–“Buddha was born to have the independent authority to prove the universe. Bodhisattvas have the authority to prove beings that in levels of training.″


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In about 1980, one day at number 42 of Hồng Bàng Street, Nha Trang, there was a true female disciple of the Dharma Constitution who came from afar to visit the Lord Pure King. After prostrating herself before the Lord and inquiring His health, she then respectfully said: From 1975 until now, I have heard the rumor two or three times, but recently, one of my relatives from Northern Vietnam came to see me and tell the story. I could not believe what I heard and thought that since the people in the North had such a miserable life and thus hated the communists, they might have fabricated the story. For the first time, I traveled by coach to visit some of my relatives in the North. When the coach passed through the territory of Hà Nam Ninh province, I could see these big words written on the wall:
            “You, God step aside.
            The farmers Association is standing up to replace you.”
   I then believed their stories to be true. I also heard that in the temple of the North, Buddha statues were thrown into a corner, looking very dirty. The communists used copper statues to cast weapons and ammunition. I was present when she was talking. He kept silent, not mentioning these stories and urged her to practice through correcting one's nature in this period. When she bowed to Him and left, I saw Him stand to settle His robe solemnly and burn 7 sandalwood incenses on the altar of the Three Postures of Buddhas. The 7 incenses represented the 7 precious super matchless powers of The Buddhas of Ten directions.
   He attested for the Destructive Dharma Period, and the extremely unruly Dharmas of living beings qualified as the doomsday. Living beings used their two hands and their intelligence to build their work, not believing in the Buddha, so there was no corresponding supernatural efficaciousness: this was right to them. As actions challenged Buddhas, Devas, and Deities, these superiors are still joyfully and generously detached, but just like cultivating orange seeds and taking care of them, they will become orange trees, and we shall harvest sweet oranges. Growing a chili and taking care of it, we shall harvest spicy chilies, yet we can not blame it on anyone nor ask why.
   Once the act, speech, or thought of living beings has passed, everyone will think it will no longer exist. But it does not disappear for the Meditation Master, who understands it well. It conserves the act, speech, and thought of every living being in every case of the Tathagata constitution, and naturally gives it back to living beings at the right time. Recently, scientists discovered that human speech and acts were not lost, but ran around in the space of the universe.
   Years later, the Hanoi press could not dissimulate everything, and occasionally announced that Northern Vietnam had to continuously cope with natural disasters. Violent storms and floods described as the cruelest ones of the century ravaged more terribly than ever in the history of development and existence of the Vietnamese people. The aftermath of these disasters resulted in serious material losses for the North, especially the people who suffered grave spiritual injuries making them very anxious and frightened.
   Sometimes the press lamented: Nature does not favor us. We must be on guard to prevent and to struggle against storms. In the eyes of a Meditation Master, they can only prevent and cannot struggle against storms. One beautiful morning, ten years later (in 1989), He said and I heard these words:
   “Now, people believe in the Buddha, and return to the temples in large numbers.”
   Living beings’ natures became more and more cruel and polluted and could no longer absorb the original quintessence, which is a necessary living material in the universe. Human longevity has been reduced. Left alone, the bad character increases while human longevity decreases gradually at the rate of 10 years a lifetime. Therefore, the Buddhas have to discreetly help them leave this pollution. With better natures, humankind can absorb more original quintessence and their longevity increases again.
   The Truly Enlightened One, who has mastered His way of birth and death and becomes Immortal, is the way of the Supreme Buddhayana. He has neither hatred nor love, and is neither good nor evil. He often acts skillfully to bring good things and supreme perfect goodness to living beings, and that’s good enough for Him. The Gentle Saints, at the level of enlightened truth, are only pupils and lack the capability to fulfill. Therefore, they could not deeply understand the complete salvation of living beings by the Buddhas-Tathagata-God, despite at His side.


Any Vietnamese citizen, who lives either in the city or the countryside, accustomed to the traditional life that was passed down from their father and grandfather, will be frightened to hear that they would have to leave their native land and go to a place in a dark forest, mountain, and poisonous water!
  Everyone hearing of the new economic policy of the North applied to the people of the South, would be scared of it. The economic situation and the life of Southern Vietnam were stable before 1975. Many years after the invasion of the North, communists, with their proletariat policy of the USSR, rapidly degenerated and exhausted Southern Vietnam. There was a strange dreariness and sadness everywhere, from family to society.
   The people were forced to go to new economic zones where forests have not yet been cleared, and roads were not yet opened or were built with clay, making transportation very difficult in the rainy season and limited vehicles traveling. The climate and water were contaminated, and every family coming to a new economic zone had its members diseased from malaria. This dangerous disease became incurable in underdeveloped countries like Vietnam due to lack of medicine. Domestic remedies did not treat them efficiently. Almost everyone infected with this disease in the new economic zones were bound to die.
   According to classification from communist authorities, the following categories were useless to them: families in which members were soldiers or civil servants of the former regime, families of large or small trading activities—the South has numerous families belonging to this category—families belonging to the middle and upper class, and intellectual families. All these categories had to go to new economic zones under coercive orders.
   The communist government at that time planned to bring the Northern cadres’ families to fill the vacant houses in the South in order to build big industrial cities like the USSR’s path. After one or two years of living in the new economic zone, cultivation failed and families were starved and returned to the cities. Because there were no homes, they had to live wandering the cities’s sidewalks in all provinces of the South.
   He was touched by the lamentations of the people. Among them were those who had the capability to cross the sea. The others, without resources, were forced to go to new economic zones. A common belief of that time was that being forced to go to new economic zones was a great misfortune. They would rather die crossing the sea than accept going to new economic zones, which they consider to be a last resort. Those who did not succeed in their journey and were caught had their house and property confiscated and forced to go to new economic zones.
   Once again, one day, a family of true disciples of the Dharma Constitution, having followed the Lord to practice before 1975, ran to ask for His help. They respectfully told Lord Pure King that the police and local guerilla took down houses of nearly 100 families in the hamlet at Tân Trang Street on the side of the Đầm Market, Nha Trang. These families were compulsorily carried by vehicles to new economic zones. Tomorrow, the police would demolish His true disciple's house. He then sat half cross-legged, in the position of True Contemplation in His residence at the number of 42 Hồng Bàng Street, Nha Trang.
   The next morning, the police and local guerillas came again and prepared to continue the demolition of the houses. Suddenly, Mr. Lê Duẩn, the first leader of the Vietnamese Communist Party, came from Hanoi to visit the city of Nha Trang. As he passed by Đầm market, he saw the furniture in disorder and the people sitting and weeping. Mr. Lê Duẫn asked them what the reason was. After hearing what they reported, he turned to blame the provincial commissioner:
   “Your way of working is very strange! The houses are not yet built; nothing is prepared, and you are sending them to go there to die?”And he said: “Please stop sending people to new economic zones in this manner.”
   The people then shouted with joy and excitement. They ran to rebuild their houses and were free from going to new economic zones. His disciple's house was safe, too. After this overturn of events, He followed to see whether the authorities would change their plan, but Southerners were generally continued to be forced to go to new economic zones afterwards.
   He then entered the True Contemplation to ask the Devas to save the Southern people, and then relaxed the True Contemplation. In that year of 1977, the whole country of Vietnam suffered from drought. Crops were greatly damaged by lack of water, but whenever there was sufficient water, they were also gravely damaged by insects. The foods reserves were almost empty, too. The drought lasted until 1978 and people in the whole country were starving. People of new economic zones had to eat the bulbs of bananas to live day after day, and when the bulbs ran out, they had to eat tree leaves. Desperately starving, they ran into government offices in new economic zones to ask the cadres to give them some rice to live for the time being, but they had no more rice, corn, nor potatoes.
   The Communist partisans, then, could no longer govern and control the people. All of them abandoned the new economic zones and flocked back to the cities, living densely on the sidewalks and wandering in their tattered image and dress. Every province was full of new economic zone people living on the sidewalks. Houses of the people forced to go to new economic zones were sold at the cheapest prices, as if they were offered to cadres. They needed only 3.75 or 7.5 grams of gold to buy a house. In some cases, the people picked only sheet metal roofs and woods from their houses for their new house in the economic zone and left the whole house. The cadres had only to ask the ward or hamlet committee to get it easily.
   The lamentations of the people were heard everywhere, and they ran in great numbers to the temples to pray and worship the Buddha like before. In the impossible position of forcing the people to go to new economic zones, the communist authorities had to order the cessation of the program. The number of people crossing the sea decreased. Today, the people in the South could live peacefully in the cities, not be forced to go to new economic zones, and all this is caused by His great compassion for living beings. Lord Pure King incarnating Lord Maitreya had set out to save Tao and Life.
   If the Devas, Dragon Deity Dharma Protectors did not show their ability and waited until millions of people died in the dark forests and contaminated water, how could the government see its error and correct it? How many people could survive after that? Taking the evident example of Siberia of the USSR, where millions of people were abandoned to die, with families separated and suffering, how could it be named a revolution without sympathy?


The greater the development of science and technology, the greater the convienence and enjoyment it brought to humankind. Because some people do not thoroughly understand the transmigration of birth and death, they became doubtful of it, especially the Westerners. The Founding Master Shakyamuni Buddha when truly enlightened, had seen that all living beings were given birth and destroyed, then destroyed and given birth eternally; they were endlessly in the transmigration of birth and death. He had also clearly seen that the nobles and the lowly, the beautiful and the ugly, and the happy and the miserable, all impartially receive the results of their deeds.
   He taught: “It was clinginess and desire in love that led living beings to the transmigration of birth and death.” He also said: “It is now the last life of Tathagata, He would never be reborn again.” By His great compassion for the living beings, who sunk in the sea of birth and death, He had preached the Tao Dharma for 49 years, aiming to show living beings the mistakes of ignorance, so that they would manage to practice and fulfill according to the path to True Enlightenment, in order to be free from birth and death.
    It is now the 20th century, and Lord Maitreya continues to pass down the True Dharma while Western science and technology are at their optimal development. He notices the rebirth of living beings, making the secular world anxious about the birth and death of life and diligent in their practice and fulfillment the Tao Dharma:
   “When a person is on the brink of death, some parts of their subconscious (wise soul) travel up or down in a certain world while their body lies on a bed about to die. The subconscious gradually goes out the body. It is like smoke rising from the body, continuing to ascend until the entire subconscious goes away. Then their Stupid Spirit, referred to as the residue of the Karma consciousness, enters the leg of the bed and the person passes away. The residue of Karma consciousness is what we also called the Stupid Soul. For a person still alive, they have both wisdom and stupidity, so there is a wise soul and a stupid spirit. That stupid spirit exerts a considerable influence on person: It is because of that stupid spirit that a person can quickly or slowly be liberated into a new life, or still be clinging to love, regretting leaving their relatives and property.
   When the subconscious evaporates into emptiness, it is a fine substance, and the stupid spirit, a coarse one. The fine substance is still somewhat polluted with the coarse one; therefore after ascending into emptiness, it can not definitively go to the available world to be perfectly liberated into a new life. If a Meditation Master looks at the corpse, the two parts would not be naturally entangled with each other. Not even a Great Virtuous One (a Venerable) could, based on their virtuous merits, pray and naturally produce the same effect.
   Remember that in a mournful family, if there is no longer a cold, sad, and negative atmosphere, the liberation into a life is perfectly complete. In the case where there is still a sad negative atmosphere, the spirit of the deceased person still lingers, and it is necessary to pray for them to be liberated to a new life.
   You should also be aware that the nature of the subconscious, a fine substance, is to move to the place where it is rewarded or penalized, and it will combine with the small ego in that land or plane. At the same time, the stupid spirit lies still with the small ego left behind, and combines, resides, and stands still with it. For example, a person living in the human world will be born in Heaven but their stupid spirit will remain in the human world and combine with the small ego of human Dharma to reside until this person attains the Supreme True Enlightenment—It’s called the Great Ego of Eight Great Elements. He will then gather billions and billions of small egoes, in order to return and combine them together with the Eight Great Elements. That is called the Perfect Returning or the True, Honest, and Beautiful Returning as well.
   Whether a person was good, gentle virtuous, generous, and bright, they would be liberated into a new life after 49 days despite any movement. Except for the case in which they clung onto their excessive love, and their spirit came and went so frequently that they would be erroneously reborn in the same family. For example, a grandmother who loved her grandchild so much that her spirit could not be liberated into a new life and continue to linger, coming and going. The grandmother would be reborn as her grandchild's younger sister, her child's child. These cases of erroneous rebirth due to love attachment are so numerous.” –TV
   This year is the 2539th year of the Buddhist calendar. Those who are studying and learning, and believe that humans come to an end upon dying are completely erroneous. A dog seeing that humans live longer, believe that humans are immortal. Human, hearing that the Deity and Fairy live longer, conceives that the Deity and Fairy are immortal. The Fairy, seeing the Pratyeka Buddha or the Arahants living long, also falsely conceives that the Pratyeka Buddha is immortal.
   Everyone, whether longevity is short or long, is bound to die. Therefore, thinking that coming to the heavenly world will give you eternal life, is a mistake. In some heavenly worlds, living until 2000 years of age is the longest life. Nobody can live eternally. The only exception would be the Supreme Enlightened One—Tathagata, Buddha, or God— who no longer undergoes the cycle of birth and death. The Sacred One was able to come to the Heaven to live for about 2000 years; he then had to die and return to the human world to continue his practice and fulfill the Tao Dharma. In some heavenly worlds, longevity is more than 10,000 years for a lifetime.



A man who is gentle when alive, and helps others without seeking profit, makes merits and good fortune. Although having no sense of practicing dharma, following no religion, being pious to his parents, or worshipping his ancestors, he meets the requirements to be reborn with blessed rewards. He will have a safe life, thanks to his previous acquired good merits, and to his social class.
   There are people endowed with good nature when alive, often helping everybody, and frequently going to the pagodas to make offerings to the Buddha. They go to church to say prayers, and remaining pious to their parents and ancestors. These people, at their death, in proportion to the merits they made, have the conditions to be reborn at the noble places where the pagodas or churches are situated. When they grow up, they happen to like to go to pagodas or churches, as they acted in the previous life.
   Those who have corrected their bad character, and have given up their bad habits often remain joyful and detached, ready to resolve difficult situations. They will have the good conditions to be reborn in noble places and become children of honorable families. They will meet taught men who will teach them to clear their nature and have a peaceful and joyful life.



“People with a cruel nature when alive, are inflicted with indescribable punishment at their rebirth into a new life. If the condemned are common people, they will be inflicted with punishments in one lifetime for their sins. Kings, leaders, or authorities who give cruel orders and make millions of people live in misery and starvaton, leave their motherland and bring uncountable suffering, will be condemned in the Avici Hell. That is why the bright king, the great salvation, ought to consider people’s and country’s interests carefully before giving an order.” –TV
   If a leader lives in his palace, surrounded by his courtiers during his death, but promulgates a cruel order, he would be pierced and butchered by the people wielding swords from those unjustly and sufferable deaths. The leader's subconscious still heard the yells and roars. He becomes frightened, mumbling with delirium and tries to escape from the people who have died unjustly and sufferable deaths chasing him. The people, making an account for his fault, put him into irons, and bring him to the dark prison of Avici Without Waves.
   The Avici Without Waves is a place where life is cruelly imposed: There are always disputes in all activities, including eating and drinking, and justice is violated. There is neither pagoda, temples, nor shrines, and only the strongest people could be sufficiently fed. Laws are not enforced there, and there is only the reign of strong individuals. Particularly, the people there do not know anything about human rights—it does not mean human rights are nonexistent.
   In the Avici Hell, humans always live the horror of barbarous tortures, and countless horrible scenes of crime interrogation. It is impossible to relate all the crimes of bad and greedy authorities who hurt and deceive people.
   Talking about death, everyone is frightened, because it is natural for a human to be anxious in their lifetime, and fearful of their death. Some of them believed that death is the end of everything; thus, they are often venturing and fearless of anything in the human world. A person, who reaches the negative (dead) land, or any other plane, never remembers the place where they came from. They still believe that they lived in the negative land, or any other plane, where he is living. They completely forget that they came from the human world. They live as if they are a guest, not remembering that they were married, had children, and were a leader... in the human world. They also do not remember their house and wealth. They continuously wander until a covering curtain envelops them. They then become unconscious and enter the fetus to be reborn.
   “The same was true for this human world. If someone came from the Divine Land, the Negative Land, or the Deity Land to the Human World after their death, they would believe that they had been in the human world, and wandered until they entered a fetus to be reborn. All of them forget where they came from. That is the true change of one’s lifetime from one place to another in order to be born and to die.” –TV
   In order to know where a person will go after their death, we just have to observe what they did when alive. From their actions to their words, they showed the benefits or the evil that brings about suffering to others. It is on that basis that we could correctly affirm the place where they would go after their death. This is very practical, neither delusive, nor false.
   “It is exactly like a chemist, who carefully combines substances to make medicine. Each drug treats a specific disease. Whether a dying human will be reborn fortunately or unfortunately depends on the sweetness or the bitterness they created when they were alive, causing the entering into a land or plane to correspond with them, and they will immediately be reborn in that land or plane happily or miserably.
   Ordinarily, there are two cases of liberation into a new life for a human with a disease. In the first case, the human has an internal disease involving their body. In the second, they suffer from typhoid fever, related to their Intelligence. The two cases are often interpreted for one’s death.
In the case of typhoid fever, the human is in a coma, talking deliriously. They said that this person, after death, would be guilty and reborn miserably. The one who has an internal disease, still wide awake at one’s death, and speaking clearly: They conceive that this one would go to Heaven. These two interpretations are all erroneous.
   If one is clearly aware where one would go after death, one should know how to create usefulness, manage virtuous character while still alive, cultivate one’s humanity, and have pity on others misery as one’s own life. One should console and help those around who have suffered, and make them peaceful and joyful as oneself. By doing that, though acquiring a nervous disease in one’s old age, one would also be liberated in a new life in the Deity or Divine land after death. One’s mind then becomes clear-sighted, and the nervous disease would return to the nervous patient. It would no longer involve the true rewardable consequence of one’s previous existence. These are true words.
   The most important thing for a human, presently, is character construction. The one who creates a basis, a frank and noble instinct, whatever his or her manner of death, would be largely rewarded, and never drop in hell, hungry ghosts, or animals. Rare are those who know how to examine themselves for their inhuman deeds, to show their forgiveness toward those who are cruel to them.” –TV
   While enjoying happiness, we have to look at the misery of people, and when they lament and clamor, we have to consider our good or bad actions for which they are clamoring. The innocent people, belonging to neither side, are suffering from misery. How can they be heroic or notable? Those in the same world could never see all the wrong of their world. It is those of the outside world that could do it. Therefore, when those in the same world correct the wrongs they see, another wrong then appears. If someone outside showed us the wrong and helped us to correct the wrongs together, everything will be good. Lamentations and blames from the people would be avoided. That is the truth. Thank to this policy, the Western countries have promptly advanced, and their people are in easy circumstances.
   The notables do not distinguish anything among religions. Any religion could teach people to be reliable, do good, be patient, and to have pity on others. We have to respect them, while not imposing what needs to be done. Governing the people in this way, the notables will receive the blessed rewards from Human and Deva at their death.
   Those who allowed their descendants to kill living beings will be demanded the payment of life, at their death, by those they killed. If they did not believe the existence of Deity and Saint, and killed the Tao practitioner of high virtue, they would fall in hell with countless sufferings for many lives. Below is an extract of the sutra, noted by Lord Pure King incarnating Lord Maitreya:
   “I have entered true contemplation, meeting Deities in the Heaven land, who are helping the human world. From the Village Diety, Shrine Deity, Sacred Deity, Sacred King, and Sacred Mother, all lamented: Dear Meditation Master, we are all righteous, bright, and clear Deities, not short of food and drink with plenty of aromatic flavor, nobleness, elegance, and fragrance. Seeing humans create evil karma, so rooted evil follows, receiving continuous catastrophe, they have respectfully worshipped and supplicated us with their hearts. We are touched and set about to help them to be free from disasters.
   Alas, every time we come into the human world, and go to the communal house in the village and shrine, we see that they are exposing before us a lot of dead bodies, burned, boiled, or roasted. How could we tell them? Where sincerity was mixed with evil karma, we are obliged to help those with sincerity. Because of their customs and desires, humans thought us to be fond of chicken and duck, roasted pork, rare beef, rice wine, soup, and steam sweet rice, etc. In fact, we did not know what to say... It is not realized by the believers themselves, but those ceremony organizers who desired eating exploited the people to do so. We expect you, Meditation Master, in this Returning Period, to speak for us, so that we would no longer suffer from a bad reputation of requiring such ceremonial gifts through the killing of living beings.” –TV    
   The sacred, though struck and tortured during the calamity, does not get angry with his adversary. Departing with a suffering body, he would be completely rewarded to be able to go back to the Tathagata. Those who nailed Jesus Christ to the crucifix have lost their nation, and left their country with torture afterwards. Wasn't it an example for the leaders and their descendants to remember all their life?
   During my reeducation in Đá Bàn in 1976, during labor time, I saw the Đá Bàn Mountain Deity, who came and offered to help me. I answered that I would not need any help, and I wanted to see how my endurance would be. When the camp was transferred to A-30 in Tuy Hòa, I often met other Mountain Deities, who came to inquire about my health, but I still did not want any help. The bodies of the invisible Deities and Dragon Deities are formed from clouds, exactly like smoke forming their bodies, and they dress just as they did when living in the secular world. That is clear to see. When a human dies, their bad character becomes a ghost and their wicked one becomes a demon; their body is also formed from smoke, like a cloud. When walking, their form is like a wounded fish, which slowly swims. These are seen while awakened, but not during meditation or in dreams. Only the eyes of Meditation Master could see it as clearly as if in contact with ordinary people in the world. Living beings find it hard to see, because they are hindered by hot-tempers, sadness, suffering... The physical eyes of humans also cannot see.
   Like the Westerners, all the Deities have burly bodies, dark complexions, and compassion. If there was someone who believed and asked to be helped, they would adequately help them. Once, in the area of reeducation A-30 in Tuy Hòa, near the bridge of Bình Sơn, a Deity shrine, existing long ago, was leveled by the order of the major of police, chief of the camp. When I passed by on the way to labor work, I saw the Shrine Deity, who came out to greet me and complained that his refuge was now demolished and that he had to go to the foot of the mountain and live in the bush. I replied:
“I myself am ill-treated now, can’t you see? Be patient to practice the Tao Dharma and you will acquire the Tao of true supreme Deity later, which is more precious.” The Shrine Deity was satisfied. Later, every time I went into the forest to gather dry wood in this region, I often saw him guide people to bring food to me. The monthly standard ration was only 6 kg of rice and a little bit of cassava. We were hungry everyday and sometimes faint, which was common.
   In my re-education at camp A-30, I had not been “supplied” for many months by my family because of financial difficulties. One day, after achieving my daily task of chopping 1.5m3 of wood, I was taking a rest, the Mountain Deity came to show me a sandalwood tree, which I cut down afterwards. Some members of my group secretly exchanged it for enough rice to supplement us for nearly one month.
   In 1988, I came from Saigon to attend in the Great Ceremony of Buddha's Birthday on the 8th day of the 4th month of the lunar year at the Central Superior Congregation in Nha Trang. I resided in a hotel at number 50, Nguyễn Hữu Huân Street, near the interprovincial coach station of Khánh Hòa.  My room was on the second floor, the highest one in the hotel. At 10 A.M., I was astounded to see such a colossal Deity. He stood on the ground, and the 2nd floor was only half his height, and his second half was above the second floor. To speak to me, he had to bend far down in order to be at the level of my room. His feet were 1m wide and 2m long. He had to take only four steps to go from the hotel of 50 to Đầm market, Nha Trang, 2km away. He inquired of me after the great ceremony and went back to the Heaven.


“You should also know: For someone who already has had the field of good fortune and faith to do good things, there would be a place to attest it, and a Holy One to sponsor it. At their death, their subconscious ascends into emptiness, and their mouth recites the name of the religion of his faith, such as: I'm respectfully kowtowing to God, or I’m respectfully waiting for the Deity or for the meeting with the Holy (according to your faith to pray). Then there is an immediate light: The pink light meant the way to the Deity world; the blue light, to the Heaven world to be a citizen; the white light, to the Heaven world to be a mandarin, and the yellow light, to the Pure Land.
   Sometimes there is a very good human but their faith is not firm enough that when ascending to the emptiness, they become so happy and wander throughout the universe, but never witness all the lands and planes. Later their mind becomes less at ease and less dull, sometimes awake and sometimes confused, seeing memories, and either immediately coming to reside in a village Deity’s Shrine and becoming the Mountain Deity of human world, or returning to the mankind world after meeting the multicolor light being reborn in a rich family to practice the Tao Dharma.
On the contrary, there are others who are very good, but indulge themselves and sink in debauchery, in teahouses and brothels. While alive, they have a lot of friends in several places, and they usually amuse together with their friends.  In the state of wandering everywhere mentioned previously, they then immediately come to an enjoyable place with singing, eating, and dancing, and immediately join the group there. Having a passion for it for a long time, they are still covered by a curtain and reborn in the animals’ world. By fine and noble ways of playing with abundant and eminent virtuous merits, they would be reborn happily in the Six Desire Heavens.” –TV
   This extract of sutra, noted by Lord Pure King, and passed down to our 20th century, proved that death was not the end for humans. They have to pay for their acts and words in the world, and are reborn in a place in proportion to what they have created. The Tao practitioner with an abundance of virtuous merits are compassionate for erroneous living beings; they never have the thought or deed to hurt any living beings. Humans have the right to not believe in religion or Tao practitioners, but if they intended to affront or harm, the consequences would be immeasurable for many lifetimes. They would be doleful in the present and eternally in Hell in the future. Here are the two events occurring in Nha Trang.
   Mr. Cũng, security agent of the ward of Tân Lập of the city of Nha Trang, did not like Lord Pure King, and established a document of accusation to arrest Him. I was, at that time, in the reeducation camp A-30. There was a collision between the One with virtue as large as the sea, and living being without any field of good fortune. Mr. Cũng suddenly, on his mission, had a grave accident at his spine. He was bed-ridden, unable to sit and walk like before. What a catastrophe! The end of good fortune in this world, and hell awaits him!
   Mr. Cũng’s nephew succeeded Mr. Cũng. In 1980, when I returned from the reeducation camp, Mr. Nephew called me to the ward of Tân Lập, and told me to write a report on my family situation and my practice of the Tao Dharma. I knew that he intended to find a reason to arrest Lord Pure King. I said:
   “The thing passed over, and everyone has a settled life now. It is no use recalling the bygones.”
   Knowing my refusal Mr. Nephew said, “If you write the report, I will arrange for you so that you and your four children can buy the rice at the government price of 5 dimes a kilo. At that time, every family had to earn, with real sweat, its daily rice ration. A person could only supply the food for themselves, not to 2 or 3 others. I myself was one with an uneasy life, and my family was always in financial difficulty. On the day we did not work, we had no rice to eat. But I was not happy to hear that I could buy the rice at a low price. I knew it was a challenge, and if I were not wise, I would lose all my virtuous merits, cultivated through countless lives, because living beings could never understand the Tao practitioner who sought enlightenment. The ward lady secretary said that I was an educated man but I was so stupid. Others wondered how I could be such an idiot and follow Mr. Pure King Master. I still kept silent and went home.
   Mr. Nephew then established a document to arrest Him in another way. He suddenly suffered from cirrhosis - ascites and had to go to the hospital. People who caught this disease would normally die in 2 years. But Mr. Nephew did not live much longer than 20 days. Among the citizens of Chợ Mới, Nha Trang, it was rumored that Mr. Nephew looked very horrible in his death. Seeing people gather behind his house, I also looked in. His abdomen was enlarged, his mouth agape, and his eyes were opened, with a ferocious expression. This was conclusive evidence of him going to hell—his consequence.
   Later, the local authorities came and ordered Mr. Nephew's family to take down the altar of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, and replace it with the picture of Ho Chi Minh. The local communist party took charge of his burial and granted some privileges. His family complied with the intention of the communist party.
   In this case, it’s sure that he was penalized in the hell without knowing the day to be free. In this Destructive Life Period, there are countless practitioners as well as those who do not practice the Tao Dharma being attached to emptiness. They do not believe in the transmigration of birth and death, Deities, Holies, Gods, or Buddhas. For them, death is the end, because they do not practice meditation or practice it incompletely without obtaining the determined result. For them, once their parents, grandparents, and relatives die, they reach the end. Annually, on the full-moon day of the 7th lunar month, Lord Pure King incarnating Lord Maitreya usually celebrated the ceremony of freeing souls from suffering for His true disciples' defunct relatives. When the names are called, if they were not reborn, they would meet the Dharma Protectors, who bring them to the Great Ceremony to take part in, which astonished the disciples who are present.

    * * * * * * *

All human beings are cleverer when compared with their dynasty. Knowing that, the dynasty must be guided by human beings. If the dynasty is fully aware of the responsibility of a nation, and assures the safety and peace for the people rather than governing them, human beings will soon be able to develop, making the nation peaceful and the people happy.” –TV
If the government accepts the practice of dharma and lets the patriarch guide living creatures to practice being aware of their own nature to create their virtue, then all families and nations are in peace.” –Self-Enlightenment Sutra
 The Ratnagarbha Buddha advised Lord Supreme Maitreya to write the Sutra:
– But nobody will read what I write, answered Lord Supreme Maitreya.
– Keep on writing it said the Ratnagarbha Buddha. It is not understood in this life, but it will be in the next, which is the practice of dharma through the true nature.