. In the presence of a situation, the practitioner either at home or leaving home, having strong willpower and courage, could be liberated from the karma power through solving. The vowed Bodhisattvas, in presence of such a situation, would gladly accept it without resentment, and concentrate on resolving it. On the contrary, living beings would just lament and become sorrowful.
   For example, a fish accustomed to living in a stagnant pond and stationary water; if it was brought to a larger ditch with limpid water, would be frightened and slip away in the mud. Gradually familiar with the new life environment, it then can swim freely. If you bring a fish living in a ditch to a large river with faster flowing water, it would also frighteningly hide. After gradually becoming familiar with the new life environment, it can swim freely. If you bring a fish living in a river to the two fresh and salty water currents in an open sea, it would be frightened too and immediately looking for the way back to where it came from.
After having been gradually familiar with the new life environment, it could freely swim in and out the vast sea.
   The same goes for the Tao practitioners, who live with the concept “when the life environment changes, we would rather die than obey or discover it,” would never see the Buddha or Bodhisattva coming in this world to save us. Although these honest-intelligent-awakened ones—the Buddha or Bodhisattva— were beside them, they must give in to them. In the time of His return to the world, Lord Pure King often reminded His true disciples having consciousness through the sentence:

“The Buddha could neither save those with no-good-cause nor fixed Karma.”

   For those Tao practitioner, who conceives the way they are following is the right way, even the Buddha could not annihilate this fixed conception, unless they transfer themselves, search and judge by themselves. The practitioner, who seeks for enlightenment, always relies on the Bodhisattva if they did not have the great condition to meet the Buddha. It is only by frequently getting in and out of the precepts, being harmonious and open without retention and intransigence that you could practice the way of liberation through knowing, seeing, and solving.
   Karma is covering living beings in the past, present and future. There will immediately be a karma obstacle whenever you want to advance in your practice. It is formless but powerful. We have to practice in “the Universal Door Chapter” with strong will in order to overcome the karma power. The karma prevents the Saint from becoming Bodhisattva, and the Bodhisattva from becoming Buddha. We could only defeat our own karma power by ourselves. It is the same all the times: living beings cannot see the Buddha because of their karma power.
   If we believe that living beings, born from an Almighty, had the authority to determine all destinies, which none of living beings could change one’s own karma power, it would contradict the Buddha's teachings.
   The Buddhas offer their guidance and living beings themselves determine their way of practice: Enlightenment or ignorance, happiness or suffering. The difference between different living beings’ karma gives rise to this difference: living beings meet living beings, but cannot meet the Buddha.

   The oracle sutra of Fairy and Deity said:

“Open up Long-Hoa to recruit the holy virtue.

Prosperously spreading truth leading to a high blessing.”
   This oracle sutra was inscribed at the time when Lord Maitreya was opening the Tao Dharma to four kinds of followers who sought and came to practice the Tao Dharma with Him. In about 1990, I sent the sutra Unsurpassable Special Supremacy, Volume I” to a Tao practitioner in the Tây Ninh Holy House. Lord Pure King wrote this sutra during His entering into the true contemplation. After the ceremony of the first day of the month, the divine ceremony’s practitioners of the Tây Ninh Holy House knew that Lord Maitreya, who was returning and called Pure King, was teaching Tao Dharma in Nha Trang. The Holy House immediately invited Him cordially, but at that time there was not enough good cause for His manifestation. He promised on another occasion: when He comes to the world, He would let human known to visit Him.
   Later, the divine writing of the Tây Ninh Holy House said: As the Fairies and Deities’ rank like you are, you could not see Him at this time; only the Bodhisattvas and Venerables could be near Him during His hidden time. You have to wait to see Him later. The Holy House then invited me, but I also could not come, and had to wait for a favorable occasion.

   The oracle sutra said:

Try to practice to meet the Long-Hoa Congregation

Once a life misses, thousands of lives will be depraved

Although all things had changed

The Buddhas would have protected the practitioner of the Tao Dharma.

   Living creatures with miserable situations practiced countlessly in the temples everywhere, but His sutras were not read much by them though He had written and published many sutras. There are certain people, who have the opportunity to have His sutra; once they hold it to read, they immediately feel sleepy or interrupted by unexpected events. Therefore, they put it down, take away or return the sutra. On the average, only one of the 100 receivers of His sutras comes to practice with Him.

The oracle sutra also wrote:

Once Long-Hoa Congregation is established

Let's select and see how many there are

The gentle and the wicked, who have been selected or failed.

   This oracle sutra said these exact words: Long-Hoa had come to life. Living beings as well as sacred monks or nuns who had sufficiently effortful deeds and virtuous deeds were inscribed in the Deity conferred board. Among the selected through testing were those who are the enlightened, greatly enlightened, fully enlightened, and truly enlightened ones. They will succeed Lord Maitreya to later widely develop the true Dharma to everywhere and restore the Superior Life Period according to His testament He left behind:

“Buddhas are tested for virtue

Nations for literature

Humans for righteousness

Monks or nuns for heart.”

   Mr. Hồ Hữu Tường, a profound scholar, famous in South Vietnam, built the “New Spring-Autumn” doctrine, which states that later, when the Inferior Life Period comes to an end, there will be the Superior Life Period. He suddenly changed his viewpoint, “New Spring-Autumn” was a term found in the oracle sutra. He discovered that a sublime truth would come to life in Vietnam. He also shouted the “calls of the flock”.

   “I'd like to shout out loud, so loud that everybody could hear. I'd like to have an earnest voice; so earnest that everybody could feel. I'd like to have an energetic argument, so energetic that everybody could believe. To hear, to feel and to believe... so that you and I, together we could bring the glory, which is never seen on the globe, to our people, the Vietnamese people ...”

   He also wrote many more at the time when the Supreme Pure King incarnating Lord Maitreya was moving to fulfill the Tao Dharma. Though having so much written for appeal, Mr. Tường himself did not have the great condition to meet the Lord. Fortunately, one of his descendants, a nephew, following Lord Maitreya since 1983, had been nourished the Tao Dharma by the Lord, and guided by myself later. According to what I heard from His teaching, Mr. Tường’s nephew will be a patriarch in a certain future life.

   Miss Trúc Lâm Nương who belongs to fairyism also said: This time is the Destructive Dharma Period and living beings are so passionately fond of earthly things and creating numberless noxious and harmful things. To save living creatures, the Buddha will appear in Vietnam.

As a bosom friend, let me tell you that

The Buddha, Saints, and Fairies are appearing in our country

To save living beings and strongly protect all the countries

The Destructive Dharma Period is salvaged to true Dharma.
    She also affirmed that Long-Hoa had come into the world, and the Vietnamese people were a precious one.

The dragon, the cloud, the Buddhas’ congregation, and the Deity conferred destiny.

The lotus flower was blossoming and Long-Hoa reunited all the nations.

Oh! They are Lạc-Hồng (Original Vietnamese People) people, a jade foundation

Offering a safe refuge for the Lord, according to the good cause.
   Nevertheless, she could not meet Lord Maitreya while she was writing these poems. It is true that even Deities and Fairies could not meet Him. Only the patriarch rank of Fairy and Deity could come to learn the Tao Dharma!
   Mr. Tám (Lương Sĩ Hằng) also said the Buddha had appeared in Vietnam, but on one day, Lord Maitreya said: “Mr. Tám had practiced at the level of the Deity path, but did not yet reach the Fairy path.” Therefore, he also could not meet the Lord.
   The Founding Master Shakyamuni Buddha had preached: “Those who see the Dharma doctrine see Tathagata.” What was the Tathagata Dharma doctrine? As mentioned previously:
        *Virtue: Correcting bad natures, giving up bad characters, and being joyful and generous…
        *Doctrine: The Buddha's sutra, listening to preaches...
        *Sitting meditation: Practicing Tathagata meditation.
                 Virtue + Doctrine + Sitting Meditation = Liberation through knowing, seeing, and solving
   By this way of practice, when the Buddha comes to the world, you will immediately see the Lord. The Buddha taught His true disciples that they should practice in accordance with His Dharma doctrine in order to look for the truth. The oracle sutra was preaching the exact time when Lord Maitreya came to life, but the Tao practitioners did not know what the doctrine subject of Buddha was. Also, because of being ingrained with prejudices, they would not be able to meet the Lord.
   The Lord taught self-enlightenment to His true disciples, and did not utilize His supernatural power to make true disciples to come to Him for their learning. It is only in imperative cases that the Buddha shows His supernatural power to save the Tao practitioners worthy of being saved. Suppose that if the Seven Mountains exploded and numerous people came in chaos, how many living beings could be saved by Him?
   There will not be a scene and act of preaching Dharma to make living beings completely attain all Tao Dharmas. On the contrary, it has to skillfully apply each of them among thousands and thousands of Dharmas, and it is very difficult for the faithful practitioners to perceive. If you are enlightened only by hearing a sentence of the sutra, that is the enlightenment of the sutra, not the enlightenment of the Buddha, because there still is the very difficult part of transporting thousands and thousands of Dharmas.
   In the Gentle Life Period, when the Founding Master[2] preached, many Tao (visible) practitioners and countless invisible practitioners were enlightened. But in this Inferior Life Period, when material things twist the human mind, it is very difficult to build the true Dharma. Therefore, very few practitioners could be enlightened. These two verses clearly manifested Lord Maitreya’s state of mind.

“Though the knees were tired and the shoulders weary

As long as the will is active, the Buddha monument still is built.” –TV

   At the same time of Founding Master Shakyamuni Buddha, the true disciples themselves must keep firmly to practice in order to get the results: You have to make an effort; The Buddhas are only your instructors.”

* * *

   One day, Lord Supreme Maitreya Buddha said to Madam Diệu Tuệ (Mary) at the Central Superior Congregation: “You have a son who demolishes property.” Diệu Tuệ could not understand it, and asked me, I said: 
   “The Lord means the attested Tao practice of Venerable Rahula (that is Jesus Christ) was attaining at the Mahayana level. The Christ’s undergoing was at its maximum—at NOTHINGNESS. He attained a love for all without complaint, and possessed miraculous supernatural power. That is the peak of Mahayana. He died when his cause remained unfinished, had attained the knowledge and sight of what a Buddha is. He was halfway to the truth of nothingness that is called demolishment of property. The venerables’ rank is at the holy level, entering the Constitution of Tathagata Buddha or of God with a relative love for everyone.”
   The Buddhayana neither leave nor take, and have neither hatred nor endurance. That means we have to transport the Dharma to avoid undergoing unnecessary things to accomplish the great compassion, called the Buddha’s knowledge and sight. In the remaining midway, the Bodhisattvas’ rank are in the position of coming to the Buddha enlightenment, entering deeper into the Constitution of God.
   The supreme vehicle perfectly embraces everything, transporting the Samadhi stably in accordance to the wish, attaining skillful utilization worthy of the dignity of the Mahasattva rank, coming close to the Tathagata Buddha, and is called the Buddhayana. This dignity is unthinkable; it is two but one, and one but two.

* * *

If we granted objectivity to all living beings, they would have the right to consider us spectators.       
   a. Otherwise, if we accepted all things and human beings as our close, lovely relatives, they would make us run within the circle of transmigration of birth and death.
   b. If we wished to know all things and human beings well, they would sympathetically understand us, both are comfortable, bringing the restoration of the truth and beauty.
– Teacherless Sutra

[1] A community of monks and nuns.

[2] The Shakyamuni Buddha