–“Buddha was born to have the independent authority to prove the universe. Bodhisattvas have the authority to prove beings that in levels of training.″


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The Buddha King is the Supreme Pure King Buddha Himself who has all the three bodies and perfectly knows the practice of the patriarchs of the rank of bodhisattvas, the venerables of the rank of arahants, pratyeka, sravaka and dharma protectors. He will equitably attest the practice for each of them without error. The enlightened form bodhisattvas has perfectly known the Buddhas of Ten Directions, so they are conscious of the practice until attaining the Tathagata before acquiring the attestation of the Buddha King. The Tathagata is formless, the question of meeting the Tathagata by those of enlightened form of entering the Tathagata body is something not yet understood by the venerables; therefore, they have to be willing and courageous in the praying for the bodhisattvas in order to be close to the body of the Buddhas.

The Ordination

The Blessed One Maitreya gave the ordination at the Central Highness Assembly at number 6, Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Nha Trang. In the time of the Sakyamuni Buddha, The Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, leading the six ways, relied on the Divine power of the Tathagata to save all the living creatures caught with bad karma dwelling in hell.

The time when Lord Supreme Maitreya Buddha appeared, the Maha Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva has finished his term of office and the Maha Moggallana Bodhisattva shouldered the responsibility of helping living creatures receive the results of their deeds in hell to be free from reincarnation. At the moment, Venerable Phap Thao and some dharma protectors have heard it. Because of living creatures, bodhisattvas have emerged into hell, mainly preaching and helping living creatures to release from hell. Bodhisattvas neither live in hell nor three spheres and six ways. They take neither this plane nor that plane as his. Therefore, we should not display his statue in the sun at the cemetery.

Namo Eastern Land Medicine Gem Halo Tathagata.

Namo Western Blissful Paradise Amitabha Buddha.

Namo Present Blessed One Sakyamuni Buddha

Namo Supreme Pure King Buddha

Namo Lord Supreme Maitreya Buddha

That is very rare, during His return right in a scientific era, from 1957 to 1993 in the City of Nha Trang, South Vietnam Lord Supreme Maitreya Buddha has accomplished his salvation of human beings and four species in regard to life as well as to the religion. By his great great compassion, great great will, great great courage he has made full use of his Buddha-power to overcome deadly catastrophes and achieved his work of saving humanity, helping them avoid World War III challenging the living of the mankind on the earth.

In the years from 1975 to 1993 He has several times brought about peace to the people of South Vietnam. In 1989, He has gotten the nation out of a scrape, inducing reform and creating for the people an easier life. He has still vowed:

“Even ill-treated by human beings, I would continue to lead them to enlightenment.”

He fully accomplished the conduct of the blessed one with all the qualities of the noble one, the view of the truth, the perfect knowledge and conduct, the sublime one, the solution of the world, the unsurpassed one, the master of gods and men and the Buddha.

- We are respectfully praying the Tathagata Buddhas of Ten Directions for the attestation.

- We are wishing human beings and other worlds to be willing and courageous to make up their mind to practice for salvation through wisdom, a complete liberation to escape from the transmigration of birth and death, since, even though going to heaven, the divine and the deity world are still remaining in the transmigration of birth and death.

- We are praying to the Buddhas of Ten Directions for receiving and saving our parents and nine lifetimes of parents and seven patriarch of lifetime to help them to practice from now in the way for liberation through wisdom in order to be free from the transmigration of birth and death.

In this book on Lord Supreme Maitreya and Long-Hoa, It is impossible for me to express completely what THE BLESSED ONE MAITREYA has taught through his route of reorganizing Buddhism and salvation from His return till 1993. It is only through relief of the self-satisfaction, reasoning-obstruction, doubt and attachment to see and know that we may be somewhat satisfied about the original truth, the confidential transmission of the Tathagata Meditation.

Printed and distributed by the four orders of the BUDDHIST DHARMA-STORE OVERSEAS, IN THE UNITED KINGDOM AND THE UNITED STATES. We are wishing to transfer our Merits of practice for LIBERATION THROUGH WISDOM to ALL LIVING CREATURES and HOLY DISCIPLES living under the favor of the loving vision of the Buddha-Eye illuminating in this Period of Return.


“Oh, Dear True Disciples of the Buddha!

It’s in a thousand years only once that the Dharma-Store is in bloom.” –TV


    “Namo the Very Pious Moggallana Maha- Bodhisattva. Land of Return and Salvation.”

DI NHU Incarnated.

Saigon, the Festival of Ullambana (Vulan),

1995 (namely, The 14th Day of the 7th Month of the Lunar year of At Hoi).