–“Buddha was born to have the independent authority to prove the universe. Bodhisattvas have the authority to prove beings that in levels of training.″


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As stated above, the supreme secret or supreme meditation depends on the practitioner’s root capability to make its corresponding appearance. In other words, one cannot obtain the apparition by copying another practitioner or by wishing for it. As for the one who already has the root capability for the supreme secret but is only in the early stages of meditative practice, when he or she exercises meditation, his or her body is moved as if by a strong electrical current running through the entire body: the head and the neck are shaken, and the body is in a whirl. These motions correspond to the quantity, whether plenty or few, of the supreme secret substance the practitioner has.

The practitioner should keep a state of calmness: this is the dharma secret, which can dissolve one’s karma and bad habits. At this time, the practitioner needs to correct his or her nature, examining himself or herself for bad habits of prevention and hesitation. Then his or her mind should release them and not hold or be attached to them.

Let’s read the sect, principles, essence, and use of Tathagata meditation, which are without retention and intransigence. Thus the supreme secret changes at each stage: sometimes the hands are forming the Mudrā, and at other times they’re performing the styles of martial arts. The practitioner has to be careful. He or she should not let outsiders know about it to prevent them criticizing the exercise, which can make it difficult to keep up one’s practice. He or she should act as follows: discreet body, discreet mouth, and discreet thoughts.