–“Buddha was born to have the independent authority to prove the universe. Bodhisattvas have the authority to prove beings that in levels of training.″


Thursday, November 2, 20171:30 PM(View: 12975)


“The Buddha coming into the world has the authority to attest the universe independently. The Bodhisattva has the authority to attest the living beings for their levels of Tao Dharma practice.” –TV
Lord Sangha Chief First Rate Supremacy incarnating Lord Supreme Maitreya Buddha Himself noted this passage. Why do the Buddhas have to attest? Because in the Destructive Dharma Period, living beings practice the Tao Dharma by not following to the principles of the three generations of Buddhas, not fulfilling the morality, but they practice upon their reasoning. Destructive Dharma immediately leads to destructive life. In the destructive life, everyone acts as one likes, no longer respecting and honoring moral rules. One is gradually going towards evil, and the rooted evil is seen everywhere: Hungry ghosts, Asura, animals, and hell are in vogue. Human-Devas are rare.
   The Destructive Life Period is the last one, in which life progresses with all dharmas reaching to its extremes. At the end of the Destructive Life Period, it will move to the Superior Life Period, which is exactly the equality of salvation period. If the Buddhas had not come to the world to attest them, living beings would have wallowed in the Inferior Life because society was extremely degenerated. The innocent people not engaging in either side will endure the same fate. By carefully reading the Proclamation for Attestation of Lord Maitreya, we can see that His Buddha strength had completely saved living beings by disbanding the communists of both the Soviet Union and Eastern European nations, giving freedom to their people and the world—that’s really unthinkable!

   “All of people wrongly believe that after death they can be reborn on this globe; or, as human beings, they will naturally be reborn as humans. Others erroneously think that it is the end after death.

   Each one, at the end of their life, will leave the globe and go to hundred thousands of other globes, and will be reborn at some place which is suitable to their character and gesture. Rare are those who can be reborn at the same place as they just left.

Others on this globe, at their death, and soon after departing from the life, immediately be reborn and have to undergo hundreds of thousands of sceneries, and worlds to be reborn in a place suitable to their character and gesture.” –TV

* * *


                                                                                                                                               SUPERIOR CONGREGATION, October 13, 1975   




I, Supreme Pure King, the current reborn Supreme Buddha, now in charge of Returning, solemnly represent the Three Postures of Buddhas to attest the Destructive Dharma Period.
   In front of ME includes the witness of the Buddhas’ Three Postures, the acceptance and constant maintenance of the Bodhisattvas. The Dharma protectors were responsible for actions of my attested words, as well as all the Dharma Protectors Devas and Deities (Humankind Deities, Land Deities, Supreme Rank Deities, Dragon Deities, and Four Teams of Deities) all are present. There are also the Bodhisattvas who vowed, in the past to support the true Dharma, and were ready for action in the present.
   I'm proclaiming that from now on, the 9th day of the 9th month of the lunar year of the cat, October 13, 1975, at 3:20 a.m., that inside and outside, the Three Thousand Great Thousand Worlds, in all the planes and all the lands, the Dragon, Human, Demon, or Dharani over innumerable species, all the National Kings, Popular Kings, Master Kings, Powerful Kings, and Conservative Master Kings governing from one to ten nations in the Three Thousand Great Thousand Worlds and in the Heavenly worlds, the Dragon world, the Human world are all equal in their wide sovereignties. In their satisfying level of life, without oppression and tyranny, they all have to perform in order to make an evil and sorrowful nation into a peaceful, joyful, pure one. The Four Species would also enjoy peace and joy, full sovereignty, equal in all regards.
   I'm now clearly promulgating this Proclamation for Attestation: the Bodhisattvas, Dharma Protectors, Dharma Protectors Bodhisattvas, as well as the Devas, the Deities, Human Deities, Land Deities, Mountain Deities, Supreme Deities, as well as the Dragon Deities, Four Teams of Deities are giving their aid, regularly, supportively, equally, and not discriminating honest and evil… If living beings have not yet positively correct their natures, [we] need to help them do so, except for the case where each living being, each individuality, each kingdom keeps on conserving their rooted evil, rooted cruelty. They should return to their own species and their own nature to enjoy their karma fruit as they wished.


- The Sangha Chief Supreme Pure King

The Current Reborn Supreme Buddha

sealed attested decision

* * *




“SUPERIOR CONGREGATION, October 13, 1975   




I, Supreme Pure King, the current reborn Supreme Buddha, now in charge of Returning, solemnly represent the Three Postures of Buddhas to attest the Destructive Dharma Period.

* SUPERIOR CONGREGATION: Superior means the Superior Life, signifying that this Congregation creates the Superior Life Period. It was Long-Hoa Congregation, presided by Lord Maitreya, hidden now under the name of Dharma Constitution Vietnamese Buddhism.

 Everyone coming into this world from the Divine one has a new appellation. For each life, there is an appellation. The appellation for this life: The Supreme Pure King currently reborn as Supreme Buddha indicates Lord Maitreya often called in the sutras is currently reborn. I was the very Lord Maitreya 2,500 years ago—The Founding Master Shakyamuni Buddha had ordained in the Destructive Dharma Period. The Lord is representing the Three Postures of the Buddha with the heavy responsibility of completely saving living beings and attesting that the Destructive Dharma Period returns to the True Dharma Period.


After the First World War of 1914-1918 and the Second World War of 1939-1945, came the Geneva Convention of 1954. The Vietnamese civil war had led to disastrous consequences including the division of the country: countless families had suffered from misery, grief, and now, from separation.

   The world is clearly divided into two camps, which extremely contrast each other. One camp is the liberalism of the capitalists, supported by the United States and the Western nations. The other is communism, led by the USSR, which advocates creating conflict with the Free World. These are favorable conditions for the USSR to develop and industrialize its countries. They reach the rank of international super powers, and are able to fight for supremacy against the USA.

   In the Second World War, the U.S and the USSR shook hands with the intention of exterminating Hitler (Nazism). Once German Nazism was dramatically defeated, the U.S.A realized the invasion of the USSR into the Eastern European nations. The USSR troops were occupying there, and they established administrations with the communist pattern. The U.S recognized the USSR as an enemy, and the future peace of the U.S and its Alliance should not be neglected.

   Karl Marx, the first ancestor of communism, interpreted Darwin’s doctrine of the “two camps” world, based on “the struggle for existence”. It was applied by the Russian communists to “The Class Struggle” of the mid 20th century, which prepared for the Third World War, (the Nuclear World War), which could exterminate all life on earth. It is this kind of “two camps” world that competes to produce nuclear weapons, preparing a chess match that menaces to put the world into the turning point of doomsday.

   After the Geneva Convention, from 1954 to 1975, many events accumulatively occurred in Vietnam. The world’s situation becoming serious was the rupture in 1956, between two super powers, the Russian communists and the Chinese communists. They became greater and greater, creating such a dangerous hole of separation that they were about to kill each other by nuclear buttons! These events made great impacts to Vietnam.

   During the period of 1968-1972, taking advant­­age of the separation between the two communist elders, the USSR and China, the US entered into collaboration with the Chinese communists to deal with the USSR, making both sides’ nuclear weapons hang over humankind’s heads!

   Even more serious, after 3 years from 1972 to 1975, the U.S firmly consolidated its relationship with the Chinese communists, and allied the western European nations and Japan in a whole world strategy. It was able to besiege the Russian communists, making the USSR vigorously develop their nuclear missile equipped atomic submarines. By that time, everyone with a certain understanding believed that once the Third World War was started; the atomic weapons would exterminate all lives in the world. Not only humankind, but other species would not survive.

    The secrets for producing nuclear warhead equipped missiles and atomic bombs are not an absolute secret today. What a catastrophe!

    In April 1987, the New Jersey U.S. Infantry Academy, studying strategic matters, declared that many nations were already in possession of atomic weapons. These nations included the U.S, England, France, Russia, China, India, West Germany, Japan, Taiwan, and South Africa. There are other countries that will also have atomic weapons, totaling 23 nations in the world that have had, and will have atomic weapons (at the time of this writing). Is that the world approaching doomsday?


From 1954 to 1975, during the 21 years of separation of the country, the U.S.A helped to protect South Vietnam, while the USSR and the Chinese communists supported North Vietnam. The war deeply darkened the country, and became a narrowed World War in South Vietnam. The Third World War nearly broke out because of Vietnam. The heroic competition between the U.S and its allies in one part, and the USSR, Chinese communists, and Eastern European communists in the other, made the Vietnamese people undergo a terrible destiny, resulting from the experiment of modern war science in this country.

   The Vietnamese people underwent the doomsday! For the Buddhas, it was the Destructive Dharma, because of extreme suffering, endurance, and evil! That was the extreme of the dharma’s postures. All dharmas were at its extreme, so it is called the doomsday. The sacred thoughts understood this, but secular intelligence conceived that the doomsday would be the time our globe disintegrates and humankind is destroyed!

   This conception lacks the demonstration basis. All the things were created by humans has its cause, and they will receive the fruit. ­­Humans create the cause, and once it has enough conditions of growing, it will become fruit. The human karma power creates chaos everywhere, and when they received the evil fruit’s consequence, they were suddenly awakened and turned to good. The circulation law runs from prosperity to decadence and the evil, at its end, reflects itself and can see itself. It firmly fears itself and then shows repentance. Lord Pure King incarnating Lord Maitreya had witnessed the intoxication of thousands and thousands of Dharmas in this Destructive Dharma Period, so He made His effort to open the Tao Dharma and hand it down to the world. This way, humankind would gradually recognize the true value of the enlightening Tao, and change by themselves to be peaceful and safe, free from the birth and death cycle.

   All material phenomena did not escape from the principle of Formation - Existence – Destruction - Nothingness. If our globe were disintegrated, this would have occurred in concordance with this principle. When the Buddhas have arrangements, They must teach them to humankind. It is hard for them to be able to recognize the true value, then build and maintain it by themselves, neutralize the intoxication, and clear their minds; their bodies will simultaneously correspond with the mind and be free from danger and catastrophe. This is an awesome responsibility handed down by the Three Buddhas’ Postures. He had to successfully achieve, and then attest, the return of the Destructive Period to the True Dharma Period.


In front of Me includes the witness of the Buddhas’ Three Postures, the acceptance and constant maintenance of the Bodhisattvas. The Dharma Protectors are responsible for carrying out my attestation, as well as all the Dharma Protector Devas and Deities (Such as Humankind Deities, Land Deities, Supreme Rank Deities, Dragon Deities, and Four Teams of Deities) all are present. There are also the Bodhisattvas who vowed, in the past to support the true dharma, and are ready for action in the present.
    “In front of Me”:
   Lord Supreme Pure King incarnating Lord Maitreya appeared in the Destructive Dharma Period. He had proclaimed in words, which was attested by the Three Buddhas’ Postures, regarding the skillful use of Buddha’s supremacy to save the Four Species, making Him endure immeasurable sourness and bitterness:

   “The Inferior Life is confusing and suffering.

   I am in charge of the vow of being returned.” –TV                                                             

   “The acceptance and constant maintenance of the Bodhisattvas”:

   Every time the Buddha returned to the world, He had to wage His labor to form a Bodhisattva. Bodhisattva is the one who understands self enlightenment well. They can move thousands and thousands of Dharmas perfectly, thus accepting the emersion and immersion from the true contemplation to go every place, where living beings are oppressed or sunk into oceans of suffering. They completely help living beings to bring them back to life again.

   “The Dharma Protectors are responsible for carrying out my attestation”:

   By Dharma Protectors, He means the invisible members that are beside the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. They always vow to rush everywhere to fight the Ghost King and the Devil King, and fulfill their vow according to the teaching of the Supreme Pure King incarnating Lord Maitreya, in order to dissolve and bring peace to living beings.

   “All the Dharma Protector Devas”:

   Invisible Dharma Protectors are practicing in the mountains, caves, and caverns far from the secular life. They lead a tranquil life, being self-confident in each passing moment and attaining the practicing attested fruit in the secular world. They vow to help living beings through their poems and presages. They advise human beings to be diligent in the practice and action of the Tao Dharma, helping human world or other worlds outside the earth to live peacefully, joyfully, and freshly. These Devas have vowed to accompany the Lord to accomplish the responsibility of saving living beings, and create virtuous merits in this Inferior Life Period.

   “All the Dharma Protector Deities”:

   Invisible Deities often have the compassion to save living beings, but they are still hot tempered. They have intelligence and self-confidence in each passing moment as their means, and an unthinkable Deity power. They make use of favorable or unfavorable means to save living beings.

   “Such as Humankind Deities and Land Deities”:

   Those are the Deities governing our landscapes on this globe. They usually live in communal houses of villages and in shrines, and now vow to accompany the Lord to practice and act the Tao Dharma and create virtuous merits to help the human world. They also receive His order to go where they are needed, and self-confidently help all living beings.

   “Supreme Rank Deities”:

   These are the Deities that fulfill the practice of the Dharma with the best results, in comparison with other Deities. They have the supreme internal Deity power with an unthinkable influence, and now vow to be by His side, ready for action.

   “The Dragon Deities and Four Teams of Deities”:

   These Deities still have hot tempered characters, and they have the Deity power to transform clouds and rain. They can appear in the form of a dragon, and have practiced meditation from the time of the Shakyamuni Buddha. They were waiting for Long-Hoa and now, since Lord Supreme Maitreya came into the world, they came to be by His side, ready for action, making virtuous merits to support and practice the true Dharma. Together with them, the Four Teams of Deities in the four continents of the Three Thousand Great Thousand Worlds are also ready for action beside Him.

   “There are also the Bodhisattvas who vowed in the past to support the true Dharma, and are ready for action in the present.”

   The Bodhisattvas have had a strong will from the time of Shakyamuni Buddha when they were in invisible forms. Some of them tangibly appear today as laypersons at home, coming into the world and are ready for action beside Him. They vow to be useful to themselves and to others, to constantly guard all four kinds of Tao practitioners to practice the dharma, and secretly save living beings from suffering.
   In the era of science, civilization, and modernization of today, we used to study through experimentation, and perceive through material synthesis. Now, when Lord Pure King incarnating Lord Maitreya is proclaiming in this time, there are many invisible manifestations with full and unthinkable power and influence beside Him, ready to carry out what He orders, in order to rebuild the Superior Period.
   Only a Master of meditation can clearly see and fully know an invisible army with high self-awareness, always living in strict order. Human beings and scientists, no matter how talented they may be, will not be able to see and know it. The powerful leaders, though shouting not to submit to sea and ocean, are nothing in comparison with an invisible Dharma Protector. They will all be inefficacious by a mere sealed indication. This is difficult to believe, but true in this atomic period! All are for the sake of living beings under oppression, and ending suffering for those of good faculty who have no support.

   Lord Maitreya, incarnating in the city of Nha Trang, had corresponded with the Buddhas’ Three Postures, and called those who practiced and acted Tao Dharma through invisible forms in the past to all be present beside Him today. Think it over, those who are atheists and doubtful. If death is the end for humankind and all living things, how can Lord Pure King incarnating Lord Supreme Maitreya of 2500 years ago come back again and appear in this living beings’ world with His other human beings’ appearances, such as that of Nagarjuna and the Superior Harmonious Monk Budai…  Why did the Bodhisattvas, Dharma Protectors, Devas and Deities return from the past to be beside Him? Regardless whether one is a Tao Dharma practitioner or not, they still are transformed after death into another life and continue their life ceaselessly.

   “I'm proclaiming that from now on, the 9th day of the 9th month of the lunar year of the cat, October 13, 1975, at 3:20 a.m., that inside the Three Thousand Worlds as well as outside the Three Thousand Great Thousand Worlds, in all the planes and all the lands, the Dragon, Human, Demon, or Dharani over innumerable species...”:

   How was the Lord Maitreya’s positive consequent body so powerful that He could give orders to everything in the immense infinite universe in which all species must fulfill? One day, in the wooden loft of His residence at number 42 of the Hồng Bàng Street, Nha Trang, I heard these words:

   Formerly, when the Crown Prince Siddhartha attained the Tao Dharma, the Tathagata (the God) of supreme power came to ordain, He had acquired power over the whole universe, and His secular body had since become the GOLDEN BODY. He made it a condition: “If I had attained the Tao Dharma and became the Buddha, this bowl would have run against the stream when I threw it into the river of Nairanjana.”

   After talking these words, He threw the bowl into the river: It floated on the water and ran against the stream. Lord Shakyamuni had become the Buddha King.
   Today, telling you that I have attained the Tao Dharma, I must have evidence supporting my words. Lord Supreme Pure King incarnating Lord Maitreya then suggested two conditions:
The First Condition: If I had attained the Tao Dharma, 7 planets would have appeared tonight at the same time, and on the same straight line.
The Second Condition: When London’s BBC radio broadcasts at 6:30 P.M, it will rain for one minute on my top floor, but there will be no drops of rain on the houses on either side.
    • That evening, at 6:30, Lord Pure King was sitting and He turned on the small National Radio set. When the announcing music of the BBC had just resounded, it suddenly rained on His metal roof. He went out to find exactly that there was no rain on houses on either side. The rain lasted exactly one minute.
    • The next morning, Saigon’s newspapers reported that the International Meteorological Station had, for the first time since more than two thousand years, discovered a strange phenomenon last night: 7 planets were arranged on a straight line at the same time in the sky. I respectfully offered the newspaper to Him.

   Lord Supreme Pure King incarnating Lord Maitreya had become the Buddha King, strictly according to the ordinance of the Shakyamuni Buddha 2500 years ago.

   “Inside the Three Thousand Worlds”:

   There are countless living species in our world, each having its own way of living in an appropriate ambiance called a sub-world. One thousand sub-worlds form a small thousand worlds. One thousand small thousand worlds form a middle thousand worlds. One thousand middle thousand worlds form a Great Thousand Worlds.
   “Outside the Three Thousand Great Thousand Worlds”:
   This means the Great Thousand Worlds are formed by the three small thousand, middle thousand and great thousand worlds. Inside our globe, there are Three Thousand Great Thousand Worlds, and outside is the immense Universe, with countless other Three Thousand Great Thousand Worlds.
   The 7 gems, belonging to the Buddha’s Precious Body of Lord Maitreya, have manifested themselves once more since the time of Shakyamuni Buddha 2500 years ago.


All the National Kings, Popular Kings, Master Kings, Powerful Kings, and Conservative Master Kings governing from one to ten nations in the Three Thousand Great Thousand Worlds and in the Heavenly worlds, the Dragon world, the Human world are all equal in their wide sovereignties. In their satisfying level of life, without oppression and tyranny, they all have to perform in order to make an evil and sorrowful nation into a peaceful, joyful, pure one. The Four Species would also enjoy peace and joy, full sovereignty, equal in all regards.
   “National Kings”: The Kings who inherit the throne from their fathers.
   “Popular Kings”: The Kings who are elected by the people.
   “Master Kings”: The Kings in the divine lands. Most of them are talented, and also called clear-sighted kings. Their people are living in abundance.
   “Powerful Kings”: The Kings in the fairyland, also called fairy chiefs, have higher supernatural power than other Fairies and thus are very much respected. Their people are living plentifully; precious wealth has already had in everywhere.
   “Conservative Master Kings”: The Kings of hell use the three evil ways to rule their people. Those who dare to straightly tell the truth to construct are oppressed or killed immediately.
   “Heavenly Worlds”:
   The King of Heaven is called Brahman King. In another Heaven, the King is called Sakka; in other the King is called Self-Confident King. People in the Heavenly worlds are all happy.
    “Dragon world”: invisible world, a dragonhead on the body and a hot-tempered nature.
   Our globe is only a small world in comparison with the immense universe with countless other worlds. In the eyes of a Meditation Master, who can see through the sight constitution, there are also many other species with a higher or lower living standard than that of humankind.
   Humankind, in this world, is governed under multiple aspects during this Inferior Returning Destructive Life Period. Particularly in Vietnam, a manifestation of Lord Maitreya witnessed it thoroughly. From 1975 to 1989, a long time period of 14 years, South Vietnamese people lived in anxiety, and a dark mourning curtain embraced all the social classes, from the city to the country. The state of life was completely upset. The necessary things were extremely lacking for daily life, which was decayed and almost paralyzed. The South Vietnam situation could be compared to a vehicle with malfunctioning brakes, rapidly plunging into the abyss.
   Carrying out the USSR “working class” policy, North Vietnamese Communist had many times completely mopped up the middle class and intellectuals of South Vietnam. Among these, a number of families not associated with the former regime, had to also share the grief stricken destiny!
   The new economic policy the Northern Communists subjected to the southern people had brought about a disaster: In every province, there were many wandering, homeless families living on city sidewalks. They did not have food everyday; their clothes are in rags. They had an untidy appearance, and a way of life unlike the human one. In new economic zones, with gloomy forests and mountains, harsh climates, the city people were not familiar with the shabby and manual labor. They had only been accustomed in their careers and in trade, so they could not produce enough food for their life, and harbored deep resentment! The people in the new economic zone became ill and were not given sufficient medicine, particularly for malaria treatment, causing every family to lose their members. Traditional remedies were not effective enough to fight the fatal fever, so the remaining people had to abandon their farms! They came back to the city, even knowing their houses were no longer available, and looked to their future with uncertainty.
   The Northern Communism firmly believed in the working class policy, so rapidly and strongly pushing forward that everyone, including the weakened, sick, and well educated and the illiterate ran into the movement of crossing the borders by sea, escaping from their native country where they had nourished and grown up. They ran away without thinking of return, even if they knew they had only a faint hope leading them to a safe place!   
   When Lenin triumphed over the Tsar, he sent 1 million of the Tsar's soldiers to Siberia to   build a city in this region with year-round snow and ice. As a result, only 5000 people survived accomplishing the construction of that city. That is the consequence of forced labor without sufficient nourishment, illness without drugs, and bitter cold without clothes and blankets to warm the body.
   Although there was no Siberian city in Vietnam as in the USSR, the Russian Communists' guide remained very delicate with many sublime techniques to govern the Southern people: The main food was rice, other essential necessities were managed by the State, and there were governmental cooperatives everywhere. All kinds of usual items became forbidden. The Southern people then experienced extreme poverty and hard circumstances of life.
   In this period, when a dog was given a bone, it would be appreciated and wagged its tail to see you on the next day. On the other hand, when people were given a piece of meat, they also wanted to empty the giver’s pocket and went to their house and expelled the whole family out.
   Lord Supreme Pure King incarnating Lord Maitreya Himself sympathized with the Southern people's living conditions, and also told all of us to know that those things have to develop in such a way in the South during the Destructive Life Period. 

“Other worlds please come to see
The people's life is so wearisome

They have to earn their living, a rice bowl at a time

Wandering untidily in tattered clothes

Living day and night, silently, in the misery

Year round, the will bores to cowardice

Perhaps during this Final Destructive Life Period

Such things continuously happening would be familiar to all.” –TV

   A manifesting scene characterizes for each period, but in this Inferior Returning Destructive Life Period, the evil is transpiring so extremely that it makes humankind awaken and repent: “From one mountain longing for another mountain.”
   When the true Dharma was passed down to the fifth patriarch period in China, Shen Hsiu invented a pattern of practice through ceremonial rites, which enchanted living beings. They also practiced the Tao Dharma but led humankind in the wrong direction, and lost the orientation of practice for liberation through knowing, seeing, and solving. They gradually worshipped supernatural efficacy, not practicing in conformity with their true nature. There is another weakness in the Destructive Life Period: Humankind extremely venerates material, knowing only the material, so they readily lose their morality whenever faced with a difficulty or obstacles, and run after the manifestations of ambition, enjoy desire. The Dharma practice path was therefore lost, and naturally, was not transmitted from the truth. Some of them were amazed, and complained about their fate and life.
   The practitioners with the fundamental capability, on the contrary, thoroughly know the Inferior Returning Equal Salvation place is fully miraculous; they are ceaselessly diligent in their practice, because they know that it is the end period of heaven and earth. The law of universal motion never comes to a standstill, once arriving at the extremes of thousands and thousands of Dharmas, it is called the doomsday. It is naturally transformed into a new stage in which the true dharma appears. Lord Maitreya Himself knew it thoroughly without missing, so He calmly, secretly, and mutually sympathized with the Buddhas of ten directions during this sacred last time when the Great Heaven Earth will transform itself into a peaceful, beautiful, and bright Resurrection.
   Now the time of present practical truth has come; the helpful Dharma of equal salvation of the Eastern Salvation Enlightened Appearance Medicine Master Lapis Lazuli Light Tathagata comes into life! In this enlightened appearance’s world, there is a lack of many lovely children because of tragedies, so Lord Pure King incarnating Lord Maitreya has to remember the Great Ceremony of the 30th day of the 9th month sorrowfully.


Today the Great Ceremony of the Buddha of Medicine,
The 30th day of the 9th month, the day of Dharma body attestation.
Some faithful followers are kneeling down.
The Buddhist Master quietly burns incense and lamps.
The Buddha statue says no words.
The sandalwood fragrance spreads all over the holy realm.
The surroundings of the temple gate are quite deserted and cold.
A few puppies run here and there.
Who can understand this situation?
My heart is sorrowfully remembering the absent monks
Secretly meditating, with my soul far elsewhere
Playing the scene by which Inferior Life proceeds to restoration.

 – The Supreme Pure King
The 30th day of the 9th month of year of the Horse (1978)


   The condition of South Vietnam was deserted and dreary after 1975. The people’s morale was sorrowful, a dark, mourning curtain covered all over the country, and sad cries were heard everywhere. In the eyes of a Buddhist master emerging from His meditation, He could see under the stratum of clouds in the sky a layer of ice-cold air spreading all over. He then knew that it was the ascending of people's complaints and plaintive voices. The doors of hell in secular world were rising so highly that even Devas were frightened.
   The 20th day of the 2nd month of the lunar year of 1979, the Police of Nha Trang City pulled down the board:



   Along with an official order forbidding the practicing and the preaching of the dharma, as well as the meeting, the police created problems for Him since 1976. The reason: He did not adhere to the Unified Buddhism imposed by the government, which intervened in every aspect of the dharma’s practice. The basic human freedoms are stripped away.
   In this hell, a small child, who hates an old man, could actually have him killed by just making a cruel note to the local police. If it wrote lighter a little bit, the old man could be thrown into jail for three or four years, which was common in such instances.
   One morning, The Lord said and I heard these words:
   “Think - if I take part in the National Buddhism, every time I preach the dharma I have to write it down and present it to the monk of the province! I have to make a plan of birth control. This job, in principle, must be made by the Health Service!”
   The police came to examine number 42, Hồng Bàng Street where He was living, with the intention of confiscating this temple, causing big trouble, and creating difficulties for Him in all aspects.  But He calmly made use of skillful Dharmas to be free from a lot of catastrophes and avoid re-education[1] once more.
   The Devas then held a meeting to discuss the serious matter, with the participation of the 18 Arahants. The Dragon Deities, Land Deities, and Four Teams of Deities gathered densely around Him. The ears of the Meditation Master clearly heard and thoroughly knew: “When the enemies attack the Bodhi, they will be dissolved.”

[1] This word is labeled by Vietnamese Communist for political prisons.


In the small, wooden top floor of Lord Supreme Pure King incarnating Lord Maitreya's residence, I heard what He was teaching:
   “Looking at Vietnamese communism, we can know about the USSR. The USSR brings about everything. In beating a snake, I have to strike its head, not the middle or its tail. But I won't beat it, because if I do, it would be smashed like gruel. If I use the Supernatural Powerful rod to strike, no ferocious snake from this globe could withstand it, even if it had billions of relatives armed with modernized weapons in this Inferior Returning Destructive Life Period. To me, all of them do not matter very much.
   By only drumming the Supernatural Powerful rod, I could make it paralyzed and decomposed in small parts, in order to teach and warn the disobedient child.”
   Look at the present situation: The political regime of the communist USSR and Eastern European communist countries, as firm as steel bulwarks, was suddenly transformed and broken up into republic nations inclined to the free world. Unlike in war, there is no bloodshed, death, nor the winning scene of “drinking the enemies' blood”. The free world did not waste a bullet. The secular world did not know that an invisible hand of the Buddha had performed a miracle for humankind, avoiding the catastrophe of a Third World War. The doomsday was over! The remaining communist countries were applying themselves to reform, according to the commands of the PROCLAMATION attested. He had made use of the Supernatural Power of Samadhi, from the Seeing Constitution of Samadhi Contemplation, and His perfect clairvoyant hearing to fabricate the strategic chessboard of “natural success without struggle.” This brought love to humankind, helping them to live in warm spring and cozy times.
   Lord Pure King recited the following two verses in order to pass them down to future generations, warning the leaders that the hands of humankind do not create all things. They should not rely on their power to oppress their miserable, defeated, solitary blood brothers, who live together with them in a fine country. He had silently corrected the wrong orbit:

“While the Avalokitesvara cannot give a solution,

All of the state leaders are obedient to my pointing finger.” –TV

   The Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva had to shake the head for this Destructive Life Period, while all the state leaders in the world could not see where the hand of Buddha was, they must go with the flow. It was evident that evil and sorrow had become pure, peaceful, and joyful nation.
   Due to the reformation policy, people nowadays can enjoy an easier life. Even the people of the communist state have the opportunity and the right to live with plenty, easily eat and dress luxuriously according to what they wish, and have the right to “new thoughts” of capitalism.
   With His great compassion, great power, and great courage, Lord Pure King incarnating Lord Maitreya brought love manifested by His real action, without distinction between the people of one side or the other. Though the police of the city of Nha Trang, who often watched Him and waited for an opportunity to arrest Him, He kept firmly to make use of His First-Rate Realistic Necessary Supernatural Powers of Samadhi. Once incorporating this Samadhi power, He could neutralize all unsettled Dharmas that penetrated the body. Therefore, besides the evil and the weird, there is the honest, which protects and shows respect to Him.
   Indeed, Lord Pure King incarnating Lord Maitreya discreetly vowed and used the conduct of the secular world solver unthinkably to bring living beings from the intoxicated and ferocious world to a peaceful and joyful one, while they knew nothing. The free world also misunderstood that they themselves had managed or rectified the situation to create peace today.
   All the beauty and safety were due to the honestly vowed supernatural power of Samadhi emanating from the Lord. He skillfully used it to transform the distracted world of the atomic era into a calm world, abolishing the menace of destroying each other between the two blocks, which can miraculously live in peace together today. Everyone has to recognize that all nations in the world today are uniting their efforts and collaborating more stably than ever. In comparison with the intense hostility after the Second World War from 1945 to 1954 and 1989, humanity was almost reaching doomsday.
   The truly enlightened one, who penetrates Dharmas until accomplish the fruit of the supernatural power of great illumination Samadhi. This one has full competence to be able to divide His body and transform it into numberless tiny dust Buddhas, instant Buddhas. The consciousness is brought away from the body and incorporated in numberless forms of life as long as necessary. Afterwards, He returns those living beings back to their former spiritual position, without their awareness, with the purpose of bringing about a satisfied level of life, without tyranny and oppression among the Four Species. Having this supreme power, He has countless Bodhisattvas, Dharma Protector Fairies and Deities of invisible forms in the past, and who are ready to serve Him in the present according to their vows.
   Some people living in this world relied on the forces of their comrades, established power and governed others. They believed themselves to be great, easily started to practice evil, attached themselves to evil, and thus the Buddha was living in hiding and did not want to show His form for them to know and see Him. Why? Living beings are originally bad, with changeable nature. If they let it manifest in front of the truly enlightened one, it is immeasurably harmful to them and to their comrades. All are reflected by His supreme powerful virtue itself!
   The truly enlightened one's power is really the power of the universe, also called power of God or Tathagata. Look at solid works constructed with humankind’s strength, it only needs a typhoon or a gust of wind to destroy them completely. An earthquake would make them fall down, and a change in the weather would make all of living beings paralyzed. He thoroughly managed everywhere, entering or emerging from the true contemplation of Samadhi, to resolve and bring along unthinkable safety and happiness. Advanced science and modern civilization are reduced to inaction and are helpless when an earthquake or typhoon occurs on our globe nowadays. But for the Meditation Master, neutralizing typhoons and earthquakes is an ordinary thing. These words are quite true.

   For many years in Nha Trang, the meteorological station occasionally announced the arrival of a typhoon. He then entered the true contemplation of Samadhi, and mobilized the Divine Dharma to neutralize it. Each time like that, the typhoon moved away to the open sea and disappeared. Nha Trang was thus safe. Once there was a potential dangerous earthquake to the people. Knowing this beforehand, He mobilized the great land to resolve the earthquake, avoiding damage to the people. He needed not say it to anyone; only some of His close disciples knew the fact. How wonderful! Only a venerable, attaining the miraculous Bodhi fruit like Lord Pure King incarnating Lord Maitreya and completely saving living beings in this Destructive Life Period knew to keep the discreet body, mouth, and thought in order to be accomplished the fruit of fulfilling His vow. One day He said:

   “I need not the fame. Manifested miracles and supernatural powers will have the Ghost King find every way and means to kill me. The opening of the Tao Dharma will be unfinished.”
   The Gentle Saints hastily manifest their supernatural power acquired through effortful merits and virtuous merits. If they did not have enough talent, virtue, and the contemplative intelligence of Buddhism, they would easily be harmed. The Supreme True Enlightened One, superior to the Gentle Saints and no one can be superior to this One. He comprehends thousands and thousands of Dharmas thoroughly from His true contemplation of Samadhi, not leaving a fissure. Therefore, He is not killed like the Gentle Saints, who have insufficient Buddhist intelligence and supernatural power.
   Although the Gentle Saints are widely aware of the Tao Dharma and teach living beings to know well about Dharma, they have insufficient eyes and ears for bright observation to mobilize the Tathagata Constitution. They can't resolve anything completely about “secular world neutralization” for human beings and all the Four Species.
   Living for more than 15 years in Saigon, I was usually informed every few years by the meteorological station about a probable storm. Once, at the end of 1992, the Saigon television station emitted, every 20 minutes, an urgent announcement about a storm, which would quickly pass by Saigon in the next 12 hours at a speed of 250 km/h. I only informed my disciples that I would make use of the divine dharma to make the storm return to the Eastern Sea and dissolve. All my disciples heard this and had seen that the weather was still calm afterward, and the blue sky was as clear as every normal day, and there was no storm.
   The people, who heard the news, prepared to stand up about the storm. They thought the Saigon Meteorological Station was wrong, not knowing that at that time, I had nullified the storm for the sake of Saigon and other surrounding areas.
   Paradoxically, I had to cautiously hide when teaching the enlightening dharma to my faithful disciples, disseminating them into small groups. Hell was waiting for Lord Pure King and me, whenever we displayed negligence! He often complained: Building virtue for life is considered as a crime. How cruel!
   Facing so many hardships, the Vietnamese people were competing to cross the ocean. Their close relatives' letters and telegrams from the native land were the most needed spiritual food for them. The governments of Khánh Hoà and other cities had seized these letters, censored them, and did not give them to the people. Everyone was impatient, neglected food and sleep, lamented and wondered about the destiny of their relatives, if they were alive or dead after crossing the sea. He Himself was in the same situation. After six months, He said: Letters and news are sacred rights of human life, and no country in the world should do such a horrible thing. One can abstain from eating and accept to be emaciated with hunger, but they would be crazy and die from losing their spirit. The Devas convened a meeting to resolve the issue about which He had complained.
   As a result, a hurricane had come to Khánh Hoà province, causing crop failure and gravely damaged roads, bridges, water, and electrical infrastructures. Short of funds, the provincial authorities hastened to distribute letters and telegrams from abroad to the people charging an additional receipt for each letter. Other provinces imitated Khánh Hoà in distributing letters from abroad. From then on, the authorities no longer seized those letters coming from abroad.
   This is the ultimate manner of action by which Devas resolved the question gently. If the wind blew at a speed of 200-250 km/h and the rain was heavier, in a few days, the destruction would be much more terrible. That was the part for Devas, for Land Deities: if their anger rose, it would be much more dreadful, and the disastrous results would be immeasurable!
   If, in this Inferior Life Period, due to the deep-rooted nature of the Holy King’s benevolence, compassion, and love for all people, he would accept dying for the sake of the living beings, He would not be able to change the minds of the leaders and kings who were following the three evil ways. If they refused to obey and act honestly, even the Holy King would be reduced to inaction and the supernatural power would not win against the evil force. This rooted nature had to be in accordance with the circumstance, with the degree of transformation of the rooted evilness. Therefore, the one having attained the miraculous fruit of Buddha like Lord Maitreya, could not sit quietly, and abandon people to live in obscurity or sink into the sea of suffering. He had to skillfully make use of the supernatural power of Samadhi to completely save living beings, and at the same time convert disobedient ones. That was the supreme truth that the Holy King rank, with insufficient effortful merit and virtuous merit, would not be able to perform.
   I'm now clearly promulgating this Proclamation for Attestation: the Bodhisattvas, Dharma Protectors, Dharma Protectors Bodhisattvas, as well as the Devas, the Deities, Human Deities, Land Deities, Mountain Deities, Supreme Deities, as well as the Dragon Deities, Four Teams of Deities are giving their aids, regularly, supportively, equally, and not discriminating the honest and the evil… If the living beings have not yet positively correct their natures, they would have been helped to do so, except for the case where each living being, each individuality, each kingdom keeps on conserving their rooted evil, rooted cruelty. They should return to their own species and their own nature to enjoy their karma fruit as they wished.
          The Sangha Chief Supreme Pure King
          The Current Reborn Supreme Buddha
           Sealed Attested Decision
   He promulgated this proclamation for attestation and the bodhisattvas, dharma protectors, devas, and deities... had to help all the nation leaders and their subordinates impartially and with clear identification to do “good” and avoid “evil”. If the invisible evil faculty was in their bodies, He had to awaken it and convert it to good. This is the order given to all living creatures of the Three Thousand of Great Thousand Worlds, which were wishing for a peaceful life and that sacred right to live naturally and at ease.
   Scientists and leaders should remember that every invisible deity, deva, and dharma protector has an unthinkable supernatural power. Utilizing their intelligence, scientists could produce atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs, neutron bombs, bacterial bombs, and chemical bombs. Too much labor would be invested, but all of that would be nothing in comparison with a deity. By His supreme real power and in addition to a miraculous matchless power, The Pure King incarnating Lord Supreme Maitreya could order them to manifest their compassionate spirit and create the merits to practice the dharma. The deities are absolutely venerating the Buddhas and bodhisattvas because they respect the dharma and the fruit of the practice. They are ready for action beside Him in great numbers.
   In this Final Law Period since 1975, He has seen that all the people's daily activities were fixed by the government such as the right of dwelling, and eating, but not speaking. The practice of the dharma to build morality was especially controlled and forbidden from developing. In reality, only the practice of the dharma in accordance with the truth could have morality. If everything was too easy and happened according to the thoughts and determinations of mankind, why was it undocumented in history that many nobles and sages were born through dynasties to correct and teach people to perpetually maintain the good faculty?
   The communist government forbade the printing and distributing of His scriptures written before 1975, which aimed at teaching living creatures to practice for liberation through wisdom. Once, His disciples in Saigon used handicraft instruments to print the book, “The Doctrine for the Path to Liberation,” which was confiscated by the authorities who considered it grave, and put each of them in prison for 3 years. Their relatives had to make a lot of petition for lesser sentences. They were finally released 2 years later. The police arrested me and pointed out to my face: “I'll condemn you to ten years' penal servitude to make you know your destiny”. The Maitreya Buddha had to appeal to the invisible dharma protector to liberate me from the prison for the second time. The first time, I had been “re-educated” for 42 months.
   After the sutra was seized, the police gave it to a national monk to read. The national Buddhist committee, unable to understand the sutra, concluded it to be paganism, and we were put in prison. The Supreme Pure King incarnating Lord Supreme Maitreya was arrested by the city police of Nha Trang while He was tired, losing consciousness and receiving “saline” infusions. As they were waiting to seize Him, the Dragon Deity Dharma Protector took care of Him. Soon after, a favorable, wonderful, and suitable dharma appeared in His meditation room. He got out of the prison. The city Police came afterward to watch and question Him as regularly as eating daily meals. Once they told Him: “Do remember, I can put you into prison whenever I want.” During His entire journey of teaching dharma, The Lord Supreme Maitreya was confronted many times in the hell fire by the Maha King, Devil King and their descendants who would kill Him, but they all failed and had to give up and release Him.
   Day after day passed and He was patiently preaching the Dharma to His true disciples, who took turns, coming by in small groups. The true disciples of Hue, Da Nang, Quy Nhon, Nha Trang, and Saigon had to comply with such a strict organization. Therefore, He had to explain the dharma every day without resting for a minute. One day a notable came to see Him and asked whether He could get any sleep. He happily replied:

   “As you see, He answered in the daytime, I'm occupying myself to teach the dharma to the disciples, group after group, all day long. In the nighttime, I emerge from right meditation to go throughout the world and outside the globe to teach the dharma. I can only sleep for one hour in the midday to restore my health, so I have no time to sleep at night.”

   Indeed, the enlightened one always has the supreme mind, so he is pure in the day as well at night, the two that are only one. Because day and night are only one for him, he has no ordinary sleep like that of seculars. That is something incredible to the sciences, but it is true.
On the days of great ceremonies of the Phap Tang Buddhism at the Central Highness Assembly in Nha Trang, He was sitting in the semi cross-legged position, continuously entering the right meditation to appeal to the invisible dharma protectors to stand guard over several places in the city.
   There were more than 100 representatives of the dharma protectors, venerables, and all faithful disciples coming from several provinces. The invisible dharma protector changed the weather into heavy rain, with a dark sky and cold, heavy, prolonged wind before the beginning of the ceremony. Every house had its door closed, the street was quite deserted, and police and secret agents reposed and took shelter from the rain. Meanwhile, disciples of Phap Tang came from all directions of the city of Nha Trang, correctly dressed, and walked under the rain to go to the Great Ceremony at His house. Afterwards, the organizing committee guided all of them one by one out of His ceremony site, nobody wandering before His house. Once the Great Ceremony was over, the sky became transparent, the clouds dispersed, and the rain stopped. How refreshing and satisfactory it was. Every time, the invisible devas, dharma protectors, and the deities were standing guard outside. The invisible dharma drotectors were busy watching the organization inside without error or negligence. All His true disciples voluntarily kept silent and discreet.
   The Vietnamese know that in this Dharma Ending Age, believers no longer visited the temples. At the citizens' house, a group of about 3 persons gathering would pose a lot of trouble, which could not be described. The ones who have power wrongly thought that death was the end. There is no such thing as a cause and effect law, but they would go into a hell fire suffering. Only learned man, who had meditation minds, had known everything in detail. It would be very difficult to become human beings again if they create evil in their lives.
   He often said: It was too difficult to construct the true dharma in this Dharma-Ending Age, but He remained diligent with plenty of the supreme mind.
   During this period, when the fire curtain was wrapping all over, many Buddhist followers felt the difficulty and escaped over the border to practice the dharma abroad. Indeed, with mind, which was not supreme, one would not be able to practice the dharma in Vietnam. He told us, if we practice the dharma when it is easy and leave it when difficult, we are still weighing and choosing, and we could only become Pratyaka Buddhas. The fruit is very small, much inferior to that of the bodhisattvas. Remaining patient and courageous here, practicing the dharma, and facing the life, you could hope to attain the title “Buddha”. Once entering the Buddha precepts, it is difficult to get out. In many cases, you would remain there without knowing that you have been attached to that precept. The exception that the practitioner who leaves his ego and his ownership, may be able one day to meet someone who has attained title “Buddha”, and would help him to continue the practice.
   Generally speaking, Vietnam, at that time, was coming to an economic, environmental, cultural, educational and political crisis. The region is deadlocked, and originates from the USSR. The people were also in spiritual crisis, and impetuously escaped from their homeland, by crossing the sea. According to international statistics, only one out of four refugees would reach their destination, the rest were presumed dead or missing. Particularly in the USA, there are now over one million Vietnamese people living, and three other million others had died at sea by boat or at the Cambodia borders on foot. Only speaking about the USA, it seems there were great numbers of Vietnamese who had settled all over the other democratic and generous countries in the world. The number of dead or missing people, the loss and the sorrowful situation was indescribable. This marked another dark chapter in Vietnam’s history.
   Regarding the dissension between the North and the South during 21 years, the statistics had presumptively estimated that about 3,200,000 Vietnamese were dead, this number did not include the number of disabled soldiers still living, but disabled, and this caused unrelenting suffering.
   For the first time, He sat weeping for the living creatures both domestic and abroad, as well as humanity undergoing the misery. All disciples were frightened and asked Him. He said: “The North communist government treated the Southern people as slaves.” At the same time, practitioners for fairyhood at the Seven Mountains of Chau Doc, who hear this, immediately informed people and their disciples of the Lord Supreme Maitreya Buddha. He wept for all living creatures in this Final Law Period. They were indeed clever and diligent, but practiced according to fixed thoughts, not practical truth. Therefore, they were not able to see Him either. They could take the picture and see the picture, but could not come into the scene, live in the scene or be in contact with people in the scene. It was the same for us, who saw the pictures on television, but were not in contact with them. We were not able to enter and see or talk to the persons, and the true scene taken by the producer in the camera.
   Judging profoundly and impartially about the catastrophe inflicted upon Mankind in general and Vietnamese in particular, including Himself, by the USSR, He burned seven sandalwood incenses one day before the Three Dharma Elements, vowing decisively to help living creatures to be in peace.
   Since then, He usually emerged in meditation at night to go to the USSR, accompanied by the invisible dharma protector. He appealed the land deity of the capital of Moscow, land deities, and divine deities to come to the Eastern European communist nations to offer impartial help.  Particularly in the USSR, the land deity had found and “implanted” for Him a person with a “new thought” and with a true power. This way, He could discreetly transform the situation of the world and bring about freedom to humanity.
   I remembered His words well: If I could not awaken and convert the USSR, the catastrophe of the Third World War would be unavoidable, and the consequences would be immeasurable for humanity and all living beings on the globe.


Every morning at six o'clock, the BBC radio emits its musical signal, and broadcasts international news and comments on current events. As usual, at 6 o'clock sharp, He turns on the small National radio to listen to the news of countries in the world. Thanks to its abundance in major international news and its impartial broadcasting policy, He could emerge from contemplation to appear in the North and the South hemisphere where He was needed. He was able to mobilize Devas, Land Deities, and Dragon Deities to satisfactorily resolve a lot of problems.
   The most wonderful miracle of the century then happened. In early 1985, in the political sphere of USSR, appeared a brilliant star, Mr. Gorbachev, who upset and altered the world situation. Controlling the whole communist party and having the real power of the USSR government, he changed the thoughts of the party, which existed from the beginning of the revolution in USSR.
   As far as foreign policy was concerned, he normalized diplomatic relations with communist China, set international relations with the USA, and supported the policy of dialogue between great nations instead of opposition. The world was released from the menace of war. In 1991, USSR communism disintegrated into pieces after the political storm. There now remain a number of republic nations adopting the policy of freedom, and of free enterprise business. The revolution of the thoughts led to a failed coup in Moscow capital in October 1991, later resulting in the dispersion of the communist USSR.
   He pursued the changes of the situation through the BBC broadcasting, and sometimes foretold what would happen, which was confirmed later by the BBC. In December 1991, an important historical event once more happened in Moscow, leading to the rapid collapse of the USSR communist regime.  Its 74th anniversary in the spring is now a sad and gloomy winter for the communists.
   After just one night full of commemorations, His hair had completely turned gray the next morning. He was, at that time, 73 years old. The red flag with the crossed “hammer sickle” symbol of the communist working class has been substituted by the Russian federal “tri color” flag, which was bravely raised on the ridge of the Kremlin.
   Later, the BBC radio broadcasted the news after the USSR parliament had tried to reverse the historical wheel. He smiled and continued to enter into true contemplation to manage, and emerged from contemplation to resolve the problem.
   In October 1992, the confusing event causing instability in Moscow, forced President Yeltsin to disperse the USSR parliament, existing since 1936 and amended in 1977. The last generation of despotism from the past had ended. From then on, the world gradually came to peace, and nobody could contravene the evolution of humanity.
   Eastern European communist nations and the Communist USSR were no longer a menace, but they had become free nations adapting to the marketing status. Due to the broadcasting of the BBC radio to the remote city of Nha Trang, the Supreme Pure King incarnating Lord Maitreya paid attention to the Western nations such as free and communist nations. They had been creating danger to the world by competitively producing chemical bombs, bacterial bombs, hydrogen bombs, neutron bombs, atomic bombs, which He had neutralized. An agreement to cease production and destroy these weapons was soon reached. Coexistence and peace was unbelievable in the past, but it truly happened in reality. All of humanity realized that the Third World War was no longer a menace and it became a thing of the past.
   The fact remains today, in every country, that disputes between brothers of a family and the dangers of “gang leaders” exist, in which the United Nations has brought attention to settle. The world also abolished the regime of racist discrimination; all forms of oppression and tyranny to the citizens were condemned by the international community, and are no longer tolerated.
   According to the attested proclamation signed and promulgated by Lord Maitreya (under His concealed name of Supreme Pure King – Current Reborn Supreme Buddha) by His Buddha’s Power with full compassion, the living beings who have not yet positively correct their natures, [we] need to help them do so,” were supported by the Bodhisattvas, Devas, Deities, and Invisible Dharma Protectors, who help impartially without discrimination between good and evil. He had thus brought back peace and safety to humanity; the Maitreya Spring brought joy and happiness to the general situation of the world.
   “Except for the case”... living beings and leaders conserving their rooted evil and rooted cruelty will be patiently helped by Invisible Dharma Protectors.
   Take the example of a boy who liked to play with fire beside a petroleum tank. His father, seeing the danger, told him: “My child, stop playing with fire! It is very dangerous! One day, you will be burned to death and the entire village will be destroyed!” The boy upon hearing this, repeated as he walked: “My child, stop playing with fire, you'll be burned to death.” His mouth was speaking but his hands kept playing with fire. Despite His warning, the father saw that the boy did not realize the danger of the fire, which can burn the entire village. He struck His son a painful blow on the buttocks with a rod. The boy was too pained and thus frightened, and never dared to play with fire afterwards. He became fearful of fire whenever he saw it.
   The neighbors, noticing the father’s advice to his child, sweetly said: This father is very charitable. But today, seeing him strike his child, they critically said, "This father is cruel and not a true Tao practitioner." The father, loving his child and willing to save the whole village, was charged with a reputation of cruelty!
    In April 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear plant in the USSR exploded! People deserted the region in confusion, each person ran for one’s own survival so that each father, child, husband, and wife also ran for one’s own survival, escaping as far as possible from the radioactive dust. This dust was so cruel, it didn’t give up to anyone, if someone merely touched it, their life would end! Not only humankind, but all other species would be destroyed, and countless monstrous fetuses resulting from it had frightened the USSR people. Remembering it today, not only the USSR people, but all of humanity, seems to be shaken by it!
   The explosion of the nuclear plant made USSR and USA decide to persuade the world into agreement to ban the diffusion of atomic, mass killing weapons, contributing to build and create peace. In recent years, there was also an agreement to destroy existing weapons. His mind was calm enough to believe that:
   “All of the state leaders are obedient to my pointing finger.” This was a manifestation of the matchless Buddha power in this Returning Destructive Life Period. 2539 years ago on the Buddhist calendar, the Crown Prince Siddhartha was born in India. At the age of 19, He realized that all living beings suffered from birth, old age, disease, and death and only the path of liberation from the birth-death transmigration could save them. He then left His gold and jade palace, His beautiful wife, and His good son, determining His will to renounce them to seek for the Tao Dharma. Having undergone uncountable hardships, He attained the true enlightenment and became the Buddha, named the Founding Master Shakyamuni Buddha. He helped all living beings follow the way to “liberation from the cycle of birth and death”,  including all social levels, not discriminating against the poor or the rich, the noble or the vile in society during His time. A man shouldering a charge of manure for a living, belonging to the lowest class in society during His time, attained the Holy fruit through his Tao Dharma practice and fulfillment, and was even respected by the king and the noble authorities. He abolished slavery and annulled discrimination between different classes. All the citizens were equal and free. He preached:
   “All Living Beings have the Buddha nature.”
    He also consolidated the stronger faith of the living beings by preaching: “I am the accomplished Buddha, and living beings will be the future Buddhas,” aiming for them to decide to follow His example on their practice and fulfillment the Tao Dharma in order to attain the True Supreme Enlightenment, and become liberated from the birth-death transmigration. During His 49 years of fulfillment the Tao Dharma, He formed the complete enlightened Bodhisattvas, the Arahants, and the enlightened Venerables. His Tripitaka Sutras was passed down to the Holy Disciples, helping them show the way of birth and death to living beings.
   He took care of and taught the Bodhisattvas to know how to emerge and immerse from true contemplation in order to perform supreme goodness and Dharma of the Buddhayana. The Arahants and Venerables enlightened on the Gentle Saint principle, performed the rooted honesty and Dharma of the Mahayana. For living beings, He brought great compassion and harmony to them during a severe discrimination of classes in society at that time. He must skillfully beg for food to show that He and the lowest class people were the same.
   He ordained Lord Maitreya to return to the world to completely save all living beings in the Period of Destructive Life that also was Destructive Dharma. Lord Maitreya came to this human world. He also opened the Tao Dharma, and solved the problem of the birth-death transmigration, true enlightenment, liberating from the universe, being the master of the universe, and complete helping living beings to follow the path taken by the Founding Master.
   He also passed down the rank of holy disciples such as Bodhisattvas, Arahants, Venerables, and the Tripitaka Sutra. In the scientific and atomic era, He emerged and immerse from the true contemplation, secretly extinguishing the colossal furnace of the globe, which was about to go up in flames, waiting for doomsday. This was the day of destruction of the Four Species by the two free and communist blocks. In order to hand it down to the Three Thousand Great Thousand Worlds, He also attested through His mind, guided the Bodhisattvas to emerge and immerse from the true contemplation of Samadhi to succeed the Buddhas in maintaining the true dharma and completely saving all living beings. Hereafter are the two verses He wrote to manifest His most modern and unique way of completely saving living beings.

“In this time, when Eastern Salvation and Western Salvation are in harmony

With only a stem of a flower, I bail water out of a deep sea.” –TV

   There are also several heads of religions in the world, who preach their doctrine, aiming at saving living beings through their compassion and love for all people. These leaders endure all Dharmas well; have wonderful prediction capability, and great miraculous supernatural power beyond the knowledge of humanity. Therefore, they are very much venerated, but most of them did not attain the degree of emersion and immersion from the true contemplation of Samadhi Meditation. Therefore, they can teach humankind to do the good, avoid the bad, and reach, at most, the attainment of the enlightened Gentle Saints.
   Meeting the leaders of living beings with rooted evil and rooted cruelty, they were reduced to inaction, and finally, by the love for all, they sacrificed their bodies to redeem the living beings' faults. How wonderful and lofty the Gentle Saints were. But their great love and endurance was still at the degree of the Great Person of Control, which means they had greater noble mind and nature than those of humankind. They would receive their blessed rewards and would go to heaven after death.
   This compassionate and loving way of salvation was inscribed in human history 4000 or 5000 years ago.  The Shakyamuni Buddha Himself, in His former life, by His compassion and love for all, sacrificed His body to save living beings, manifesting that way of salvation. In His last life, 2539 years ago, the Shakyamuni Buddha no longer followed the one-way path of the Gentle Saints, because it was not the path to complete enlightenment.
 Devadatta the Rooted Great Strength intentionally wanted to kill Him. He avoided him without any attachments in His Great powerful mind and will, considering him as the Tao assisting mean of an unfavorable condition. He also attested Devadatta who will become the Buddha with a title. He taught ­­the Dviyana rank of Arahants to be Pratyeka, not enlightened Buddhas. It is only when virtue and intelligence are in correspondence that one could be truly enlightened. The Shakyamuni Buddha, who needed His golden body to fulfill the complete salvation of living beings to attain the True Fruit of Buddha, could not allow Himself to be killed. The awakened Gentle Saints make use of rooted honesty, while the completely enlightened one is waiting for perfection, called true enlightenment. This one is neither honest nor evil, neither gentle nor cruel, called perfect harmonization, and with vast love and compassion, along with great will and courage, is called supreme goodness. Consequently, He fulfills His vows through a lot of obstacles to completely save living beings and attain the fruit of Buddha.
   It is immeasurably difficult to advance from an awakened Gentle Saint to complete enlightenment of the truth. One has to fulfill the Prajñā in order to completely acquire the Prajñā intelligence and be able to meet Tathagata (God) and then be guided by the incarnating Tathagata in one’s conducted vow. The Gentle Saint knows Tathagata (God) but is far from being able to meet Tathagata. That is unthinkable: The Saint still has form. Tathagata and Buddha are formless. The true enlightenment is the form of Buddha and Tathagata. So, the Gentle Saint could be known and seen by the devil. The truly enlightened One now hides Himself then appears as Ghost or Buddha, Buddha or Ghost, so the devil cannot find Him. Even if they could see Him, they could not recognize Him.
   In this Returning Destructive Dharma Period, Lord Pure King incarnating Lord Maitreya knew well that at the time when humankind makes use of atomic weapons, they would also have a very delicate technique of killing whomever they want. He had to appear as a layman, like any other ordinary citizen. He could tell and predict all the past and future events, but He only let His close disciples know in order to help them practice and fulfill the Tao Dharma. Possessing the supernatural power of limitless miracle, He only showed it to His doubtful disciples to help them dissolve attachment. Even possessing great compassion, He discreetly and secretly hid Himself, and utilized the emersion from true contemplation to go everywhere to free oppressed living beings from unjust charges. He used Buddha power impartially, tranquilly, naturally, and self-confidently in each passing moment, no matter how intelligent the Ghost power is, it is still unable to trace out His path where He had appeared to completely save the Four Species.
   His emerging and entering from the true contemplation discouraged and disappointed evil and cruel people. They finally had to convert to goodness and accept coexistence peacefully. Once, the BBC radio broadcasted the news of Afghanistan after accumulated events. The USSR finally had to send their troops there and establish a pro-USSR administration. He knew of the USSR’s intention to occupy the whole Balkan Peninsula. He said: “I'll go to Afghanistan tonight.” Soon after, internal guerilla forces supported by the free world, costed the USSR too much money and property, so the USSR finally had to withdraw their troops. Today there is only civil war. The Balkan Peninsula was marvelously freed from the USSR without the knowledge of the world. He was satisfied with the broadcast of the BBC radio, and paid a compliment to its commentators. Unfortunately, the BBC broadcasted the news and a commentary in only 15 minutes in the morning, when He was incarnating. It was only after He had entered the Eight Great Elements of Nirvana that BBC Radio began to increase its morning broadcast to 30 minutes.
   There was a special event one week prior to His passing: He appeared to be ill, preparing to leave, and had no time to listen to the radio. As I came from Saigon to Nha Trang to visit Him, He immediately asked me about the news, if there is anything special of last week broadcasted by this radio. He listened to me carefully and seemed to be satisfied with the favorable evolutions of peace in the world. Then came the Middle Eastern furnace, the important current events affecting the survival of millions of people. He always paid attention to all of these, and emerged from His true contemplation of Samadhi to help, impartially. The BBC Radio, afterwards, broadcasted the results of all His secret actions, according to His orders.
   The BBC Radio of London, United Kingdom has contributed an important part to the establishment of peace and stability for humanity, and especially to the freedom in this globeA rare thing: Despite living in one place and only hearing the general broadcast of an event, by His entering the true contemplation, He could know all its details thoroughly, without omission. Through the Seeing Constitution of Samadhi Contemplation, He saw everything occurring so concretely before Him and thus, He could clearly dissolve them without mistake or oppression of any person. Through His hearing, He clearly heard the sounds that were far away up to thousands of kilometers as if they were nearby.
   In daily life, time was very precious to Him; He rarely had leisure time, except 1 hour to take a midday nap, and 15 minutes in the morning to listen to the BBC Radio. All remaining time was devoted to the teaching of the Tao Dharma to four kinds of disciples, sometimes until as late as 9:00 p.m.  He worked and taught the Tao Dharma very hard, because the disciples had to be divided into small groups who came and left furtively, and He had to preach several stages in a day. An ordinary person’s health would not endure such hard work, but the miracle was that the more He taught the Buddha Dharma the better His health was. He never felt tired except for the cases when His true disciples lacked diligence. He grew tired for a few minutes and sent those disciples home without forgetting to give them gentle advice. Everyone meeting Him showed esteem and fondness for Him. Therefore, despite a lot of difficulties, they tried to work to save money, and came from distant provinces to Nha Trang to see Him to receive the Dharma.
   Regarding the VOA broadcast, the Voice of America, His radio and mine in Southern Vietnam could only receive it in low volume. Afterwards, in a period of 10 to 15 minutes,  its sound gradually decreased until it became completely silenced. It was only the BBC Radio that has effectively helped Him. Even listening to BBC or VOA was a serious crime in the eyes of the communist government and came with severe punishment.
   In this time in communist controlled Vietnam listening to VOA “Voice of America” radio had severe punishment including executions. Police have dropped down from rooftops to arrest and carry away those that dared to listen. Listening to BBC and VOA broadcasts, when available, was done in extreme secrecy.
   In the winter of 1992, He traveled to London, the capital of the United Kingdom, visiting His true disciples, trained before 1975, who had practiced the Tao Dharma for the liberation through knowing, seeing, and solving. They had crossed the sea and now live in the United Kingdom. The winter there was very cold, the sky heavily covered with cloud, and the scene seemed very sad and gloomy. But when He arrived in London, the weather was suddenly clear and there were no more heavy clouds. The sun warmed everything up, and the birds were singing joyfully on the branches. The BBC commented on these strange phenomena: The weather has miraculously changed into spring today. They didn't know at that time Lord Pure King incarnating Lord Maitreya skillfully showed His Supernatural Power to His true disciples to witness and believe that once a Tao practitioner was truly enlightened, if living beings showed confidence, obedience, and respect to Him, they would be blessed as their wish. Before showing His skill, He had announced it to all the true disciples of the London Precious Dharma. For the true disciples in Vietnam, this was only small and insignificant to Him.
   Some of His true disciples came from Vietnam to the USA to live; they had also crossed the sea and were in greatest numbers in California. Their representatives also came to London to inquire about His health. They attempted to sponsor His visit to the USA, but the USA foreign affairs refused because they did not like visitors who are residents in Vietnam at that time. Later, all His true disciples in the USA signed a petition for His visit once more, but the American officials kept on refusing it.
   In Vietnam, here is what He told me before leaving for London: Visiting His four kinds of followers in the USA, He would, on the same occasion, enter the true contemplation to consider saving California from earthquakes because this region was so frequented by this catastrophe. At the same time, He attested blessing for Americans… He had no desire to travel, but He only wanted to come to the leading place of the free world, before His return to Vietnam for His entering the Eight Great Elements of Nirvana.
   I, myself, heard that He would help the United Kingdom. I knew, when I followed Him to practice in Nha Trang, where I came every day to see Him and receive the Dharma, He usually used supernatural power to save the people from disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes, and crop failure...
   It was really unfortunate for USA! In the West, science uses the human brain for study and research, and then combines the facts to discover the universe. To the Eastern Meditation Master, the True Enlightened One entered the True Contemplation of Samadhi, directly in contact with the invisible world of the globe, and of the Three Thousand Great Thousand Worlds are ordinary ones. Due to the virtue of this One, the Devas, Fairies, Deities, Dharma Protectors, Dragon Deities, and Dharma Protector Bodhisattvas… were ready to fulfill to establish the virtuous merits in order to acquire the truth.
   When He prepared for the trip to London, He told me to go to the USA and use His Tao Dharma path to help the Westerners and the lovely Vietnamese, who had to leave their native land and live in foreign countries all over the Five Continents. This way they could have the true ideal of life and could feel peace and joy in their old age and know where they would go after death! Because He was born in Vietnam, He wanted to cheer up the Vietnamese.
   I filed a petition for settlement in the U.S.A., according to the HO.38 case program. He then told me that He would also go with me. His sayings were full of hidden thoughts! He entered Nirvana in 1993. I underwent an interrogation in 1994 for my petition. The American immigration officials declared that my ‘Certificate of Reeducation’ was a fake. I told about many of my friends who were sent to reeducation centers the same day I was, and lived in the same prison room with me. We all labored in the same unit and were freed after 42 months of reeducation on the same day. Now they all allowed to go to the USA with the same reeducation documents like mine. The immigration staff did not listen to my explanation and they continued to deny it. This shows that despite the memory of USA computer is so modern, it still had error.
   If Lord Pure King incarnating Lord Maitreya is able to open a lot of Dharma that could make Heaven and Earth shake, why did He not appeal to the Invisible Dragon Deities Dharma Protectors to make arrangements for Him to go to the USA? Readers, you all may wonder. Here is what He said to explain the case as far as I heard: To be saved from a certain situation, the living beings or their relatives have to convert, open their hearts, and make virtuous merits to have the condition to be saved. As for the travel expenses, His true disciples in the USA are ready to cover them, and the American government only needs to graciously permit Him to enter, then disasters would be resolved bringing safety to the USA. The sutra transcribed a sentence forever: “The Buddha could neither save those with causeless nor fixed karma.”
   As far as His situation in Vietnam is concerned, He said that He always lived with the state of mind of “an ordinary citizen, but in reality, it was more like a prisoner”. So He had to impartially neutralize toxicity for the freedom of the USSR people, and for the peace and happiness of the world. One day, He heard from the BBC broadcast that Stalin's (the number one leader of USSR) daughter, presently living in the USA, declared: “Is it possible that hundreds of millions of people have to live perpetually in suffering and oppression because of some cruel leaders?” Hearing that, He said: “That was a real witness, a good cause. I would have to fulfill equality through inequality.” That was the deep wish and the unrest of the people living in the communist USSR regime, and also the common wish of all humanity on the globe. Equality for humans who lived in peace; inequality for the leading class, who ruled over the people in the USSR communist regime. It was the no-birth truth—the supreme truth, and also the supreme truth of the Tathagata (God). It was the practical truth adequately expressing perfection.

“Tirelessly bearing burdens on the two shoulders

The unification of Tao and Life, the Buddha’s Supremacy is immortal.” –TV

   So, the lady belonging to the first class, rejoicing a royal life under her father's powers, still feels  this strange oppression, and could not control her thirst for democracy and freedom! Meanwhile, the Fairies, Deities and Dharma Protectors in Southern Vietnam were announcing oracle sutra, which coincided with the fact that Lord Pure King incarnating Lord Maitreya was mobilizing thousands and thousands of Dharmas with His self-confidence in each passing moment with impartiality.

You would well know Long-Hoa congregation,

Where equality will be realized without partiality.

   The oracle sutra also knew of His successful complete salvation of living beings, and yet Dharma Protectors in the South could not find where He was living.

Long Hoa congregation once engaged in discussion

Having mercy on the cruel ones, who will all be demolished!

   After the USSR and Eastern Europe, the remaining have also converted and reformed, aiming to partly relieve the suffering and misery of the people. Those with rooted honesty were helped by the Buddhas to be at peace. The oracle sutra states:

The cruel ones were very fearful,

While the honest, gentle ones slowly walked,

Thanks to the sacred and miraculous personalities

Who loved the faithful ones and protected them from disasters.

   Referring to the above “Proclamation for Attestation of the Universe”, we summed up the complete salvation of the living beings by Lord Pure King incarnating Lord Maitreya. As a result, all those with rooted evilness and goodness benefited, not only for themselves, but also for their peers—the ones who have same natures with them.
   The living beings, who kept on conserving their rooted evil, rooted cruelty, not willing to correct their mistakes have been, and will be sent, to join their fellows in a world of hell to continue to live and to receive the karma fruit they sowed. The life they have to accept was the exact one they created daily in the secular world. They are now also oppressed, forbidden to speak, and undergoing suffering according to their will to do onto others “as they wished.”
   The Supreme Shangha Chief: The highest position in the Dharma Constitution Vietnamese Buddhism. This position represents the Three Postures of Buddhas and assumes the heavy responsibility of rectifying the Buddha’s path and bringing freedom to Four Species in the Three Thousand Great Thousand Worlds.
   Current Reborn Supreme Buddha: Discreetness implying the Current Reborn Supreme Maitreya Buddha.
   Attested: Clearly and thoroughly witnessing the heart, mind, and nature of humankind in the Destructive Dharma Period.
   Sealed: The attestation, which was sealed.
   Decision: Determined Decision.
   This was the supreme order of the representative of the Three Postures of Buddha, also called the representative of Tathagata, otherwise known as the representative of God, who had the authority of giving orders: the Devas, Humans, Deities, Dharma Protectors, and Dragon Deities in the world, and in the other lands outside humankind, having to constantly carry it out.
   We have seen the results: The present humanity was no longer living in fear of the catastrophe of a Third World War. The two blocks do not threaten to destroy each other any longer. The oppressed minor nations of Asia, Africa, Near East, Latin America, after a long sleep, have awakened, unanimously standing up to struggle for freedom, getting out of oppression.
   This supreme power was true and unthinkable for living beings. It was not a hypothesis on which scientists could comment, because He could already make seven planets appear at the same time upon His will. Thus, things in our own planet were so insignificant to His Buddha power. Here are the four verses He wrote:


“I am neither the king in a nation

Nor a count, nor a member of royalty

With a supreme, matchless power

My solemn salved nation was frequented by the Buddhas.” –TV


   He returned to the world in this life, not to be a king but with too heavy and difficult responsibility of rectifying the Buddha’s path. He is incarnated in a poor family, and His parents always had deficiencies. This means one has to start from the extremely low rank to progress into life to be in accordance with this Inferior Period. He said that you must know:  “We have to wear the Buddhist dress when going with the Buddha, but the devil’s when going with the devil.” If one is wearing a Buddhist dress and teaches the Tao Dharma in a temple and is admired and esteemed by many people in this period, this one will be killed. Otherwise, when one appears now as a Buddha, and now as a devil in the secular world, even the devil meeting this one could not recognize Him.
   The majority of Tao practitioners are exactly attached to the sutra. Based on sutra, they conceived that the Buddha form is always beautiful. Owing to think a Buddha must possess 32 beautiful forms, the policemen, who came and saw Him with an awry eye, not only dispraised Him but also laughed at Him and said: “These stupid group of people are following Mr. Thọ by a spell and still believe him to be Buddha.” They thundered at me, and denigrated in such a way I still remember today: “Are you considering this bird brain to be a Buddha? You have to receive long-term reeducation to clean all this superstition from your brain.” He heard all of that and taught me, after I was released from the reeducation: “When they treat us with little regard, we must appear to be in little account, but we are the center of the universe.”