–“Buddha was born to have the independent authority to prove the universe. Bodhisattvas have the authority to prove beings that in levels of training.″

Ten titles to become Buddha

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Ten titles to become Buddha

“It is difficult to meet the one who realizes the 10 titles because he appears correspondingly to the original vow of the Three Dharma Elements. He is not different from human beings from the speech, to the acts, therefore even the holy monk bodhisattva could not know him except for the bodhisattva who practices the prajna mind and uses the enlightened form to recognize somewhat of his, so it is not easy to meet Him.”–TV

The Supreme Special Scriptures


                For those who have realized the 10 Titles to become Buddha, they must complete these four root conditions:

Esotericism- extericism- immediacy and gradualness.

There are four forms of the bodhisattva rank acquiring the communication - attainment – fullness- success in their practice for the wonderful Bodhihood.

* Communication: How to attain the communication?

The communication relies on the esoteric way, it is acquired through esotericism; there is no communication without esotericism. Why?

“Because the esotericism is the secret seal of the Tathagata-Store; if there is neither the esotericism nor the seal, never getting the secret seal, how can you acquire to be communicating?”–TV

The communication is based on the esoteric way, what is the esotericism. The disciple is conscious that the essential in practicing is to correct his own nature. After seeing his own nature, he could attain the cleared mind. Those of cleared mind always have the esotericism in their words and their deeds. Therefore, the esotericism is needed for communication. Living creatures rely on their given Tathagata-Store, their hearing, seeing, knowing is precisely the origin, also called Buddha nature, which are: One-pointed mind, suchness, Tathagata-store, dharma nature, dharma body and dharma sphere are the seven precious gems of the Buddhas.

Although there are seven precious gems, but all physical nature is only one. The living creatures and Buddha are only one, but because of an erroneous commencement from living creatures, they are attached, establishing a foolish barrier. Like the sun that is covered by the clouds. Therefore, esotericism is the secret seal of the Tathagata-Store. The Mahavairocana Tathagata Buddha is now along within the Tathagata and in association with the Buddhas. He has kept all the secret prudence of movement from the supernatural power to the samadhi through the appearances to the liberation.

For the Mahavairocana Tathagata Buddha, He has kept the mind seal, secret seal; thus He was unthinkable for living creatures. The Buddhas' responsibility is to ordain and wonderfully help the bodhisattvas.

“If there is a bodhisattva practicing the all conducts from outside with the brilliant wisdom who hears about the appearance of Lord Supreme Maitreya Buddha in the world in the last period, even though he knows it or not, even though he acquires or truly becomes Buddha; but if he does not know about the attestation of the unique principle, does not believe in it with self-pride and self-satisfaction, he would not be adequately able to enter the Great Eight Pari Nirvana. Why?

Because, not being ordained by the supreme, he can not get the attestation of the supreme Tathagata, and not being attested how could the Mahavairocana Tathagata promulgate and appear the scene of the Great Eight Pari Nirvana. For that reason, he has to use his fixed thoughts, but wherever there is fixed thoughts there is also the fall and rise, birth and death, and that is the most essential.”–TV

During this Dharma-Ending Age, the Lord has the sealed attestation in the paragraph of the above sutra, indicating that the Lord Supreme Maitreya should attest someone, who would like to become the Buddha, even having acquired the supreme rank, supreme master. Proclaiming oneself to be Buddha without attestation is false that is wrongful self-satisfaction.

If Lord Supreme Maitreya Buddha has gone, there still remains a bodhisattva practicing the mahasattva to succeed. If not having the minded seal by this bodhisattva, how can the Mahavairocana Tathagata Buddha appear to attest? Therefore, the practice requires the fruit of attainment, the order and the regulation. Proclaiming oneself without attestation is a false manner. The Blessed One has ordained Lord Supreme Maitreya. The previous Buddha has also ordained the Blessed One. Falsely proclaiming oneself to be Buddha will never have the secret seal from the Mahavairocana Tathagata. In this Final Law Period, the supreme ranks, supreme masters should reconsider the words in the sealed attestation of the Lord Supreme Maitreya.

Already having the ordination for the successor, there must be the secret seal, one should not be self-proclaimed. The Lord has reminded it as the vital point for the supreme ranks supreme masters to be conscious, avoiding the false way in this Final Law Period. In the future, if there are only the patriarchs who have acquired the ultimate awareness, the supreme ranks and supreme masters have to wait for the appearance of a bodhisattva who has been ordained with the supreme enlightened. If someone truly cultivates in this lifetime, they should be awakened and follow according to the honest ordination of Long Hoa Chief Monk Maitreya Buddha, they would benefit measurelessly from it.

He has successfully accomplished His task of reorganizing the Buddha path. If there is someone, wherever he may be, in the Eastern, the Western the Southern or the Northern who is not converting his practice and is still caught in fixed thoughts, which is the form of fall and rise, birth and death, he must be careful.

*Attainment: The attainment relies on the exotericism. There is no attainment without the exoteric way.

* Fullness: There is no full enlightenment without the immediate way. The immediacy is for the fullness. There is no fullness without immediacy.

*Success: There is no success without gradual way. Why?

“Applying the immediacy is to break, to dissolve. The gradualness is for the illumination of the dharma conduct. If the immediacy without gradualness would lead to emptiness attachment, the entanglement in the emptiness dharma is produced.

The same: Dissolving the attachment without knowing the root condition to clear the attachment would never lead to success.

It is just the same: Demolishing a house and in the same time knowing how to build it, that is the practice in parallel, the immediacy and gradualness. Demolishing a house without knowing how to build it that is like dissolving attachment while being attached. Not being attached would fall into the attachment of emptiness and never lead to the success and attainment.”–TV

The disciple once being conscious of correcting his own nature will have the esotericism in all his acts, from the words to the deeds. Having the esotericism he thus gets the exotericism. The exoteric way here is the bodhisattva nature acquired through practice. Otherwise, the practice of the exotericism without correction of one's own nature is that of an ordinary man; they are all just the theory, the teaching, and the study without realization, he would not escape from the belt of the mara-power.

Whenever the Buddhas noticing that the bodhisattva does not understand thoroughly and he is sometimes caught, not being fully “auto”, the Buddhas have then applied the Immediacy to dissolve the ignorance. Hence, the bodhisattva can hear, see and know from understanding to accomplish it thoroughly. The immediacy is like deforestation, but you have to know how to replant in organized rows to produce future fruit, which is the gradual way. If you abandon the area after deforestation, wild plants will grow again, the deforestation is not fully achieved, which is not harmful, but you will still be caught in “emptiness”.

If the bodhisattvas and Buddhas make use of immediacy, that means the true disciples are sufficiently confident and obedient, after the result, they make up their mind to be respectful. The second vehicle rank who achieves the immediacy without foundation, easily being mistaken becomes higher in pride because of the lack of circumspection.

In the time of Long Hoa Chief Monk Lord Supreme Maitreya, He has left things alone and comforted the disciples who do not want to cultivate. They prefer the practice how to be wealthy and prosperous, so He has never applied the immediacy to them and only made use of the gradualness to help them to preserve dharma conducts, that would made them very contented. They would never know his wonderful applications toward the true disciples who practice for liberation.

“Communication - Attainment - Fullness - Success in general includes these four forms: The Esotericism-Exotericism- Immediacy-Gradualness

Therefore, I have said:

There is no communication without esotericism

There is no attainment without exotericism

There is no fullness without immediacy

There is no success without gradualness

Therefore, you need to have esotericism, exotericism, immediacy and gradualness to have communication, attainment, fullness and success

The Buddha has taught:

“The virtue and wisdom are in parallel

         the true originality is fully enlightened.”–TV

The bodhisattva rank realizes the vow, conducting the vow conscious of the four forms -the communication-attainment- fullness – success. Therefore, they do not practice separately each of them, but combine them according to the occasion, the circumstance, the certain time and corresponding with the esotericism - exotericism - immediacy - gradualness in order to be fully enlightened.

“The Buddhas have the responsibility to ordain and skillfully help the bodhisattvas.

The Buddhas have guided the bodhisattvas to attain the Buddha hood and simultaneously ordain the bodhisattvas in the way of conducting the vow to help the bodhisattvas of five eyes, six supernatural powers, three bodies, four minds all becoming the Buddha.”TV

2538 years ago according to the Buddhist calendar, the Blessed One had ordained the Maitreya Bodhisattva to become a Buddha who is succeeding and preserving the true dharma continuing for another 5000 years. During this return, the Lord Supreme Maitreya Buddha has also ordained and wonderfully applied all the dharma, aiming to help Moggallana to become the Bodhisattva and the holy disciples. The bodhisattva will return to the world, realizing the vow and conducting the vow for helping all the patriarchs to preserve the true dharma. There is no difference of the one’s footprints that have gone in the past and the others following behind. However, there is somehow difference. The orthodoxy is still conserved and the only difference is in the means of approaching the true supreme, which is according to each occasion of the bodhisattva in their penetration, so they are different though, and yet following strictly the main ideas of the Three Lives of Buddhas. Therefore, only the bodhisattva could have intuition: Different, but not different, not different, but different, it is intended for the full enlightenment of the five eyes, six supernatural powers, three bodies and four minds.

For the supreme ranks, supreme masters proclaiming themselves to be Buddhas, how can they teach living creatures! The Buddha who teaches living creatures is precisely the Buddha of Living Creatures. All and all, living creatures recite the sutra and they themselves hear the sutra. The Buddha initiates the teaching to the bodhisattva and holy disciples, later the bodhisattva becoming the Buddha who has adequately achieved the ten titles. Every time appearing, he vibrates the Three Great Thousand Worlds, bringing countless benefits to the living creatures without practicing the dharma, and the advantages for the Holy disciple who continues the teaching for the world to transform the cruelty and depravity into the pure land.

Using material and money to induce living creatures in the practice will soon destroy the dharma. It is only when the disciples are conscious that the good deeds result only in blessed rewards, and the liberation through practice is the direct retribution of one's previous existence, that the dharma could last forever.

“The bodhisattvas faithfully conduct the vow to understand all the dharma and the true teaching of the Buddha for the acquisition.

The bodhisattvas save living creatures by the way of conducting the vow of the six perfections, penetrating the dharma sphere to achieve the Prajna mind, getting the fearless wisdom. Their virtue corresponds strictly to their body from the stain to the stainless in a matchless manner, and they are completely liberated.”–TV

In this Dharma-Ending Age, He has taught the disciples to follow the way He has already shown. Firstly, they ought to be confident, obedient and respectful toward the Awakened One, later to understand thoroughly the truth and be faithful, virtuous, vowing to practice for liberation through wisdom, that is the faith-conduct-vow. The Lord is very serious, has never passed down the dharma to the true disciples who do not have faith- conduct-vow. For those with the superficiality and profundity of faithful conduct of vow also depends upon their root faculty thus receiving the true originality. 

The conducting bodhisattvas vow to not to live within either dreaminess or abstract as those of the second vehicle rank. They rather conduct the vow in reality of the six perfections; therefrom they always know how to judge that the error is the master of the right. As a result, the bodhisattvas can practice the dharma, till attaining the equality of countless dharma spheres of living creatures, equality, but inequality.

The living creatures are born equal, the bodies all have the adequate parts, organs and also have similar situations, but they do not know yet how to penetrate through it well due to their character, which transforms the scene. In fact, the scene still remains the same. The unequal scene is the self-feeling. Once there is self-feeling there is the scene. There is no scene without the self. The way of practice passes through the inequality of countless living creatures to return to the equality of the serenity pure mind. Thereupon, the equal mind and character could faithfully conduct the vow in an adequate manner, attaining the real prajna mind and there is no more abstract dharma.

The wisdom is fearless self-satisfied, at the time, the stain and stainless are one, but two, the two in the one, the corresponding body appears rightly without error and you are completely liberated from the transmigration of the birth and death.

The materialism knocks down the idealism. But the idealism dealing with physical matters it is also a practical idea and is closer to the reality than materialism. In the Final Law Period, the most practical evidence is demonstrated concretely by the Promulgation of the Proclamation of the Universe. All and all, it illustrates that idealism relies on materialism and mobilizes materialism to be close to reality. Even the practice for fairy, saint and superiorman has to follow this way. Judiciously realizing, it is the awareness. Wrongly doing is falling into the suffering. That is stupidity. In fact, there is no evidence to be noted between stupidity and awareness. It belongs to the sealed mind, which should be confident and obedient towards the sealed mind one. Why? Because all dharma are fictious, there must be someone who knows well the path of the universe that is the Tathagata dharma, to realize it judiciously and return to the truth.

“In which period would the Buddha save all the living creatures and the bodhisattva? During the time of the Buddha coming to the world, as there is not yet the appearance of bodhisattva, the Buddha has practically and skillfully made use of the acts into one that is called the Bodhisattva Buddha. When Living creatures have been awakened or have attained the dharma, the Buddha has then turned to the immediacy to make living creatures appear physically, it is during this time that the Buddha has saved the Bodhisattva.”–TV

Whenever the Buddha is coming to the world, the living creatures and bodhisattva are still mixed in the dharma school. The Buddha has practically and wonderfully applied it in order to select the disciples with profound root-faculty. The wonderful application of the form and formless that the disciple has truly cultivated to overcome and dominate his nature would enable him to attain the dharma or enlightenment. Later, the Buddha has applied the Immediacy to make the disciple correct himself and appear as a Bodhisattva. As far as the Lord is concerned, the bodhisattva must be fully confident, obedient and respectful with a high degree of faithful conduct of vow before he could receive the immediacy to attain the supreme enlightenment.

When having attested to be a Bodhisattva, the Buddha nourished him separately with the increasingly harder and harder dharma. Even a minor mistake is directly treated with immediacy; the scolding, expelling, striking and anger are aiming to clear up thoroughly living creatures’ nature with a steady mind in the presence of all dharma. During this period, it is really difficult for the Buddha to save the Bodhisattva.

The Venerables, who have been chosen by the Lord, have to undergo the difficult verification in this part of salvation of the unique career vehicle as well.

“After the Bodhisattva has manifested himself, either with adequacy or not yet adequate, the Buddha has then applied the purity and impurity, the favor and unfavor, intending to bring the Bodhisattva through all obstacles. The Buddha has also transformed his ineffective, polluted body and mind in the reason and fact of the divergence to the coequally, from the insufficiency to sufficiency, from the incomplete to the complete acquisition to become the Buddha.”–TV

In reality, He has only guided one disciple to the supreme enlightenment in His return. He has wonderfully applied the purity and impurity, aiming to bring the bodhisattva through all obstacles, and clearing up his body and mind from the pollution, without any doubt.

In the secular world, as long as the mind is entangled, there is still karma, the one who relieves the karma, understands it well, every atomic element of the dharma. Dissolving a dharma, that is overcoming that dharma sphere, escaping from one lifetime of transmigration of birth and death. The disciple dissolves one dharma at the time, inevitably making a strong point to advance. Therefrom, he has to go through billions of dharma spheres to be enlightened. Each word represents a dharma sphere, each speech is a dharma sphere, and each act is a dharma sphere. Like the good the bad, the honesty, the evil and the bright thought leads to a superior life; the obscure thought is just hell.

One time, the Lord Supreme Maitreya Buddha had asked the four orders of disciples: What have you practiced for a long time? What is good faculty, good will, and continue to follow it. When there is no more desirous mind, and no more greed and then you can realize the co-equality of reason and fact, you will attain the truth. The mind is no more desirous; it is just like all dharma have flown into the vast sea. If you know how to break out the origin of a dharma, you will have the insight, and later your mind becomes pure and sensible, and able to perceive adequately even a gentle touch, that is called the seeing of the formless. Such practice will bring out the truth, the goodness.

“It is unthinkable and non-judgmental about the salvation of the Buddha - Why?

The Buddha has evolved all dharma without omission. Even the bodhisattva could not see it; how could living creatures understand the salvation of the Buddha? That is making the Bodhisattva's strength and ability, capable of enduring the evolution and fully receiving the Tathagata-Store to attain adequately the Great Eight Pari Nirvana.”–TV

The disciples in this Dharma-Ending Age discern that the Lord’s way of practice that He initiates is rather exceptional, but in fact it is not different from that of the Buddhas of Ten Directions and Three lives. You should try to cultivate neither to criticize nor to dismiss it. If there is a stupid disciple who talks nonsense, the other has to control it and advises him neither to be Self- satisfied nor to be proud even of his miraculous performance. If your life, consisting of eating and sleeping, is not different from that of animals, you are squandering a lifetime because it is not always easy to be reborn as man.

The Bodhisattva manages everything delicately; therefore, he can meticulously perceive even the smallest passing dharma with adequacy. For instance, a professional worker will soon detect an inexperienced, clumsy worker. It is the same for the practice of the dharma, those who know thoroughly, will be able to receive fully the Tathagata-Store.

It is impossible to foresee the way by which the Buddha has manifested the dharma. The higher it is the harder it is to recognize. The controlling of one’s nature could help to overcome it. In the practice, the bodhisattva has to demolish the attachment, using his wisdom to find out a new dharma so that he could be supplied accordingly by the Tathagata store even after one million lifetimes. As the work will supply you with necessity for living, the correction will help you to be attested. Even the Buddha returning to the world could not help a disciple who does not want to correct himself. The disciple does not know what the way of practice for enlightenment means should not hastily criticize nor censure the Awakened One; he needs only to relieve himself from objection and attachment to be able to recognize the true dharma.

“Only the Buddhas themselves could understand their way of salvation. The Buddha guides every Bodhisattva who is attached by the purity or favor, the Buddha helps that Bodhisattva either distinguish or isolate in his mind, to understand thoroughly the purity and impurity, to realize completely the favor and unfavor all over to become the Buddha.”–TV

The Bodhisattva is impregnated with the theory of the sutra and clings to it. The Buddha knows well the wonderful application of how to guide the Bodhisattva to come out of writing; later the Bodhisattva consciously relieves himself of the pollution, having neither distinguished nor isolated it. The fundamental reason is that the Buddha is aimingly making the Bodhisattva be in accord with, not demolished. If the latter demolished the dharma how could he be in accord with it, if demolishing, he will remain still and the word. Emptiness is based on the writing as self-attested. Countless disciples in this period of return proclaiming themselves Buddhist Masters remain in this position.

Some of them have even written the key of practice of Buddhism, but when reading the scripture of Long Hoa Chief Monk Maitreya Buddha which is given into their hands, they could not understand it, disregarded it and abandoned it all together.

The Buddha's way of realizing a concord is - to make the Bodhisattvas have doubt attachment, then overcoming the contrary dharma to demolish the doubt attachment. Their wisdom is cleared and disengaged from obstruction. Whatever is worth carrying out should be realized despite lots of difficulties; whatever is not worth doing should be dropped even with the comfort of emergence and entrance of all dharma. Later, they will have the perfection of seeing with pure eyes, hearing with pure ears and knowing meticulously, and being fully enlightened without clinging to the writing. Then they could acquire the prajna mind to enter the great bodhisattva rank, waiting to become the Buddha through just one birth in the secular world.

“When the Buddha makes the salvation, everyone believes Him to be very cruel, and the bodhisattva finds it contrary. Being cruel or contrary - it is hard to discuss because there are countless ways of salvation and wonderful applications even the Bodhisattva could not see it perfectly so how can ordinary men understand it? It is because the Bodhisattva remains still to receive the attachment that the Buddha has to realize such salvation, in order to be ordained and attested by the Tathagata.”–TV

Most living creatures believe that engagement in the practice when the Buddha returns to the world enables them to have plenty of material and happiness. Only those who are close to the Buddhas could see that the practice of the dharma is very difficult, so difficult that even the holy disciples have to run away from it. Some of them left forever, they dared not return to see the place where He has lived as it has really occurred in this Final Law Period, I have myself witnessed. Why?

Because the Bodhisattvas are not quite cleared up, they are still polluted with love, material or money, and fame. These three pollutions form the belt of birth and death contravene the bodhisattvas for several lifetimes, making them remain still to receive the attachment. Especially for the bodhisattva appearing as a layman, he would not be able, in reality, to enter into or emerge from the sphere and relieve himself from these three pollutions without the limitless salvation and wonderful applications of the Buddha.

Only the bodhisattva with abundant merits offered to the Tathagata, and with the great faculty could have the priority to relieve. The Buddha’s footprints treading on his route of a lifetime have been erased and the disciples have to wait long for a next Buddha!  Because the Buddhas have not much time, high in age while the Bodhisattvas are still clinging without accord, thus it is impossible for the Buddha to save them. Consequently that gives rise to the difficulties.

The salvation method of the Buddha is to pull the Bodhisattva out of love first because he is polluted with love. Secondly, to push him into the love and draw him back afterward, finally the Buddha makes him to be free from the love. Losing the love, everybody is afraid and cries out, so they all consider the Buddha to be cruel and contrary.

Overcoming the love, afterward no more love pollution; nevertheless the love is not lost. Giving up before cognition and censuring, criticizing the Buddha to be cruel, thus you are making a mistake and have to wait for several lives of the coming Buddha! Therefore, it is fairly possible to cling to the arahant, in fact conducting the vow precisely as a bodhisattva to save the flowering dharma nature is impossible for anyone to manage. It takes many lifetimes of cultivating before there is the appearance of a bodhisattva with the great faculty who follows the Buddha to practice for the wonderful Bodhihood. For that reason, only the Buddha knows what the Buddha is doing. Only the Buddha knows the Buddha. Even the Maha Bodhisattva is yet to perceive thoroughly. How can the disciples of inferiority understand that?

“The bodhisattva, who meditates with self- satisfaction and fearlessness, demolishes the doubt in a relative manner, and demolishing the conception of body, speech and thought separately in order to conserve his thinking could not know perfectly the movement of the dharma nature and the ordinary nature. How could he understand thoroughly the wonderful nature of Nirvana? If such a Bodhisattva imitates the Buddha in realizing the salvation and creating contrary things - that is extremely dangerous.”–TV

The disciple is not yet intuited sufficiently, still making use of his reasoning also called self-thinking, and is not yet attested by the Buddha to promulgate in the realizing of vow and the conduct of vow seeking for the wonderful Bodhihood, voluntarily creating the impure dharma. Then, he pretends himself to be self-satisfied and fearless, imitating the Buddha. Finally, he would fall irreversibly in the three ways of evil to become Buddha-Devil also called Buddha Sphere that is extremely dangerous.

When the Lord Supreme Maitreya was still alive, He had usually warned the faithful true disciple to keep away from those who are rebellious and behave unsubmissively. He does not even attest these to be the dharma protectors. Not knowing that, they keep on believing themselves to be Buddha like Him. Whatever the way of thinking to cultivate, the disciples should orderly follow the Lord’s footprints, from the Bodhisattva to the Holy disciples rank. He has frequently verified the unification of the dharma-life of his disciple. None of them have dared to cultivate at their own will when the Lord has not yet initiated their ignorance for Intuition. The Fully Enlightened One, like the Lord takes interest in assimilating Human being. Therefore, his style of living apparently resembled that of all kind of people in society, the only difference from human beings and the Four Species is the Fundamental Enlightenment.

“The bodhisattva should follow the sutra to understand thoroughly and should teach the dharma to living creatures to make them understand it. He should not follow the sutra without explaining its meaning and teach living creatures not to know by heart without seizing the meaning in hearing the dharma to avoid being known later. He should teach the living creatures to understand positively the stain and really comprehend the stainless. Both of these they should know perfectly. Between the stain and stainless they should not be inclined to, either more or less, be attached. Also on account of the stain and stainless, they should neither be interrupted nor separated. That is precisely the Bodhisattva who cleverly offers to the Triples Gem, skillfully guides the living creatures neither taking nor leaving it.”–TV

- The Bodhisattva's dharma is the dharma of neither stains nor stainless. It is neither taking nor leaving neither strictly following the sutra nor separating from it. That is the perfect true dharma without two forms that is the dharma of complete liberation of the unique career vehicle. After realizing this dharma, the disciple has acquired the insight, he is always aware of his own nature, and the living creatures’ nature is tamed, no longer initiating and evolving.

The Bodhisattvas rank know how to live an easy life, considering the truth to be a loyalest friend, so he can be conscious that people in life are betraying him, his relatives also are betraying him, even he himself is betraying him as well. Only the truth is the loyalest to him. This is the most precious consolation, bringing him more knowledge on the true dharma, which is very precious, according to the Buddhas' words.

“All the saints, fairies, and bodhisattvas are making use of parallelism in the practice seeking for the fruit of attainment. In the fruit of attainment, the parallelism is essential for the incarnation of the Buddha form or bodhisattva form. Although the bodhisattva Buddha has no Form, there must be something in parallel to produce the full enlightenment.”–TV

Neither the Buddha nor the bodhisattva has form. The enlightened form is that of the Buddha and the bodhisattva form. The Buddha initiates the bodhisattva to cultivate for the complete attainment of the enlightened form. For that purpose, the bodhisattva has to practice in every world. Each one has a different aspect: high or low, wide or narrow, noble or rude, dirty or clean...

The Buddha has said that living creatures by their chaotic illusion are wishesing more than the reality. They claim the great one and ignore the small one, so they cannot cultivate clearly all the spheres. Such as the fairy world use his power to create its sphere, the human world use his labor to construct the houses, temples, palaces... The deva world is the nobility.

There must be a parallelism between the reason and the fact. The act of irregular eliminating and taking gives rise to the difference. If realizing the parallelism of form and nature, from the smallest starting point you will have the enlightened form. Living creatures practice the dharma in the limits; the bodhisattva does it without limits, so he can practice at school, at work, at home, everywhere. He needs no temples to practice. The practice in the limits never helps to know perfectly the enlightened form of the Buddha. The practice without limits is numberless and measureless, but through the difficulty and complexity of the fact, it has to be dissolved to be able to recognize the dharma nature and attain the enlightened form, which is more profound than the arahants.

The Bodhisattva goes all over to conduct the vow, so he knows well the Three Thousand Great Thousand Worlds. Therefrom, he knows that someone who is enthusiastic, studying everything will become a deity after death. Each destination produces a different deity within superiority or inferiority according to its feeling seeds, forming by different ideas, by that they know well from the enlightened form to the full enlightenment.

“Most disciples know only themselves in the practice. They do not realize that the parallelism is primarily to conserve the nature of morality for the fruit of attainment. For that reason, the bodhisattva neither commits the cruelty nor loses his conduct. He will be able to return to the world for many lifetimes without sins, only for the sake of saving living creatures thus corresponding in parallel.”–TV

 Many disciples are inclined to virtue, but lack in wisdom. Vice versa, others have wisdom, but they are lack in virtue. Therefore, though having created the fruit of attainment, they could not preserve it. The disciples ought to create virtue and wisdom in parallel to be able to preserve the practice with quality conduct to achieve the fruit of attainment. The practice for liberation through wisdom depends upon the faculty of self-awareness, consciousness in the parallelism of virtue and wisdom, nature and form, reason and fact. In the presence of the situation, you can perfectly realize in parallel the nature and the form with no more entanglement of the mind, which is thus liberated. The bodhisattva knows how to liberate every small section, every atomic element. That is the preservation for the fruit of attainment.

Though the bodhisattva comes into collision with the secular world, his mind is liberated from the dharma sphere without entanglement. That is the liberation so that lifetime after lifetime of his return to the world, he will virtually have no sins, only for the sake of saving living creatures to do so. For that reason, he never loses the quality of conducting the vow.

The practice, which is recognized neither by the saints nor by ordinary men, is that of the Buddha. For the saints, they are easily recognized by their gesture of the saint. The secular men, not knowing the Buddha or the Bodhisattva, assess His practice very ordinarily. The practice, which is easily recognized by the saint and ordinarily men is that of no value and will not lead to ordinary men or saint either. That is the path taken by the Unique Principle Buddha, only aiming to save the living creatures. The bodhisattva is born and grows up with any family in whichever manner. He would accept them all. Then he has to convert and resolve it perfectly. It is by such a way that he could save nine generations and seven ancestors.

For example, the Buddha or the Bodhisattva is born in a family of hunger devil that attaches only importance to money and only treats anyone who has money well. The bodhisattva has to re-educate them so that either with money or without money, as long as they are liberated from the reason and put the sentiment as the first priority. They also have to reeducate themselves, only blaming their own stupidity, not others. He has eventually saved the whole family, free from the hunger devil faculty.

“The Bodhisattva practices all conducts, from the purity to the impurity, and is not rebellious against those who practice for liberation. The mind of the bodhisattva rank is that of no- recoil. The no-recoil mind is just the prajna mind, which is neither clinging nor basing on the arising of thought, of parallelism, on the conception of reasoning to pretend oneself to be the bodhisattva returning to the world for salvation.”–TV

The Bodhisattva, though practicing the nature and the form with parallelism of virtue and mind, is not clinging to the parallelism. That is the matchless dharma and matchless means unique mindfulness. Into the matchless dharma subject, the bodhisattva considers people as his house and his life, treating all living creatures as his relatives. It is because of living creatures that there is Buddha Nature. It is because of the dishonesty that there is the honesty; if all the living creatures are honest and the bodhisattva is also honest, there is equality neither more nor less than, how can there be the emergence to become as the bodhisattva. The patriarchs have the comprehension, the bodhisattvas have the full attainment, but they have not yet fully attained, so they have to know that insight is not full enlightenment. They should not be clinging to it.

“The Bodhisattva who makes himself a Buddha form is still not yet the Buddha. Why? It is because the Buddha has no form. He only appears countlessly and throughout, covering all over by His Buddha form.”–TV

In the presence of someone causing bad, the bodhisattva is not angry, but he wonderfully helps him according to the situation. ‘The precious gem is lying in the contrary dharma’. During his realizing the vow, the bodhisattva has met people who blackened him, cursed him, but the bodhisattva rightfully examines it at best. That is the great faculty, great mind. They are bad, because that is the karma of living creatures, the bodhisattva would not be angry with them. That means the bodhisattva has seen thoroughly all the directions. Therefore, the formless bodhisattva achieves the enlightened Form and perceives everywhere the Tathagata appearing to save incalculability.

“Occasionally, someone who comes from the avici hell or frightful hell, fortunately having the good condition of the salvation of the bodhisattva, immediately is reborn upwards the men-devas. Contrarily, someone is living at the men-devas, within the last hour of death, the soul will depart from the men-devas and be reborn as the hungry devil, animal or in hell.”–TV

The honesty and the dishonesty, the good and the evil are two different things. The superior life is in the men-devas; the inferior life is in the exile. The bodhisattva has accomplished the practice for the good and attained the goodness, but he does not hate the bad, that is the salvation of the bad.

Attaining the goodness by accomplishing the practice for the good, but not hating the evil, that is the salvation of the evil. What is the good faculty for the salvation of the bad faculty? The disciple who does not hate the one of bad faculty is helping the latter. Acquiring one is the unique principle conduct; it is also called the conduct of neither good nor bad, because the bad faculty has been saved. As for the one doing bad; we should not consider it to be wrong, because the situation of his stupidity drives him into such a state. Similarly in our situation, we would be the same. If the lunatic curses you, you should not be angry at him. The fully enlightened one discerns that within his own body lies good and bad. The disciple, who claims of himself to be a saint or bodhisattva, still regards himself to be superior to the living creatures, so he is not yet a bodhisattva.

Conducting the vow in such a way as not regarding yourself as a bodhisattva only concerns the salvation of the living creatures. Naturally, with the adequacy of abilities and merits, the disciple has entirely achieved the salvation of the hungry devil and the animal, the avici hell, and the frightful hell. The living creatures with great condition need only to recite a prayer to be answered along with their great compassion, great wisdom and great courage. Only the one who has freed his own nature, manipulated the three worlds and six ways, and is no longer caught by the sphere, could save living creatures.

There is also someone originally of men and devas with fundamental nature, in the presence of favorable condition, he has become dishonest and attempted to despoil and harm others. After his death, because of his cruel and dishonest seed nature, he is naturally sent back to the hungry devil, animal and hell; because that is whatever he has created for himself. Obviously, he should have returned to where he belonged.

Therefore, the lord supreme maitreya buddha has initiated that someone living in the obscure hell, fortunately with great condition could meet a bodhisattva and will be reborn in the men-devas to enjoy the blessed rewards, while someone from the men-devas or layman committing grave mistakes would fall into hell, hungry devil and animal.

“Once a Human Being gets tired of his life wishesing for liberation, he has to rely on the rebirth to be free, for getting out of the present life stage by stage. He then rehearses, aiming to eliminate every conception, following the examples of the Bodhisattvas and Buddhas who have resolved and liberated the immensity of millions of dharma spheres, and bringing them to the self-satisfaction and fearlessness to be destined towards liberation.”–TV

The disciples still committing mistakes are all submitted to the dharma sphere with thousands of aspects. If wishesing for liberation, they have to lean on the sphere to relieve them in order to overcome every dharma sphere.

Mindfulness means the relief of every dharma, while conception is the consciousness karma, the faculty karma, and the defilement karma, which should be relieved thoroughly. The bodhisattva has taught the dharma in order to help living creatures to untie the knots. The faithful living creatures have to relieve their doubtful nature. Where there is doubt there must be dissolution. Like a dirty shirt that needs to be washed until it is clean. If it is still dirty, it still needs to be washed.

Living creatures seeking for the truth by conception have to cultivate in such a way, to perform in this manner, whatever is in contrast with their ideas; they consider it to be paganism. The cultivation through conception is hidden by the consciousness karma; he will never be liberated even in incalculable lifetimes. Generally, the disciple could see the situation of other people, whereas he does not know his own situation.  Knowing the other one, we resolve his situation so far we are righteous. Repeating the conduct, we would reach the fundamental principle, which is the liberation through wisdom with great compassion, and self-satisfied and fearless. There will be no more attachment to the dharma sphere. Otherwise, the mindfulness in the dreamy recitation, the imaginary recitation or the destruction of the scenic recitation, which is the destruction of the dharma, is different from the path followed by the bodhisattva and being reborn in the birth and death cycle.

“Therefore, the bodhisattvas practice according to their will and vow, establishing their conduct of vow, initially leaning on their vow to cultivate until the stage of intuition they could thoroughly overpass all favorable and unfavorable scenes with an unattached mind, that is the salvation.”–TV

As for the Lord, he has authorized the dharma protectors, venerables to execute the salvation; he has carefully considered, scrutinized, challenged and taught them to recognize the truth and to get the insight before being permitted to preach the dharma for salvation. He has also verified these who have often paid Him a visit at three or four month intervals if they were living in the provinces. He has then rejected some of them, and continuously trained the other faithful disciples. He has to establish the three minds and five vows similarly to the patriarchs who have previously established them. In practicing the Bodhisattva's vow, He has ordered to establish three times vows:

  • The first time is three minds and five vows.
  • The second time is the detailed vow.
  • The third time is the secret vow.

Following the Lord during my whole life, I have been allowed to establish three times vows. There are also the other two venerables at the central who are allowed to establish three times the above vows, but when He has promulgated the Proclamation of Attestation of Bodhisattva, only one in the whole Long Hoa Highness Association is attested.

The Lord has taught: The true Buddhist disciple with the instinct not yet corrected, his mind is not transcendent and his thoughts still associate with fictitious hope, preaching the dharma is just for talk, not beneficial to living creatures at all.

For those who talk excellently with futile action, unequal in reason and fact, only living in the abstraction, even he himself is still full of mara nature. Hastily teaching the living creatures is only uselessness.

“Why are they unable to overcome the main force of the six ways? Because every man has his purpose in life, with his own conception in the ideal of life of a form subject, how could he master the six ways in order to emerge from it?”–TV

It is by seeing Lord Supreme Maitreya Buddha in person and following Him in the teaching of the dharma that you can recognize that it is very hard to overcome the main force of the six ways. It is easy to study and practice because it is only on the conception. But for the reality, His presence is necessary and it could take twenty years for the very faithful, enthusiastic disciple to emerge from the main force of the six ways, overcoming the main force of the belt of dharma sphere!

It is the same for scientists who design a spacecraft flying out of the belt of atmosphere, living in a state of non gravity and then there must be another force for the return in safety to the earth.

Therefore, for the one who emerges from the belt of dharma sphere, the main force of the six ways and the three worlds that would not be expressed by using literature. He does not live in a complicated, sophisticated life as a saint. Therefore, living creatures, friends, even his relatives who do live just beside him never know anything about him. Only the Buddhas could realize to overcome the main force of the mara force of six ways. It is an easy thing to say. However, having realized to vanquish the mara force, one can achieve the main force. By oneself nobody could know how to carry out the practice, so that nobody could overcome the main force of the six ways.

The more learning, the more studying, without manipulating all dharma in the hearing, seeing, knowing, how can you liberate from the life? The more you are caught in the error and attachment the more it terrifies you in order to consolidate the living creatures steadily in its main force. Understanding the matter is one thing, but the realization of taking back the main force is immeasurably difficult.

The conception of the ideal life of a form subject means although the body and life of each living creature have countless natures, there is only one principal faculty nature. Each faculty nature is a form subject to hungry devil, animal, hell, asura, man and deva... which the living creatures have created for themselves and are polluted. Some living creatures live within the form subject of hell; the others live with the form subject to animal, hungry devil. . .

The living creatures find it hard to recognize and know how they can emerge from the main force of the six ways. Even the disciple, who has cultivated for many years, should have the method of each subject to be gradually liberated from the life.

“I have to refer to my own life, being reborn to practice the four lessons and five subjects in order to attain the nine classes of lotus flower and become fully enlightened. At that time, i had then comprehended: the five aggregates entirely are empty, thus securing the deliverance from all distresses and sufferings.”–TV

Resolving completely one’s flowering dharma nature can be called recursion, which is completely clear of all natures. The rebirth is the realistic life without the domination of the mara force. At that time, the practice then comprises the four mathematical lessons of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with the five subjects of the doctrinism, philosophy, mathematics, physics, science, and metaphysics. The four mathematical lessons and five subjects are comprised in the triple canon sutra of the Buddha. Once acquiring the truth, you can understand the wonderful teaching of the Buddhas.

It is after acquiring the nine classes of lotus flower, which are the nine classes of completed practice. Then, you can be verified and attested by the Lord Supreme Maitreya Buddha to enter into the Bodhisattva rank, representing the Buddhas to return to the world to save the living creatures and wait sufficiently for becoming the Buddha.

Thus, those in this Final Law Period who do not meet the Lord Supreme Maitreya Buddha, proclaiming themselves to be the Buddha, supreme rank, supreme master should tell all about the nine classes which they have acquired, so that is precisely the path of the Buddhas. If that would be true they should have known it well. Otherwise, that is the false declaration of the Buddha form. Only the Lord Supreme Maitreya Buddha could realize and govern properly the nine classes of the lotus flower.

The Buddhas only have one path of unique principle. Neither have the second nor the third path. Only those of false pretension have other paths. He has also recommended those who have attained the supreme enlightenment to penetrate deeply in the dharma sphere without omission in order to achieve the fruit of attainment. The acquisition of the supreme rank does not mean the attainment of the Buddha hood. Indeed, the stupidity is still a great density. Being caught in the Buddha sphere, it is hard to emerge from the main force of the six ways. That means yet to accomplish the secure deliverance from all distresses and sufferings.

“What is our brain, our body and life like? We never know it well and it needs not to know us either. Thus we believe it to be us and we supply it with abundant tastes, dress it richly, make all to keep it eternally young and vigorous, afraid it is gradually getting older and deficient, but that is not so. It is only an apparatus used for assembling the syllables and recording, and it is naturally our duty to speak, to see and to know. Like us, it is natural, but for its part, it was long ago liberated, while we are still living with conception. Upon saying that, the Buddhist Master bursts out laughing satisfactorily!”–TV

As a radio, which is composed of many components, is assembled and emits the sound restored from the radio broadcasting station, if the broadcasting station ceases to work, the radio could not emit the sound. It could not broadcast either if the electric current is cut off.

The human beings to the four species, all having sufficient parts of the body, naturally receive the hearing, seeing, knowing of the universe. Whoever prefers the subject of the hearing, seeing, knowing in the Tathagata store would provide according to their personal wishes thus accepting it. Due to stupidity, all of them consider that this body is themselves and care for it with abundance without contemplating the discrimination of their hearing seeing-knowing. As a result, it creates countless good and bad natures, the honesty and the dishonesty, giving rise to the derangement of mind in the body of human beings.

Some disciples, while becoming interested and making up their mind to practice the dharma, are not contemplating to seek for the dharma subject of liberation. Today, with the coming into the world of Long Hoa Lord Supreme Maitreya Buddha, he has passed down to human beings the lively path of approaching the truth in this world.

“Erroneously, so difficult is the way for liberation. I am a person in mankind. Having never yet known about mankind, how could I be superior to mankind to be liberated?  When I know all and have truly known mankind - that is so wonderful! I have already liberated even though I have been liberated from the mankind. Nevertheless, I have been liberated entirely.”–TV

The Blessed One has entered into the Great Eight Pari Nirvana, since then it has been more than twenty-five centuries according to the Buddhist calendar. There are millions and millions of Buddhist disciples including those of leaving home and at home. The disciples are so great in number. But the true disciples who could achieve the goal of liberation are rare. Due to the lack of main force on the part of the disciple who doesn’t know yet that every man already has his main force. The main force requires the disciples to have the faculty nature of transcendence and the faculty nature of great will. The more one is generating the mind to cultivate, the more he is committing the mistake, because of the practice based on fictitious hope is the loss of physical nature and of dissolving oneself.

Thus I have heard:

In the Dharma-Ending Age, although the disciple dissolves in accordance with the word of Buddha, not with the physical nature, the more he dissolves the Ignorance covering the Buddha Nature; the more he is impregnated with bad character. Every fairy and deity world, its standard of living, its background, its implements is thousand of times better than those of the human world.

The scholarships, the degrees vary from one world to another, because of the mutual divergent comprehension it’s hard to understand, to know each other. All the standards of living, the degrees, the implements are made from the transformation to produce the outcome. The universe transforms the whole material in the universe, indeed, how can man invent the substance of transformation. Man can only compose and transform preexisting materials into new materials that are the denaturalization. No matter how advanced civilization of mankind may be and how intense man’s discovery of the universe by traveling millions of miles into another galaxy where new discoveries and materials may be, he could not ever know the non-material, which is the substance originally not yet transformed, and yet it produces everything.

 Exceptionally, man makes use of wisdom to discover the mind and body. After the discovery oneself, man begins to understand himself thoroughly, thus that is so wonderful! Only then he has been entirely liberated.

“Man to man, no matter how talented or intelligent he may be, it’s hard to state what liberation is. Only the liberated man could clearly explain the True Supreme and show the way of liberation. Though being of one-pointed mind in the practice and believing in the liberation, they still wrongly believe in the conception of liberation through formalities such as the extermination of desire, the separation of body, the cessation of love and keeping away from polluted secular mankind, all that makes up the so-called liberation.”–TV

No matter how intelligent a living creature may be, he should be taught by the enlightened one who knows how to guide and console him properly until he has faith in the dharma; afterwards, by all means inducing him with instructions in order to conduct the vow. Until he becomes well trained, the enlightened one takes the opportunity to initiate the way for liberation. It is really difficult because the living creatures are living with wrongful embedded conceptions. Therefore, the enlightened one must skillfully know how to practice and what to do and say until they have acquired insight.  All that depended on the enlightened one’s marvelous exploitation or wonderful applications of all dharma.

After getting insight, they realize that enlightenment does not mean the extermination of desire, the separation of body, the cessation of love, the keeping away from polluted secular men. As a matter of fact, they have to base on them to dissolve completely pollution and attachment until clearance of all karma occurs, waiting for the enlightened one to initiate the enlightenment.

The bodhisattva conducting the vow for the salvation aimingly awakens the living creatures from stupidity, so he never destroys the dharma. When the Blessed One has entered the Great Eight PariNirvana, the patriarchs have continued to execute the precious dharma, guiding the living creatures to march on the path of good faculty and good will according to the meaning of the saint and the sage. At the time of the last patriarch, the Sixth Patriarch, Shen-Hsiu has come along constructing the dharma by means of religious worship. He has intentionally increased the ceremonial rites, aiming to rely on that for cultivating. Until today, in this Dharma-Ending Age, most of the disciples are still inclined to establishing the form and the sound for instructing the dharma, which is lacking of the fundamental code in the awareness of one’s nature.

Nowadays, the Lord Supreme Maitreya has re-estashlished a path of return to the true supreme for the bodhisattva, the venerables and dharma protectors to reconstruct the true dharma.

In trading the path of ministry, the apparition of Long Hoa has come to the World, having met many laymen, cultivators who are conservative and attached to their sect, are still Ignorant, the others are indifferent, falling into the pure isolation and still remained in confusion. In fact, the main ideas of the pure salvation consist of pure awareness to be saved. The bodhisattva differs from the ordinary man by awareness and stupidity. Only those with the degree of saint and sage, having the ability of understanding the truth, could recognize it; otherwise, it is impossible for the disciples having not yet reached the degree of saint and sage to receive the preaching. If there is any, that is a vague perception, which is prone to doubt. Therefore, he has re-established the unique principle guideline, which needs faith-conduct-vow to know the truth.

“The Blessed One Sir, it is I myself who have guided all living creatures to the liberation through wisdom. My mistake is countless to report at this hour.

I am still caught in the stupidity and I myself have to cure my sickness. I could only be liberated after being free from sickness. I have vowed in my practice to enter the Nirvana only after having saved all living creatures. If there remains only one living creature not yet saved. I vow not yet to enter into Nirvana.”–TV

This paragraph of sutra has expressed the intention of Lord Supreme Maitreya before attaining the supreme perfect enlightenment. He has also admitted his repentance to the Blessed One so that the patriarchs in the future should not proclaim to be the bodhisattva or Buddha in such confusion during this Final Law Period. If there remains a living creature’s nature not yet saved that means it is not yet adequate in the greatly perfect wisdom so how could there be the entering into the Nirvana?

The Bodhisattva, in accordance with the occasion, disturbs all the dharma, observing the adequacy of his own body and mind thus he could not manage properly to save his living creature nature. In that case, he should wait for any future lifetimes to see in person the Buddhas in order to advance further the salvation. Therefore, someone with the superficial wisdom, self-conceited, proclaiming to be the Buddha should pay attention to these words of trifling manner.

One day, Long Hoa Chief Monk Lord Supreme Maitreya Buddha has entered the right meditation and declared that Mr.Krishnamurti is an Arahant who is very far from attaining the Bodhisattvahood. The highest rank attaining through practice the arahanthood is the great fairy who is very sensible and easily recognized, but because of the subtleness of living creatures nature moving in his body that he is not yet to perceive as profoundly as the bodhisattva.

“Here the fairies, you who are magnanimous and parsimonious, are not yet harmonious and equal, that only is due to your dictatorship, wielded power and your esteem, passion for the authority. I have to teach you not to be entangled in the dharma sphere of the form and the odor, letting them to diffuse all over directions in offering the Three Dharma Elements to be attested. As for the distinguished fairies because of their original nature of curiosity, of their possession mind, they have to live with the transformation, maturing with the magic power and sinking in the fall and rise. I should teach you to practice mindfully the diamond great mind. As for the bodhisattva rank, who is practicing to attain the all sides one, respectfully offering to overspread the path to the prajna?

  When the Buddhist Master finished His announcement, all the dragon men, fairies, deities, saints and bodhisattvas in the Three Thousand Great Thousand Worlds have unanimously eulogized Him. The Buddhas of Ten Directions attested the present return in this Final Law Period of the dharma body appearing for the explanation.”–TV                                             

The mind practicing the diamond great mind is the mind, which has already practiced the correction of one’s own nature and attained the prajna mind without fictitious hope and practices the dharma practically. Those having the prajna mind never create the dharma. But when all the dharma occurs, they know how to realize them perfectly.

How does the bodhisattva rank appear to attain the all sides one?  The bodhisattva rank appears to attain all the dharma, securing the deliverance from all distresses and suffering, that they could intuit in the multitude of living creatures, there are some who are good; however, due to the extreme goodness they become stupid. The better they are, the more stupid they become; in spite of that, they continue to go to the end of the altruism. That is the ultimate truth, also called the attainment of the all sides one.  A living creature who works permanently in a career reaching the outermost excellence that is the ultimate truth to the success. He has attained the all sides one.

Like a doctor who practices in his profession reaching the utmost of the ultimate truth that is famous, is also called the attainment of the all sides one. A disciple who entirely attains the extremity of the ultimate truth is the full enlightenment. When attaining it, he just needs only one ultimate truth then all the great thousands of others of the ultimate truth would come together in similarity.

The Bodhisattva is actually superior. No matter what the living creatures are saying and doing to him. He remains patient of digesting an insult. If there are further sufferings, he should be patient of persevering grief, the furthest suffering he ought to be patient of making a concession. For that reason, everyone has to respect him. That is the ultimate truth of suffering, the attainment of the all sides one.

Each dharma is an ultimate truth. What is the ultimate truth? It extends from the beginning to the end at the farther side. All dharma have the ultimate truth. Here is the stupidity, beyond the end of stupidity is the full enlightenment, it is the ultimate truth. The one with evil faculty behaves in a cruel manner, but once realizing that cruelty leads to danger, he has attained the ultimate truth and regained consciousness to acquire the all sides one.

Like the stinking water, which is filtered and filtered repeatedly until there is no more sediment, bad odor becomes clear water. That is the ultimate truth. The bodhisattva has to practice, to observe until success, getting the skilful observation to enter into the ultimate truth for acquiring the all sides one, securing the deliverance from all distresses and sufferings practically without the need of praying and supplicating and reciting sutra all day long. It is only in accordance with the act that the practice will lead to the Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and at the end of the ultimate truth, he fully becomes the Avalokitesvara Tathagata. Thus the fairies, deities, saints and bodhisattvas will eulogize you in the three thousand of great thousand worlds, especially the Buddhas of Ten Directions attest at the present, the return to the world of the Lord Supreme Maitreya who appears for the Salvation.

 * * *


“How wonderful the Supreme Blessed One is, He has become the Buddha. I am now ordaining the living creatures nature that will become the Buddha. However, the two ways, interior and exterior finally are the only One, adequately representing the Three Bodies?”–TV

                    Special Principle Supreme Sutra



8.1 Secret Seal

“At that time, there are numberless living creatures appearing at every pore of the skin in the entire body of the Buddhist Master. They are all around Him readily worshiping and eulogizing the measureless merits of the Buddhist Master who has helped all living creatures to accomplish their practice of the dharma. When the Buddhist Master has finished His preaching, He is admired and acclaimed by numberless living creatures. All of them speak to him respectfully. There are all species of their own world. The Buddhist Master has laughed and clapped His hands. All of them have clapped their hands too and eulogized Him. The Buddhist Master has said: “How strange it is in the way for liberation” He has then ordained all living creatures’ nature to become future Buddhas.”–TV

Thus I have heard:

As for the brilliant dharma of the Buddhist Master as the Lord, when He has become the Buddha each pore of His skin is a transformed Buddha. From every speech, every act, and every thought all manifested everything transformed Buddha. His entire body has the incalculability of transformed Buddhas appearing around Him with respect.

He could have emerged from the right meditation to travel everywhere; he has entered into the right meditation to come in and out of the skillful observation throughout. With His intention, there are immediately the transformed Buddhas who simultaneously traveled over many destinations to save the living creatures in an unthinkable manner whereas the fairies and devas who could travel only with a single transformed one in their whole body. Why? Because of receiving only one sphere as the fundamental place. For that reason, when the fixed perception is apparently formed, only appearing a transformed one who travels to a single destination, after he returns to the body then appears another of the transformed One who travels to another destination. The full enlightenment of the Buddhas is immensity that none of the fairies and saints could know about.

Consequently, it is an eternal error of the one having the divine eyes or the divine ears who hastily proclaims that he himself is a Buddha. The living creatures are convinced of their precise words and the sublimity by resorting to the one having the divine eyes or divine ears. Nevertheless, they do not realize that the Bodhisattvas and Buddhas indubitably knowing this one is still millions of miles away, unworthy by all means, just being equal to a pore of skin in the body of the Blessed One, the Lord Supreme Maitreya.

Thus, the future patriarchs should not hastily proclaim to be the Buddhas!

“At that time, The Buddhist Master has known perfectly the emerging and entering of the Tathagata store, dividing it into the oriental and non-oriental, the perfect and imperfect Tathagata. He has compatibly appeared in the apparent dharma body in the whole body of the enlightened Tathagata. From each to millions of pores of His skin without boundary that simultaneously appear the countless scenes and the innumerably apparent worlds which are still coming out from each pore of skin that is called the compatible apparition of the dharma body of the Enlightened One.”–TV                                                                   

As for the brilliant dharma of the Buddhist Master like the Supreme Lord Supreme Maitreya, the emerging and entering of the right meditation of samadhi is His routine performance. Though, He orientates or does not orientate, the emerging and entering in whatsoever the matter is, He meticulously knows everything because He has already commanded the Tathagata store.

  Though, resolving the dharma perfectly or imperfectly, His measureless merits are not decreased. All the dharma bodies of Buddha are containing the Tathagata store, which He has fully acquired. Therefore, His perfect or imperfect apparition still is the salvation in accordance with Tathagata. He has realized these marvelous performances for the four orders of disciples of the dharma store, but very few true disciples in the Dharma School could recognize them.

Thus I have heard:

In the Three Thousand Great Thousand Worlds, there are pre-existing atomic Buddha and instant Buddha, that means there is already pre-existing supernatural power. All are under the electronic control of the universe, which commands the four species. The disciple, once enlightened, grasps in hand all the great mysteries of the universe. The electronics are continuously transformed like the bodies of the Buddha, with countless atomic Buddhas, instant Buddhas appearing and existing perpetually. Like medicine, the more studies and researches are carried out the more diseases are also discovered...

The success in the illusion of science is the reality of human beings. The disciple who is not attached, doubtful or rebellious manipulates well all the dharma. By all manners of speaking and acting, he would be fluent everywhere. The fluent one, who understands thoroughly all the dharma, preaches it fluently, that is his individual possession, while the listener is not yet to realizing it successfully that is not his possession.

Whatever the living creatures say and realize is the transformation of the mind into thoughts, which results in different classes and levels. The one who preaches fluently the dharma and knows entirely the transformation of mind becomes an eloquent preacher. This reason overcoming the other one brings about eloquence.

“The Supernatural Power is in the stupidity

After leaving for a long time the power returns.” –TV

Why? Because the disciples and living creatures prefer a complicated and fictitious lifestyle, they are virtually seeking for the supernatural power in the far horizon or the deserted forests.

Thus, where is the supernatural power of the Four Species living? Wherever the Four Species are living there must be the supernatural power. Human beings can stand upright, that is owing to the interior and exterior pressure of the supernatural power. According to science, there is the atmospheric pressure affecting the surface of the material that keeps it standing, because the interior of human body has an electric current of the universe which flows out and in via the pores of skin. When man or Four Species stops breathing, he can no longer firmly stand and falls down due to an electric current of the universe that is unable to flow out and in henceforth.

The youngster walks and stands steadily while the elders behave weakly, the hair becomes gray because the diffusion of the halo from the interior body outspread is getting weaker, the pores of skin and the devoid of space inside the body are the place of the emerging and entering of the supernatural power. When attaining enlightenment, the disciple can mobilize the atomic Buddhas, instant Buddhas to come in and out of the body through every pore of skin with self-satisfaction and fearlessness to acquire the great compassion. Beard and hair are the residue of the supernatural power.

In the practice of dharma, the supernatural power evolves in parallel with the development of the thoughts of self-satisfaction and great compassion. ‘Human beings do not contain the knowledge inside the body’ - The supernatural power is in transformation. The universe originally contains all the cavities that are called the tathagata store.

 If the knowledge is stored in the body, it will be buried and disappear after death. Most scientists also believe that knowledge is in the body; in fact, knowledge literally lies in the universe. This subject belongs to its own cavity. From birth to maturity of a man, which part is accumulating his knowledge in the past and in which part his habits, customs, and the conception of life? All of that is reflected by the Tathagata store.

For example, for the one who studies exclusively the English language, all the deportment and activities in his life entirely lays in the constitution of Tathagata store that specializes in the English language. The Tathagata store emerges and enters to return to you the knowledge from the four directions. The more eminent a character is the greater intelligence and comprehension becomes.

The more intelligent a man is, the more knowledge he accumulates. That is called the saint, deva, and philosopher. From the antiquity to the present time, how the human beings have practiced the dharma. Practicing by the eye, the ear, the head, all of these are entangled in the level of ordinary man. Using Tathagata store for practicing, he would comprehend universally. This is the one who knows how to use his body in this present lifetime for practicing in the right path of Buddhas and bodhisattvas. One should be close to Buddhas and bodhisattvas, seeking for the dharma with a one-pointed mind. That one will be carefully guided in order to tap into the Tathagata store for the returning of knowledge, the disciple perceiving all that is cleared up.

*Why it is called the Tathagata store: That is the hearing of the hearing, the seeing of the seeing, and the knowing of the knowing. Therefore, the disciple must use the hearing to hear, the seeing to see and the knowing to know. Recognizing that, the hearing-seeing-knowing will not be rebellious and there will be no more interruption, differentiation and destruction.

As for the Enlightened One, he could well comprehend the radical faculty, which he has constructed. The enlightenment is not yet the full enlightenment. Only the full enlightenment can understand thoroughly. The one who comprehends thoroughly penetrates with adequacy to enter into the right meditation of samadhi. Every time and everywhere there is certainly appearing the whole physical body of samadhi. It is not easy to recognize the practice leading to the unique career vehicle path in its right meaning that is initiated presently by the Lord Supreme Maitreya Buddha.

“From the primary Bodhisattva to the Maha-Bodhisattva, they usually make use of the direct apparition and conversion apparition. Those with the conversion apparition often have communicated with the Three Dharma Elements and the Three Great of Thousand Worlds. Emerging from the meditation to travel all over the spheres, that is the conversion apparition, until fully attained. One, by that time, can have the true apparition. These four forms of apparition are still in the dharma body of Buddha, which adequately appears in equality of every variety of attainment or confused attainment, and can inherit the apparition. In the manifestation of compatible apparition, there are two parts which are called the apparition in the direct retribution of the individual's previous existence and the receiving results of one's deeds. They are neither apparition mind nor dharma mind. The apparition of the dharma mind is the apparition dependent on the dharma body. Why is that? It is due to the natural accordance of Instinct and physical nature appearing simultaneously.”–TV

From the secular world to the devas, fairies, deities, sravakas, pratyekas and arahants, all are using the statute of compatible apparition. The Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva compatibly appears to save in accordance with the expressed request. There is the disciple who is inclined to worshipping and supplicating favor from God, the supernaturalness that belongs to the compatible apparition. 

The direct apparition is the insight of the dharma subject of samadhi. It is by the direct apparition that oneself’s awareness can recognize the three dharma elements residing all over, at that time then perceive the conversion apparition. The Bodhisattvas can only make direct apparition. Only the Blessed One, the Supreme Lord Supreme Maitreya can make the true apparition.

The Bodhisattvas observe throughout and discern that: The human beings are temporarily living in this secular world. For that reason, they inevitably need all the aspects of materiality and as well as the spirituality. As far as the doctrines of the saints are concerned, they contribute to support the spirituality. From the Taoism, the Confucianism, the Brahmanism, the Catholicism, the Protestantism, the Islamism, the Hinduism to the Theosophy... All the religions are purposely nourishing the spirituality, when departing from life, the living beings would ascend to the divine world or approach the Mighty God who is unique, that belongs to the statute of compatible apparition. There is the supernaturalness within supplicating, otherwise without supplicating there is none.

Buddhism is only the religion, aiming to guide the living beings to achieve the full enlightenment, and the rebirth beyond the circle of the universe. Why?

The teaching of Buddha has discovered the Three Thousand Great Thousand Worlds outside the divine world. And the experimental science has recently discovered what the Buddha has taught for thousands of years.

Psychology has been studied from the thoughts that latter manifest into the action, knowing all the human psychology in order to maneuver and help them. Nevertheless, psychology has not yet known that the spirituality and materiality are mutually combined in the visceral consciousness of human, which matured all.

Philosophy makes full use of the thoughts, coming to the perfect comprehension of the thoughts and finally understanding thoroughly every aspect of humans, then becoming more knowledgeable. But it never attains the marvelous purpose of the original enlightenment nor is it able to explain whatever the Buddha path has acquired and whatever the Buddha path has resolved in the way of transmigration of birth and death.

Human beings generally make use of thoughts to form spirituality, creating the sphere that is the scene where they would be destined after departing from life. Only the Buddhas and the Maha Bodhisattvas have meticulously known and precisely seen it without fixation, simply examining to save mankind, helping the disciple to sense the direct apparition towards the conversion apparition and emerging from the transmigration of birth and death. Therefore, the disciple could recognize his own ego that is called the right meditation of samadhi.

Having the thought of seeking full enlightenment, the disciple would achieve the compatible apparition of direct retribution of his previous existence. With the thoughts outside the fundamental enlightenment, he would fall in the instinct and receive the compatible apparition of the result of his deed obviously.

There is existentially the seed nature of living creatures in the four species; that living creature nature is no other than the various breeds of bacteria inside the body. When they express phonetically in the body, naturally the human beings generate the thoughts. There are the incalculable thoughts produced, there is the seed nature of bacteria that are presented at most.

The more knowledgeable the disciple or the Buddhist Master that practices, the wiser the breeds of bacteria in his body become. When departing from life, the body of four elements disintegrates and the knowledge that belongs to the Tathagata is returned to its cavities in the universe. When a new body is reborn the knowledge will be reflected in it. The Buddhist Master just looks at the character, the gesture, the present lifestyle resorting to the acquisition of the direct apparition, he sentimentally converts and knows the previous lifetimes in the past as well as the future of living creatures, identifies where the disciple will be reborn. Therefrom, he could associate to free the soul. With the profound direct apparition, one can know many lifetimes in the past whereas the compatible apparition one is just capable of recalling one lifetime. It is hard, just like looking for a needle in a haystack, to achieve the profound direct apparition, which belongs to the rank of the Bodhisattva of inconceivability, the Bodhisattva of unrecoil.

 He has ceased for a while, taking a sip of tea and continued His teaching: When the Buddhist Master becomes Buddha, all the bacteria in his body grow into numberless Bodhisattvas who contribute to the solemnity of the nation by their direct apparition. For that reason, there are natural mind apparition and corresponding apparition of the dharma body.

Why? The natural combination and the existing physical nature simultaneously appear into the atomic Buddhas, the instant Buddhas. Whenever the Buddhist Master is thinking, whatever his way of resolving the secular world is, the bacteria grows into the Bodhisattva bound to appear in body and carry out his excellent order, aimingly accomplishing the resolution of the secular world according to the sealed decision of the Buddhist Master.

 When the Buddhist Master acquires the fruit of attainment, there are the great millions of seed natures in Him, which also acquire the fruit of attainment, that is the sea of truth. When the Buddhist Master acquires the superior supreme, there are the great millions of seed natures in Him, which also acquire the superior supreme as well, that is the world sea of superior supreme. Therefore, in case of need the Buddhist Master gives an order immediately within an instant, there are one, two or many countless atomic Buddhas in the body of Buddhist Master whom truly appear. The one who enters the right meditation knows well all the bacteria in his body.

The body of living creature is the insubstantiality, unreal and temporary. Because it is composed of four elements, the soil, water, wind and fire. The bacteria move to and fro, run back and forth in the blood vessels, in the marrow of bones.... to form the knowledge of living creatures. Due to the body, which is formed by the four insubstantial elements, our knowledge also is insubstantial. Therefore, the disciple who indubitably commands the seed nature of all bacteria in his body is named the Buddhas appearing the entire body. At that time, each speech, deportment completely appears through the whole physical body of samadhi is the secret wisdom of the Tathagata, precisely is the secret seal.

The Bodhisattva is the one who has been challenged, verified and conferred the sealed wisdom by the Buddhas through the great means of favor and unfavor, purity and impurity, form and formless. It really is difficult to foresee his wonderful applications, so there will be a tendency that is suspicious, doubtful and unfinished. Only a minor mistake can deteriorate the strenuous exertion and lifetime of practice. Therefore, the disciple should be self-repentant, repenting his mistake so the Lord would acknowledge it. Some disciples are allowed to restart the practice from the beginning.

Overcoming and comprehending perfectly would have been conferred on the sealed mind. the sealed mind is the secret seal Tathagata; it is impossible to express in literature and sound.

Ceasing for a while, the Lord has continued teaching: There are the various breeds of bacteria inside the entire body; each part or each organ has every specific breed of bacteria. They secrete a viscous substance, which goes to the organs to transform into spermatoza. The spermatoza waits for the sexual intercourse to conceive and produce human species. It creates knowledge, depending on the root-faculty of each species of living creature.

Therefore, those with the wisdom of meditation, illuminating the body and mind in order to annihilate the stupidity and attachment will get the comprehension and acquire the samadhi. If the disciple uses his wisdom, intellect to study even with an excellent learning such as the scholar, he is only practicing for the benevolence. Practicing by meditation simultaneously perceives the breath and the life of all species of vegetation as well as the harmonious movement of the universe. That includes all kinds of bird melodiously chattering in symphony with the sounds of whistling wind to become the thousand phrases of prayer to the Buddhas, to the dharma and to the monks without ending. The disciple with an enthusiastic spirit, having not yet ultimate end wisdom is still erroneous in the fanaticism.

In this Dharma-Ending Age, The Supreme Lord Supreme Maitreya has come to the world to reorganize the dharma, so that the disciple practicing without his ego may grasp the line of the direct apparition. Here are the two verses that He has written:

“Naturally that Dharma Ending Age has just come to an end

The True Dharma appears to succeed gloriously.”–TV                                            

Having the sufficient establishment for those enthusiastically seeking for the dharma, bravely generating the mind for practice in order to dissolve the transmigration of birth and death, is the most precious.

The one acquiring the true meditation and knowing well the origin of every seed nature owing to his enlightenment, he can see clearly how the devas, fairies, deities and saints are polluted and reborn in that scenery limit. From the feeling-ego, realizing the meritorious practice of one’s self-ego in order to create the supernatural power, the magic power, he has meticulously known all of that without omission, entering into the right meditation of samadhi to save living creatures.

As far as the Buddhas are concerned the six powers, the supernatural power samadhi are not as important as the acquisition of the samadhi. For that reason, the Buddhs has taught the Bodhisattvas: The right meditation of samadhi is the temporary residence of the Bodhisattva realizing the Mahasattva while practicing the real form and formless of the samadhi are not yet penetrated that is the supernatural power of the arahant rank.

8.2 The Samadhi of the Sravaka

  • Inspired with what is happening next.

For example, you would like to pay a friend a visit; suddenly something appears to happen to prevent it. Consequently, the friend is not at home when you arrive. Another example, suddenly you feel sleepy when you are going somewhere. The best thing is that you should not go. The misfortune will be brought about when you insist proceeding.

8.3 The Samadhi of the Pratyeka

0*                           Perceiving all the dharma.

1*                           Recognizing all the dharma.

2*                           Using (dissolution, manipulation of all dharma).

For example, you planed to meet an acquaintance for business purposes. However, when you are preparing and ready to go, something happens to obstruct you, thereof you cannot meet him. That is the perception of the prevention, which is unfavorable to proceed. Upon recognizing that, you should use all means to dissolve and overcome the obstacle without any prevention. Such a disciple knows how to use all the dharma. That is called the manipulation of all dharma fluently.

-Perceiving the dharma is the dissolution of the first stupidity.

-Recognizing the dharma is the comprehension of the second stupidity.

-Using the dharma fluently is the comprehension of the third stupidity.

 Dissolving these three stupidities in the dharma is the Samadhi of the Pratyeka

8.4 The Samadhi of the Arahant

3*                          The real form

4*                          The formless

5*                          The manipulation (all the dharma)

When the Sakyamuni Buddha has shown a stem of flower in the conference hall, The Venerable Mahakassapa has smiled. He then knew that the Venerable Mahakassapa has acquired the samadhi of dharma subject of the real form and formless.

Why did the venerable smile? It is because he was intuited.

-The real form: the kind of flower it is.

-The formless: the flower has its own dharma nature, what it is used for, how its tastes and smells . . .

-The manipulation: The right application, for instance, which flower is offered to the Buddha, which flower is offered to the Kitchen God.

Dissolving the three stupidities of each dharma is perfect comprehension of the dharma sphere.

Every dharma requires thorough observation and knowledge elevated to the wonderful observation, aiming to understand the three stupidities of each dharma. The function of samadhi is to dissolve the stupidity for the disciple. Therefore, it is used to dissolve the thousands, millions of samadhis. They are truly attested, acquiring the truth without entanglement in the dharma sphere.

8.5  The Samadhi of the Bodhisattva, Maha Bodhisattva

6*                          Knowing thoroughly all the dharma.

7*                          Manipulating fluently all the dharma.

8*                          Comprehending perfectly all the dharma.

        The bodhisattva knows well the original appearance of dharma sphere that is the necessary essential point. Therefore, he could know the sickness of living creatures so that he can dissolve by all means to manipulate in such way to be concordant, aiming to assimilate and get closer in order to save the living creatures.

It is after comprehending perfectly all dharma, making perfect use of them and clearly separating the orientation and non-orientation of all dharma in equality that you can perfectly comprehend all dharma. Only the Buddhas are fully attained, the bodhisattva should not be self-satisfied in realizing his vow, in conducting his vow until any of his future lifetimes. He will follow the right way of the Buddhas of Ten Directions to be able to enter the Nirvana.

There are those who like to practice without correcting themselves. Their lazy body disagrees with the practice and is not following the bodhisattva conduct so that they are not enlightened. The body and mind of bodhisattva are gradually approaching to one while the body and mind of living creatures remain the separate two. The mind and the dharma reunified into one leads to enlightenment. When they already became only one, they are able to emerge and enter the right meditation of samadhi.

The one who practices himself through his own conception from this lifetime to another lifetime is still in the Buddha-dharma, the dharma-Buddha, becoming more rebellious by the reason and cannot follow the right path to liberation. During His return to the world, the Lord has witnessed many cultivators who used the fixed conception to emerge from meditation, which belonged to dissent. Without meditation, there is neither intuition nor development of wisdom. On account of the above characteristics, the cultivator with many lifetimes of practice still could not harvest the results.

  “He is tranquilly sitting on a block of stone, naturally and in a calm purity, and gradually releasing the breeze while emerging from meditation. The low forest landscape with its uneven rocky crests virtually begins to manifest the scenes according to the right meditation of the Buddhist Master.”–TV

The paragraph of sutra has inscribed the Supreme Lord Supreme Maitreya emerging from the right meditation to travel to the divine world meeting the eighteen arahants who are severely discussing about the truth.

“The Buddhist Master has come to an ancient temple, the roofs of the temple slightly curved as the two wings, which are broad and low like an eagle spreading its wings to protect the visitors of all directions. He has entered into the temple where there are eighteen arahants divided into three groups discussing about the true way of practice. He has used his telecommunication ear, his eye-store of samadhi meditation to see clearly and hear all without omission. The eighteen arahants have never realized a great superior arahant is present in the conference.

At that time, the Buddhas of Ten Directions unanimously had pronounced the words of congratulation to the Buddha King (Maitreya) and said to all Bodhisattvas. You all should go to the Khanh Trang province, Long Phung Mountain, Long Buu temple where there is a Buddha with the dharma title of the Buddha King (Maitreya), appearing in this period of Return. He has had the responsibilities of reorganizing the Buddha dharma, attesting the return, pronouncing the four conducts, making all who are unstably living and wrongly practicing become the true dharma of the Supreme Pure King, the four supreme worthy conducts, in the purpose of bringing about good omen, and guiding to enlightenment. You all should go there respectfully to worship Him and receive the practice of the four conducts. He has commissioned and the bodhisattvas unanimously bowed down, radiating light, and relying on the fluorescence for coming there to worship.

All the devas, fairy dragons, and saints are looking at the south east, where the fragrances of udumbara are overspreading and hearing the voices diffusing in the space, all are bringing their offerings there to worship.

At that time in the Long Buu Palace, all the petals are connected together in garlands as large as a red peach and looks like a sticky rice tray. The appearing Buddha King (Lord Supreme Maitreya) is dressing a White Velvet robe, wearing a white pinkish hat of maintenance, which has nine buds of flower. Each bud of flower was diffusing the halo; every ray comprises the yellow light with its color of yellow-yellow light, the blue light with its color of blue-blue light, the pink light with its color of pink-pink light, the black light with its color of black-black light. Especially, the unique white color has no color of white. The Lord has appeared in the sufficient state of thirty-two handsome forms and stepped on the flower with the splendid yellow rays of halo. All the bodhisattvas, devas, and fairies as well as the dragon deities to the arahants, sravakas, and pratyekas without blinking their eyes are looking and unanimously eulogizing, they are now seeing such a spectacular performance which they have never seen before.

Suddenly, there are the praises in the air due to the countless merits of Buddha, which appeared in the supreme principle, supreme form, and measureless odor, without omission. He has stepped up to the lion throne and seated himself in his place. All the different orders admired and respectfully bowed before Him then they took their seats respectively according to their order and all in contemplating.

At that time, the Buddha King (Lord Supreme Maitreya) is patient for twelve million minutes. His face is simple and tranquil in accord with all of them, making them happy and enthusiastically respecting Him without a bit of false hope or arising expectation. The Lord has said: I fairly congratulate the eighteen arahants for this conference in the last period. The bodhisattvas are realizing the instructions and all the orders are tirelessly practicing to maintain the everlastinness of the precious dharma.

For those with insufficient root faculty and imperfect wisdom, therefore, the transformation of mind generates the tranquil dharma, to receive the blessed reward from devas and men, to attain every conduct. Otherwise, with obscure wisdom, the transformation of mind will generate by itself a lot of karma. They are living in all kinds of change. By informed and indirect practice through different ideas, it is difficult to attain the true enlightenment.

They have faith in the reason and act with respectful worship towards the Buddhas. Nevertheless, without the thorough penetration in the way of practice, how can they acquire the fruit of attainment?

I am appearing adequately for your sake in a layman form deeply penetrating in the form, sound, odor, and taste to tell you not to offend the dharma. From the devoted male followers to the devoted female followers all are practicing to seek for the compatible apparition, to receive for the blessed reward of devas and men. Very rare are those who practice with the direct apparition.

The lord has spoken, at this point, a bodhisattva has stepped out and circularly walked seven times with admiration and respectfully addressed: - Reverend the Blessed One, I have practiced into clearance of all living creatures. It is not possible to search for just one more living creature left, I respectfully express my request with sincerity to the Blessed One to take pity on me to teach me how to practice for the full attainment of the Bodhihood vow.

Excellent! Clever! Ah, Bodhisattva Buu Tinh, you have practiced clearly the reason of living creatures, but have not yet attained the origin of each living creature sphere. In each living creatures spheres, thousands and thousands of living creatures combine to become a dharma sphere. In each dharma sphere, there are numberless living creatures. When you have fully awoken the original appearance of living creatures, you entirely comprehend the manifestation of the dharma sphere, by that time you are attested then attaining the full enlightenment.

The whole body of the Bodhisattva Buu Tinh is blooming with the flowers of Precious Dharma, lightly and freshly, with happily eulogies. He has never yet heard what he is hearing today. That is truly the Supreme Blessed One. Afterwards, he has respectfully bowed down and sat aside to admire.”–TV

As for the Buddha King Maitreya, His making of salvation for the living creatures is really unthinkable. When He had returned to the world to become the Buddha, the Buddhas of Ten Directions had respectfully admired and eulogized Him and acclaimed by all the boddhisattvas, devas, fairies, dragon deities and quadruple deities. Everytime, he has emerged from meditation to save living creatures; there is a serious shaking of the Three of Great Thousand Worlds.

Meanwhile, a great number of cultivators proclaim to be the Buddhas by relying on the fixed conception and knew that there was the appearance of Long Hoa. However, they could not meet the Lord. If one would practice of direct apparition that could provide sufficient abilities, merit of the holy rank. Thereupon, one would be admitted to Long Hoa without needlessly waiting for it.

The Buddhism is always based on the noble affection; therefore, the true disciple himself examines his faults in order to avoid the errors. The more eminent his thought, the more supernatural power transforms. For those who are not yet hearing, understanding it, the Tathagata store still accumulates this hearing, this knowledge, into the cavities. Until one day, they will meet the bodhisattva of full attainment who only teaches a right word corresponding to what they have heard in the past. Naturally, the mysterious constitution will give it back to them. Everyone who practices precisely with one self’s nature - that is the daily progress, which is the path in the universe, approaching towards the Buddhas.

For a learned man, the supernatural power is transformed into intelligence. However, without practicing the dharma, he is still wandering in the path of the birth and death. If someone is neither attached nor rebellious, his body is at ease and easy to receive the supernatural power, the more it comes in and out the more intelligent he is. Every dharma has its origin. For instance, the dharma of a carpenter only knows about woods, furnitures and all wooden products, which belong to the carpentry. Otherwise, supplying him with a bar of iron obviously he would not know what to do with it.

And for the dharma of a blacksmith, who manufactures the iron door, he would not know what to do with that piece of wood. Each career is a dharma, which has its origin, the familiarity in any career making the supernatural power enter into that body and stay there even while you are eating, living, and sleeping. Therefore, for someone without faith and meditation, the spirit-consciousness cannot make its access.

Monks and nuns are afraid of dharma, so they have to practice the dispassion to prevent the access of the spirit-consciousness. Until, penetrating the Tathagata store, they realize that the more eminence and excellence in the perfect way of practice are, the faster they recognize the supernatural power. The intelligent man takes the spirit-consciousness. The Buddhist Master neither takes nor leaves the spirit-consciousness thus entering the Tathagata store. Consequently, he will acquire the supernatural power of samadhi.

Secular men are hearing with their ears, seeing with their eyes and knowing with their heads, so their intelligence is still limited. Only the Buddhist Master, hears by the hearing, sees by the seeing and knows by the knowing. Therefore, his matchless intelligence comprehends thoroughly the supernatural power.

A man succeeding in a career has already the samadhi. He needs only to realize a dharma and knows it well; the other dharma completely returns and serves him.

Only the Buddhist Master looks at the spirit-consciousness of living creatures to know it all. Looking at someone, the Buddhist Master literally knows his thoughts, his characters, and teaches him according to the sickness he is infected with in order to dissolve his stupidity. It is not by ascending the pulpit and preaching interminably the dharma in a particular way, and expecting the living creature to hear and realize it all. The Buddhist Master should remain close to his living creature, teaching him every day one dharma after another to help him gradually awakened. In reality, it is not easy to teach dharma to a follower to awaken him. That is very hard. The Enlightened One must know how to wonderfully apply all his great means in the hope of saving his follower.

Because of the multiple illnesses of living creatures, he has to establish various conducts to save them accordingly. Like a good physician, who examines the patient and prescribes the right medicine to cure his disease. Otherwise, reciting, learning and studying the sutra, preaching all the dharma are all good. But the error is enormous. He should know which dharma is applied to which case and in what situation. Just like allowing a patient to enter the drugstore, he considers all kinds of medicine to be suitable and takes them all. Obviously, it does not cure the disease, but it rather makes it worse.

Preaching the dharma, without being aware of the disease of stupidity in every living creature, is similar to driving someone to the drugstore and letting him take all kinds of medicine. Even through thousands of lifetimes of faithfulness, he would never be enlightened.

The Buddhist Master has to use the samadhi to preach the dharma fluently; therefrom, the listener will also be fluent. Caught with stupidity, a good preacher would make the ignorant listener more stupid with more reasons to give rise to rebellion.

The one who acquires the samadhi has to realize thousands of samadhi dharma, thousands of samadhi dharma of supernatural power to be able to see and know about the previous lifetimes. The deeper the samadhi the more previous lifetimes are seen in Long Hoa. There are quite a number of disciples who could recall only one previous lifetime, but they could not recall many of their previous lifetimes because they are still penetrating in the dharma sphere, not yet profoundly comprehending the dharma nature.

The origin of dharma remains constant. For instance, someone living in the fairy sphere at his death, is reborn in the world today with the same gesture and character as in his previous lifetime, the only difference is the aspect of the face and physical body.

Meeting the Lord Chief Monk of Long Hoa, the follower joins him to practice enthusiastically, the virtue and Mind develop every day, and the results are evident. The Lord has literally known that the human life does not last long before coming to old age, illness and death. And at the present time, the eternal truth is coming to the world to save mankind in an unthinkable manner. It is necessary to recognizing it, not wasting away the present lifetime, achieving the measureless, limitless knowledge. All of that leads living creatures to enlightenment.

The bodhisattvas’ words are all frank words of insight, the words of carrying out the Buddha explanation. And the words of greed, sense-desire, and one’s ego are the hypothetical words of mara of three vehicles. The Lord has appeared in this secular world, but every time emerging from meditation to travel to the other spheres, he is respectfully acclaimed with rejoicing by the devas, fairies, deities and saints in order to receive the precious dharma. Meanwhile, many Buddhist followers have never known that Long Hoa has come to the world. The bodhisattvas are now continuing the way of guiding the living creatures away from the transmigration of birth and death while living creatures are still vaguely expecting a miracle from the Seven Mountains.

In this Final Law Period, most disciples do not practice adequately. The exotericism is attentive to the exotericism. The practice by meditation conceives that the tantrayana is metaphysical in all aspects. The immediacy applies immediacy absolutely, regardless of the virtue; the practice by gradualness maintains the gradualness. If the disciple does not finalize all these combinations, how could he attain enlightenment!

The Easterners are seeking the truth by training themselves in a particular manner and some acquire the sealed mind. The Buddhist believers wishing for the dharma must be faithful in the spirit of attainment to receive the truth, gradually desist from the stupidity and attain the enlightenment. Lord Supreme Maitreya Buddha has to wonderfully apply this characteristic method in the Final Law Period. He could not assemble in large numbers in the family while the Vietnam communists did not allow it for the construction of virtue.

The Westerners study through material experimentation and formally announce to mankind the achievable outcomes. Unfortunately, besides some advantages, there are some disadvantages as well and at the end; the material experimentation is usually destroyed.

Through many generations, the Easterners have already known long ago that the human body and mind is covering all over the universe because the combination of the four insubstantial elements creates the corresponding body for the universe. Therefore, both the interior body and exterior body are in agreement. Therefore, the human beings could associate to receive the supernatural power of the universe. As for the Westerners, they do not exploit accurately the human body, so they have not yet truly known it.

The Buddhist doctrine does not accept the soul; it only recognizes the thoughts, which represent the soul. The soul is covering all over the empty universe, so there is the enlightened soul in correspondence to the soul. Human beings cannot recognize the place where the thoughts are generated, they have to follow the generation and destruction untill they have sufficient abilities and merits and comprehension of the ideas of immortality before they have induction of the soul, and the insight of the supernatural power.

The soul has a non-dualistic form. The supreme soul is, with the power to see clearly, unchangeable, unending, which is the Tathagata, Buddha, God. The Buddhist doctrine presumes the great-ego, the unique ego. The ego in our body and in the four species is the temporary ego, called the fictitious small ego. The great ego is a precious pearl. The small ego is the luster. In the eye of the enlightened one, the soul is the tathagata, embodying sufficiently supernatural power. It does not create nor separate. Creating is to grasp it or separating is to leave it. Such a statement would be erroneous.

Human beings formed with an adequate body can naturally have hearing-seeing-knowing. It is from the great ego that the soul is manifested to be correspondent to the body generated from the Tathagata, so the supernatural power is naturally appearing from the Tathagata. There is all of that in the living creatures, but when the great ego manifests in the human being and the Four Species, that is the corresponding body also called the transformed body, that is well known by the Buddha who has said: “all living creatures have Buddha nature”. But the living creatures want to make distinction through particular characteristics and they are thus separated. In fact, human being and the Four Species are homogeneous with the universe, approaching to comprehend the universe.

The realistic gradual practice will lead to the attainment. However, you can neither use the mind to understand nor the consciousness to know it. It is impossible for the disciple to simply wish to have a minute of tranquillity; thus he is surrounded and evoluted by the mara-power. The Buddha has initiated the teaching; the bodhisattvas should sufficiently be confident, obedient and respectful to be able to demolish the belt of mara-power, which has imprisoned them for many lifetimes. This is not an ordinary matter or a minor affair... The disciple having a faithful, fervent mind, but failing to conduct the vow in the multitudinously favorable and unfavorable dharma, only keeping on avoiding, annihilating the dharma, would never truly comprehend through this tranquillity even in thousands of lifetimes. Having not comprehended, how could you receive the secret seal, which is conferred by the Tathagata Buddha?

  There are some disciples who can see and know well through the study of the sutra, but they do not practice to save the living creatures nature of purity and impurity, form and formless. Therefore, this knowledge likely is the unseeing and unknowing. All the dharma of supernatural powers does not appear to them.

“The supernatural power is originally in the stupidity.

After leaving it for a long time the power returns.”–TV

Thus, the practice of the dharma is not so complicated, it necessitates neither studying nor worshipping and supplicating. The unceasing immersed thoughts are the form of unceasing thoughts. During the day, one should carry out the conduct of the vow without creating the rise and fall of all dharma; at the nighttime, one should practice at least an hour of exerted meditation, trying to overcome the numerous obstacles of tirelessness, depression, and sleepiness until there are no more immersed thoughts during the term of meditation. Afterwards, the four stages of walking, standing, laying, sitting all become tranquil. The suchness naturally appears and therefrom knowing that the realization of all dharma is neither taking nor eliminating neither more nor less neither unified nor separated. It is the unique form, the perpetual clinging nature.

Meditation actually requires the guidance of bodhisattva to have sufficient tantrayana, the tantrayana helps to dissolve consciousness karma without false awareness, but it needs patience because the consciousness karma is more delicate than human beings. It is easy to say, but if the practice is incorrect, the outcome would be hard to achieve. The disciple with a fervent spirit without an endowed wisdom still falls into fanaticism. For that reason, the Lord Chief Monk, Maitreya of Long Hoa has passed down to the world whatever is necessary for the disciple with a fervent, faithful mind to carry out realizing and enjoying the truth. Under the guidance of bodhisattvas, the disciple can certainly be assured that the orthodoxy will not be lost again.

If having not yet met an awakened one, the disciple should practice for good faculty. The spirit of good faculty and good will offers to establish the category of one’s merit, the belief in the Triple Gem is always appreciated. He should not have a false wish because of the desire for meditation to be duped by the mara of five aggregates and undergo multiple sufferings.

Primarily, the self-construct of body should be concerned with correcting the character. Nobody else has the authority to oblige you; only your own mentality can elevate you.

“The wise man fluently comprehends because of unfavorable dharma

The stupid person stands against it creating ignorance.” –TV

The disciple having the patience of digesting an insult, patience of making a concession, patience of persevering grief, understands clearly and knows how to realize perfectly the unfavorable dharma. Afterwards, he will acquire the no-birth dharma of patience. It is through comprehension of all dharma that you can thoroughly understand the way of practice to reach the perfect prajna, surpassing the sravaka, pratyeka and arahant rank. That is the bodhisattva rank that has all kinds of supernatural powers from the naturalness, and spontaneity that appears.

Having acquired the supernatural power of bodhisattva, he should penetrate deeply in the favorable and unfavorable dharma spheres without omission, aiming to save the living creatures’ nature. That is the pure nature of Buddha completing the living creatures.

The bodhisattva rank has fully achieved the comprehensibility; only the Buddhas have entirely accomplished the infinite comprehensibility.

The emptiness differs from the comprehensibility. As far as the bodhisattva rank is concerned, the comprehensibility means he has conducted the vow and realized the vow to achieve the comprehensibility. However, he does not store it in his mind. The bodhisattva knows how to reserve it in every cavity of the Tathagata store. When having a dharma, he naturally knows and spontaneously realizes it appropriately with neither excess nor lack. After manipulating the dharma, it returns to all the cavities in the Tathagata store. It is the secret seal that the bodhisattva knows how to use properly.

From the time of the Blessed One to the return of the Lord Supreme Maitreya appearing, the Lord has expounded to the patriarchs and the venerables who pretend to be clung to the emptiness and become indifferent. They have to dissolve all the dharma in the hope of acquiring the truth.

“Entering the comprehensiveness without seeing the comprehensiveness but thoroughly knowing it, that is the enlightened form.”–TV

The enlightened form with sufficiently practical use will achieve the great enlightened form. The great enlightened form in the four stages of life entirely knows the appearance of the perceived body without error when it makes use of favorable and unfavorable dharma. It has the sufficiency of abilities and merits from the great enlightened form approaching the great Tathagata.

“The practical use in sincere sentiment is to grasp the suchness. The secret seal is conferred by the Tathagata to the awakened sentiment.”  –TV

In this secular world or in the Three Thousands of Great Thousand Worlds, those who discuss about the secret seal cannot overpass the two verses of seal indication of the Lord of Long Hoa, Chief Monk Maitreya.

There is a Buddhist master with the ultimate awareness who also has to wait for eighteen lifetimes to meet a succeeding bodhisattva who can make the sealed attestation to enter the constitution!