–“Buddha was born to have the independent authority to prove the universe. Bodhisattvas have the authority to prove beings that in levels of training.″

7.6 Meditation of Fairy Tao

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7.6 Meditation of Fairy Tao
❖    Establish the sect by living in mountain forests and leaving secular life.
❖    Create the principles by having a pure and still mind.
❖    Build the essence by meditative sitting and by leaving lust and love.
❖    Set the use by austerity and vegan food.

The fairy Tao accords with the root of nature, moral nature, conscious level, logical thought, and fixed thought, which is not outside fineness, roughness, and subtlety, to practice sitting meditation. That’s why the acquired result of fairy practice is characterized by rank. The fairy Tao’s meditation dharma subject is uniquely fixed thoughts, training the dharma of noble fineness, beauty, taking and rejecting, selecting, filtering, and then absorbing and training. Most practitioners of the fairy Tao meditation prefer to practice in isolated places such as on mountains or in the middle of the woods. They include people who were disgusted with life, left the secular world behind, and ascended the mountain looking for a master to train with.

In modern times, it is rare to find a practitioner of the fairy path. Only a Buddhist practitioner is disoriented or not thorough in his or her way of practice, and then even if this one faithfully believes in Buddha but his or her way of practice is lost, his or her practice is still in expectation of limited good consequences in the Divine Human’s life. As a result, this Buddhist practitioner falls into the fairy Tao. The wrong thoughts do not occur just today: Buddhists in the past often lost their way of practice. This is why the Diamond Sutra explains the four forms of liberation through solving, aiming to leave it for future generations to avoid mistakes in practice.