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7.1 Meditation of Martial Arts’ Tao and Supernatural Power

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7.1 Meditation of Martial Arts’ Tao and Supernatural Power
❖    Establish the sect by using supernatural efficacy to nourish the spiritual consciousness.
❖    Create the principles by using energy dharma and divine energy.
❖    Build the essence by absorption through martial arts and meditative sitting.
❖    Set the use by pure stillness together with flowers, fruits, and vegetarian food.

Nowadays, meditation on the martial arts’ Tao is divided in many directions. In Tibet, the practitioner uses energy through meditative sitting to produce heat in cold weather. The meditation assistant dips a blanket in water and covers the body of who performs the meditative sitting. Depending on the practitioner’s ability to produce heat, the blanket is taken off once it has dried. Only this direction of meditative practicing determines the achieved level, which is high or low depending on the performance with wet blankets in the freezing winter. A practitioner of the highest rank can use up to seven blankets overlapped on his or her body. In other places, people practice this meditation by training strength, training Artemisia (a herb), and by tattooing one’s body. In Thailand, they use the martial arts’ meditation to practice the martial arts’ Tao. In Vietnam, this meditation is practiced mainly on Thất Sơn Mountain, and the practice absorbs and uses quintessence (pure substance), energy, and spirit.