–“Buddha was born to have the independent authority to prove the universe. Bodhisattvas have the authority to prove beings that in levels of training.″


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“Your whole body is endowed with all the natures and primary elements, from Buddha’s nature to those of Fairies, Deities, Saints, Monks, and Nuns, or from Supreme Being to Demons and Animals. All of the natures and the primary elements that exist in the Universe also exist in you.

“On account of these common natures and primary elements, there are three different levels of seeing. The first level of seeing is that of humanity. A person sees himself or herself as born, and his or her living standard is surrounded by situation. Next is the practitioner in Buddhism named as the conducted Bodhisattva or the vowed Bodhisattva who sees himself or herself erroneously in thousands of dharmas. His or her living standard is encircled by thousands of dharmas, from the inner mind to the outer environment. As for the third, Buddha’s seeing, all are Buddhas, conducted and vowed Bodhisattvas who are serving the movement and manipulation of Tathagata. For them, there is neither situation nor thousands of dharmas. In the three above levels of seeing, each individual or rank sees differently although they live together simply because of similar substance similar seeing or similar situation, which lead to simultaneous seeing or to similar nature allowing simultaneous seeing.

“Those with differing natures and situations have difficulty understanding one another. Also, those with similar combinations of natures and situations experience similar metamorphosis. Beings with similar combinations, hearing-seeing-knowing are unified. On the other hand, a lack of similarity gives rise to opposition in every way. It gives rise to the ongoing living scene: people are happy when they are united, yet they remain indifferent and live in expectation when they are not united. Not being united, they see themselves as opposite, terrible, or unreasonable, and it proceeds accordingly.

“Similar nature
leads to simultaneous seeing, and the lack of similar combination is a lack of metamorphosis. Sometimes, this difficult-to-understand situation occurs: some practitioners who have achieved the natures and elements of Fairy and Deity immediate witness Fairies and Deities. They then tell others who want to witness these, but they can’t because they are not of the same combination. Some people experience seeing ghosts or phantoms because their natures and primary elements often harmonize with the natures and elements of phantoms. Because of being inclined to achieve similar combinations, the authentic Buddhist practitioner exercises the four integrations: he or she should somehow manage to correspond with all of the classes. This is called similar metamorphosis with all human beings. Thanks to this process, a practitioner can penetrate through the Tathagata constitution, becoming consciously aware of the Universe along with human beings and thus becoming enlightened.

“You should remember this: a lack of constitution of similar natures and elements divides a country. This is also true of friends and families that often quarrel. Their relationships are not built as friendly, peaceful, and happy yet. It’s only because their natures are not similar and their substances are not in combination yet; thus, they do not achieve sympathy and mutual communication.”

The Meditation Master ponders for few seconds, then continues. “The practice based upon nature and substance leads to the dharma subject of contemplative exit. When one’s nature is pure, one speaks finely. One’s behavior is decent. One’s mind is cleared, relaxed, and flowing. When one can master co-adaptation, then one leads himself or herself to the nature and elements that create the form of Fairy-Class. As for the Deity-Class: One is upright, generous, magnanimous, and one’s character is impartial, but does not lose one’s fine substances. When one can master co-adaptation, then one leads himself or herself to the nature and elements that create the form of Deity-Class. As for the Phantom-Class to the Human-Class: this is when one’s character is strange and indecisive; he or she wants to be weird and different. After the co-adaptation, he or she becomes of the Phantom-Class. With morality, gratitude, politeness, intelligence, trustworthiness, or behavior in accord with humanity, one does not have to practice, he or she will still reincarnate in the human world.”

“You should know that the conformity of natures and elements in the specific form is very easy. One just has to combine this element with another to have a new substance. As far as the specific elements of human thoughts are concerned, one should know how to behave and treat one another in order to create unified metamorphosis. It is rare for people to become harmonized naturally or automatically. Therefore, it is almost impossible to find a bosom friend in the world. In conducted Tao, it’s difficult to find ones who know how to absorb natures and elements to integrate all kinds of people. The practitioner in meditative sitting who trains himself or herself to obtain the contemplative exit, strolling along all of the planes, should manage similar substance combined metamorphosis to subdue Human Species, Divine Species, and Fairy Species. At this point, he or she can exit the world through his or her contemplation and move in and out of the lands and planes. If one is being imaginary, practicing meditation creates spiritual consciousness, or fruit, as food to relieve one’s body, aiming to exit through contemplation. That is only an illusory practice.”

At that, we all unanimously inquire, “Master, we don’t fully understand yet. You have said previously that the Fairy Planes and Divine Lands can’t communicate with one another because of the border separations. No matter how great their supernatural power is, they find it hard to know each other. And now you say similar combination similar seeing. Are Fairies and Deities really there? Or do they see through fixed thought? Please explain it to us.”

Hearing our words, the Meditation Master smiles while answering. “I congratulate you for your undivided attention and useful questions on this interesting matter for this age and the following age to comprehend. I shall say sincere things to add to your knowledge. Later, they will be brightly and correctly affirmed.”

The Meditation Master immediately continues, “Seeing and knowing are real or unreal depending on the witness level of seeing and knowing Fairies and Deities. For instance, the one who completely releases his or her specific elements totally acquires fundamental nature, which is well-refined without sediment, perfectly transparent and all-embracing, and this one meets Fairies and Deities or moves in and out of planes. These are very true and real, not erroneous at all. On the other hand, one who does not completely release one’s specific element, one whose mind is still doubtful, whose brain doesn’t fully and clearly understand, and whose intelligence remains hesitant resides in the fixed-thought seeing and knowing. Therefore, when this one has met Fairies or Deities or moved in and out of planes, it is still in fixed-thought and is not real.”

“Furthermore, Fairies and Deities have taken on the metamorphosed fixed form in the planes of Fairies and Deities. It is the same for the Saints or the Heaven Lands as well. Fixed form is obviously fixed body and mind, which is eighty percent subjected to the limits of that Plane. The remaining twenty percent is free and released by oneself without any obligation. The individual 80% limit is caused by that individual tying him or herself to sorrowful thoughts or expectations without attestation from reality. He or she is certainly not different from all of you who are residing in this world.”

“Be thankful for the twenty percent that is unlike the preference of the plane where one is residing. That twenty percent becomes a driving force for all to practice, training and nourishing fine and flowing specific elements or releasing specific elements and aiming at absorbing fundamental nature according to the need or the vow to be accomplished. That is known as escaping birth or liberation from the birth-death cycle through solving. If one does not know how to take advantage of that twenty percent opportunity toward liberation from birth, one remains worried, saddened, suffering, and ruined. After death, one has to be depraved. That is why, from planes and lands to the human world, they only grasp their bodies, wealth, and possessions—never their own thoughts of liberation through solving. They must create those solving-liberation thoughts by themselves. It is not unlike treasure, which is really theirs.

“When one has a well-refined fundamental nature without sediment, one obtains one hundred percent of fundamental nature, meaning that one has completed the Eight Great Nirvanas and can move in and out of planes. Wherever one happens to be, he or she simply incarnates exactly as an Inhabitant who behaves uniformly with the plane or land and is not erroneous at all. The one who obtains eighty percent of fundamental nature still remains calm, but sometimes does not resemble an Inhabitant exactly and is less self-confident in each present moment than the previous one. A person who obtains sixty percent of fundamental nature is, of course, inferior to the previous one. It proceeds in the same way in order to show how clearly, or not so clearly, this is. Depending on the amount of specific element of active performances, it is found to be real or not so real. When an ordinary person suddenly meets or sees a Fairy or Deity in a dream, this is derived from the fact that he or she used to have a good nature. At some point when those natures arise, meeting a Fairy or Deity automatically happens in a dream. What I have stated above is a well-grounded and bright confirmation; you should release the specific element as long as you are still entangled in this human world. If you realize twenty percent of your released asset, you should take my advice to start releasing that specific element so that body and mind are both fine and flowing. Human ties are not important, but self-binding is extremely important. It’s not important whether one is rich or poor, happy or unhappy, but it is very important when one is burdened with vague hopes and despair.”

Glancing at us, the Meditation Master notices our attention, he nods and continues. “Everything, whether it’s worldly or out of this human world, has an objective and proof. It has a starting point and an end; it does not reach perfection naturally and automatically. Those who want to improve their knowledge and increase their level of seeing and knowing must release wrongful thoughts and observe the minds and thoughts of their relatives and friends or those around them. First is to learn and second is to absorb, aiming at similar combinations and similar metamorphosis that is salvation for living beings. In front of one’s presence, one should behave in such a way that corresponds to the spirit of others. That is difficult. Furthermore, if one helps them to adapt, that is much more difficult. Such disciples are known as Saints.”

“The similar combination and similar metamorphosis between Holy Monks and Humans is a tremendous task. Such a task is tenfold harder than making a scientific recording machine. Patriarch Bodhidharma[1] attempted to help King Wu of Liang[2] with the Supreme Precious Dharma. It was impossible for the King to truly comprehend the Supreme Precious Dharma at that time. As a result, the patriarch was facing toward the mountain for nine years only because of a saying. Some sayings are difficult to listen to and understand, but once we can listen and comprehend those words, they’re really precious. To help your knowledge at this time, I will present from the human point of view how space metamorphoses the Universe and humankind.”

As the Meditation Master speaks these words, we notice that it is going to be dark soon and therefore take our leave, making an appointment for the next day.

[1] Bodhidharma was a Buddhist monk who lived during the 5th or 6th century. He is traditionally credited as the transmitter of Chan Buddhism to China and is regarded as its first Chinese patriarch. –wikipedia.org

[2] King Wu of Liang (464–549) was the founding emperor of the Chinese Liang Dynasty.

– wikipedia.org